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Hi All,

✅ Creating a new website and need WordPress hosting?
✅ Switching WordPress hosting?

Then, this free WGAN-TV Training Ucourse aired live on Thursday, July 15, 2021:

✅ Episode 111-WGAN-TV Podcast: 10 Reasons to Choose or switch to Ionblade for WordPress Hosting

My guest is greater Pasadena, CA area-based SSLGURU, LLC (Ionblade) Director of Business Development Mark Stathatos. Mark has been my "go to" for years because We Get Around Network offers free WordPress Gold Hosting – powered by Ionblade – to WGAN Standard and Premium Members.

Over the course of many years, I have found Ionblade Customer Support (24/7) to be spot-on and super-faster. And, WordPress powered by Ionblade is rock-solid. Plus, the We Get Around Atlanta Gallery of Matterport 3D Tours - created with WP3D Models WordPress Plugin - runs on WordPress hosted by Ionblade.



Two Special Offers

Special Offer 1
Free! WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) 1-Year Membership when you use this WGAN affiliate link to sign-up for WordPress hosting from Ionblade.

Special Offer 2
Free use of WordPress Hosting Gold powered by Ionblade for WGAN Standard and Premium Members.


Ionblade Website
Mark Stathatos LinkedIn
Ionblade on TrustPilot

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WGAN-TV Podcast | Episode 110: How RKO Photography Grew to 7 Matterport Cameras and 1 Leica BLK360 Camera/Scanner (Spoiler Alert: Commercial Spaces)

Hi All,

Are you a Matterport Service Provider that wants to succeed faster?

Be inspired by Birmingham, Alabama-based RKO Photography President Roger Owens - and Vice President Kay Owens – whom are my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, July 8, 2021:

WGAN-TV Podcast | Episode 110: How RKO Photography Grew to 7 Matterport Cameras and 1 Leica BLK360 Camera/Scanner (Spoiler Alert: Commercial Spaces)

Among the questions that I will ask Roger and Kay:

1. How did you grow from one Matterport Pro 3D Camera to seven?
2. When and why did you buy a Leica BLK360 (and why are you considering buying a second BLK360)?
3. When and how did you get started with your first Matterport camera?
4. Tell us about RKO Photography services?
5. How has the services offered by RKO Photography changed over time (and why)?
6. Whom are RKO Photography clients? (Spoiler Alert: Commercial Spaces)
7. What marketing strategies/tactics have worked well for you?
8. What marketing strategies/tactics have not worked well for you?
9. What tips do you have for Matterport Service Providers to succeed faster?
10. What advice do you have for real estate photographers that are considering buying a Matterport Pro2?
11. You own RKO Photography with your wife, Kay. Tips for family business owners?



RKO Photography Links

RKO Photography (Website)
RKO Photography (Facebook)
Roger Owens (LinkedIn)
Roger D Owens Twitter
RKO Photography (Pinterest)

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► 108-WGAN-TV Podcast | How Matterport Service Providers – and Real Estate Photographers – Can Make Money with Snappr

This WGAN-TV Podcast is for you, if:

► You are a Matterport Service Provider that is seeking more business
► You are a Member of the Matterport Capture Services On-Demand Program (and seek similar gigs)
► You are a professional real estate photographer and seek more business (DSLRDrone and/or Video)

My guest is Snappr Head of Operations and Founding Team Member Rafat Khan (@Snappr).

Rafat reached out to me recently for help finding Matterport Service Providers quickly because Snappr already has U.S. Matterport shoots waiting to be done as soon as Snappr can onboard Matterport Service Providers in the United States.

Rafat let me know that his most immediate needs are:

► Matterport Service Providers in the top 100 US markets and the top 20 resort areas
► Matterport Service Providers elsewhere in the United StatesCanadaUnited Kingdom and Australia
► Professional Real Estate Photographers (DSLR), Drone and/or Video

In addition to asking Rafat more about these opportunities, I will ask him about:

► Snappr for real estate (Matterport, DSLR shot images)
► Snappr for Enterprise clients (53% of the Fortune 500 use Snappr)
► Snappr for Matterport Service Providers and Professional Real Estate Photographers

I encourage you to complete the Snappr Photographer Interest Form.

If you are a Member of the Matterport Capture Services On-Demand Program, it's a no-brainer to sign-up for the Snappr On-Demand MSP Program.

While the On-Demand business model of Snappr versus Matterport are super-similar, with the Snappr On-Demand MSP Program:

1. In addition to doing Matterport scans, potential opportunities for DSLR shot real estate images, drone and video
2. Snappr offers clients the option (pricing) of Matterport shot tours with:

- Matterport Pro 2
- Matterport Pro 2 Lite
- Matterport Pro 1
- Ricoh Theta Z1
- Ricoh Theta V
- Ricoh Theta SC2
- Insta360 One R - Twin Edition
- Insta360 One X2

3. Potential to do Matterport AND other services during the SAME shoot (more $$$$$ to you)

Snappr – the most popular on-demand photography platform that allows real estate brokerages and marketplaces to book high-volume photoshoots at scale – seeks Matterport Service Providers and Professional Real Estate Photographers in the United StatesCanadaAustralia the United Kingdom (and elsewhere around the globe) for recurring shoots from enterprise clients who are booking thousands of shoots every month.

4. Snappr likely has more enterprise (large) clients than Matterport.

10 Reasons to Join the Snappr On-Demand Photography Platform

1. Potential to fill openings in your schedule
2. Potential to do Matterport tours for enterprise-level clients
3. Potential to gain more Matterport experience
4. Potential to get recurring Matterport shoots
5. Potential to shoot Matterport, DSLR and video on the same shoot (More $$$$ per shoot)
6. Potential to diversify your client base
7. Potential to get shoots that you likely would not get directly
8. Potential to do Matterport shoots only (leave production to Snappr editors)
9. Potential to check-the-box on categories that you are not presently shooting Matterport tours
10. Potential to improve your cashflow (Snappr pays fast)

For additional info, please see:

► Snappr website
► Snappr Photographer Interest Form
► Looking for Matterport Service Providers in the US
► Member of the Matterport Capture Services Program? Join Snappr MSP Program

Here are the links we discussed on the WGAN-TV Podcast:

1. Snappr Website
2. Snappr Photographer Interest Form (talk to a Snappr rep about the Snappr for Photographers)
3. Apply to Join the Snappr for Photographers Network



Complete the Snappr Photographer Interest Form to learn more.

Snappr Links

► Snappr Website
► Snappr LinkedIn
► Snappr Instagram
► Snappr Facebook
► Snappr Twitter
► Snappr Crunchbase
► Snappr Wikipedia

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WGAN-TV Podcast: CupixWorks 2.0 versus Matterport for Construction Professionals (AEC)

Hi All,

WGAN-TV CupixWorks 2.0 versus Matterport for Construction Professionals (above) with Cupix Product Manager Gannon Wilder (@Gannon_Cupix) that aired Thursday, 17 June 2021.

This WGAN-TV show is for:

1. Architects
2. Engineers
3. General Contractors (large projects)
4. Building Owners
5. Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams
6. BIM teams
7. Construction Professionals

This WGAN-TV Podcast discusses how CupixWorks 2.0 compares to Matterport for:

1. Reducing Site Visits
2. Reduce Reworks
3. Track Progress
4. Prevent Disputes

Cupix Product Manager Gannon Wilder @Gannon_Cupix) also discusses CupixWorks 2.0 integrations, including:

1. Procore Integration
2. BIM 360
3. PlanGrid Integration

If you researching Matterport and potential competitors in the AEC space, this WGAN-TV Podcast is for you!

I asked Gannon to show and tell us about the CupixWorks 2.0 3D tour viewing experience (compared to Matterport) and how CupixWorks compares to Matterport for:

1. creating as-builts (including exporting to CAD)
2. Side-by-Side: weekly construction documentation
3. Side-by-Side: construction documentation versus BIM model
4. large spaces
5. collaboration (including real-time)
6. site view examples
6. reducing rework
7. dispute resolution among project stakeholders
8. annotation
9. issue tracking
10. field reports
11. building's lifecycle: design, field Operations and handover
12. tight spaces, crowded spaces and dark areas
13. Side-by-Side: Aerial 360 within a Cupix 3D Tour?
14. Side-by-Side: comparison on aerial 360 to BIM?
15. BIM overlay (example) BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) | IFC (Issued for Construction)
16. BIM and point cloud deviation analysis (coming soon)
17. AutoDesk Construction Cloud Integration | AutoDesk Build | AutoDesk Take Off | AutoDesk BIM Collaborate
18. Procore Integration
19. PlanGrid Integration
20. How are RIFs handled? (Requests for Information)
21. 3D measurement
22. 3D annotations
23. CupixWorks Getting Started Hardware Kits
24. LiDAR support

I also asked about:

1. shooting (including time to capture; outdoors and which cameras) [single Shot, Multi-Shot, Video]
2. processing
3. hosting
4. viewing
5. backup/storage
6. pricing
7. 3rd party integrations

Among my questions:

I am the general contractor for a 25-story, 500,000 SQ FT office building renovation.

I am considering CupixWorks and Matterport to shoot weekly construction documentation (as-built digital twin).

1. How long does it take to scan this building weekly for CupixWorks? (how)?
2. Using CupixWorks, how does our team compare: BIM to actual weekly construction documentation?
3. Using CupixWorks, how does our team compare: week-to-week construction documentation?

Thanks to Gannon Wilder (@Gannon_Cupix) for being on the WGAN-TV Podcast. I hope to have Gannon back to give us a tour of the Cupix backend content management system.



Cupix Links

✓ Cupix Website
✓ CupixWorks 2.0 Landing Page
✓ Cupix LinkedIn Profile
✓ Cupix Facebook Page

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WGAN-TV Podcast: 25+ Tips for Scanning Large Spaces with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera

Hi All,

Scanning large spaces with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera can be easy if you know:

✓ what problems that you are likely to experience
✓ how to solve these problems

On Thursday, June 10, 2021 on WGAN-TV Live at 5, Los Angeles-based Photographer Eric Dole (@Home3D):

1. showed some large Matterport scans that he has done
-- Petco
-- Cintas laundry (above)
-- Best Buy
2. 25+ problems he experienced
3. how he solved these 25+ problems

✓ WGAN-TV Podcast: 25+ Tips for Scanning Large Spaces with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera

Eric uses a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Ricoh Theta Z1 360 Camera to shoot Matterport digital twins. Eric has created many large residential and commercial spaces; including a nearly 50,000 SQ FT retail store and homes with pools (that create their own set of challenges for Matterport dollhouse view).

Eric is the son of Kevin Dole (@Home3D) whom has also been my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 many times, including: WGAN-TV | Advanced Outdoor Matterport Scanning Techniques.

Plus, Eric and I will discuss what resources are available to help you with large Matterport scans and I will offer a bonus tip about a pricing strategy for charging for large Matterport digital twins.

What problems have you experienced scanning a large space and how did you solve that problem? Join the discussion:



WGAN Forum Related Discussions

✓ WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Large
✓ WGAN-TV | Tips for Creating Matterport Digital Twins of Schools
✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom
✓ WGAN-TV: How to Scan a Grocery Store
✓ Video: How to Scan Large Spaces with Matterport Pro2, Leica BLK360 & 360s
✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV - Advanced Outdoor Matterport Scanning Techniques

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How does the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit compare to the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera for:

1. Scanning?

a. Scanning time?
b. Ease-of-use?
c. Value of iGUIDE PLANIX LiDAR versus Matterport Pro2 structured light?
d. Setup?
e. Scanning App?
f. Preview?
g. Outdoor scanning?
h. Sunlight inside spaces?
i. Reflective surfaces?
j. Trimming?
k. Misalignment: moving a scan that shows up on the wrong place?

2. Processing and Post Production?
3. Hosting?
4. Viewing?
5. Floor Plans?
6. Pricing of Camera?
7. Pricing of 3D tour hosting?
8. Getting started? (Calibration?)
9. Back-up process?
10. Storage?
11. Uses cases such as: AEC, Construction and Foundation Scanning

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, June 3, my guest was Greater San Francisco-based Hopscotch Interactive Founder Emily Olman (@Hopscotch). Emily is a long-time Matterport Service Provider (since 2015). Hopscotch Interactive has five Matterport Pro 3D Cameras and one iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit.

✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit versus Matterport Pro2 3D Camera by a Long-Time MSP

I invited Emily to be my guest when I saw her video (so we could do a deep-dive comparison of the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.

✓ Video: Is this the Matterport Killer? iGuide Planix versus Matterport



WGAN Forum Related Discussions

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✓ BIG NEWS!! New iGUIDE camera available in April.
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✓ All WGAN Forum discussions tagged: iGUIDE | iGUIDE PLANIX
✓ Free WGAN Cheat Sheet: Which Virtual Tour Platform is Best (for Me)?
✓ WGAN MarketPlaceiGUIDE

Emily Olman / Hopscotch Interactive Links

✓ Hopscotch Interactive website
✓ Hopscotch Interactive YouTube Channel
✓ Emily Olman on LinkedIn
✓ Hopscotch Interactive on Twitter
✓ Hopscotch Interactive on Facebook
✓ hopscotchinteractive on Instagram

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This is a "must watch" free WGAN-TV Podcast for Matterport Service Providers thinking aboutquoting or actually doing Matterport digital twins of schools in particular and large spaces in general:

✓ Free! WGAN-TV Podcast: Tips for Creating Matterport Digital Twins of Schools

Belfast, Ireland-based 3D Showcase (3DSC Ltd.) Sales Director Mark McBride (@3dshowcaseuk) did nearly 70 rock-solid tips based on doing Matterport scans of 70+ schools including 51 for ONE client: that's nearly one (1) tip per minute based on actual problems/challenges doing Matterport tours of schools.

What problems/challenge have you faced creating Matterport digital twins of 50+ schools? And, as a result, what tips can you offer Matterport Service Providers for creating Matterport digital twins of schools?

On this WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT) that aired Thursday, 27 May 2021, I asked Belfast, Ireland-based 3D Showcase (3DSC Ltd.) Sales Director Mark McBride (@3dshowcaseuk) about:

✓ scanning outdoors (360 Views versus 3D Scans)
✓ MatterTags (adding, managing)
✓ people in the tours?
✓ privacy and the Matterport blur tool
✓ Matterport Highlight Reel
✓ public versus private schools
✓ limitations on time of day or weekend versus weekday
✓ Matterport Collaborator (for privacy blurring, MatterTags)
✓ tips to scan large, open spaces in a school (gym)
✓ tips to scan a school's auditorium
✓ what info, if any, do you share with the school regarding pre-scanning preparation?
✓ how do you know which rooms NOT to scan? Someone with you the entire time?
✓ how long are the scanning days? (Do you need batteries for the iPad? Other prep?)
✓ long days: what about your feet?
✓ meal breaks? Do you bring food and water with you?
✓ why do schools want Matterport digital twins
✓ how schools are using Matterport digital twins

Mark got started with creating Matterport digital twins in 2016.

In addition to creating Matterport digital twins of 50+ schools, Mark – and his team – have done Matterport 3D Tours for:

✓ estate agents (real estate agents)
✓ architects
✓ property developers
✓ construction industry
✓ insurance loss adjusters
✓ retail stores
✓ leisure industry
✓ spa resorts
✓ event spaces
✓ new builds
✓ hotels
✓ auditoriums

In addition to Matterport, 3D Showcase also offers ...

✓ HDR photography
✓ Drone video and images
✓ Single Property Websites

3D Showcase Links

✓ WGAN Forum@3dshowcaseuk
✓ 3D Showcase Website
✓ 3D Showcase Facebook
✓ 3D Showcase Twitter
✓ 3D Showcase Instagram
✓ 3D Showcase LinkedIn
✓ Mark McBride, LinkedIn

What are your thoughts after watching this WGAN-TV Podcast?



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Hi All,

Do you have an opportunity to shoot a Matterport digital twin of an RV Showroom and multiple RVs?

1. How do you use a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera in tight spaces of an RV?
2. How do you organize 100+ MatterTags so that potential buyers can decide which MatterTag to click on?
3. How do you integrate online merchandise shopping within an RV Store within a showroom?
4. Should you shoot the RV showroom first: and then go inside each RV to shoot it?
5. Should you charge by SQ FT? Shoot Days? Project? (And, what happens when the scope increases?)
6. Do you charge for hosting, maintenance and support or have the client get a Matterport account?
7. How do you scan with doors/sinks open and closed?
8. When you have 100+ Matterport MatterTags, how do you figure out which are broken six months from now?
9. Do you duplicate the Matterport space to create individual RV tours or shoot twice?
10. How do you place the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera on an RV seat (without the camera fallings)?
11. How long does it take to shoot a very large RV showroom? What makes it more complicated?
12. How long does the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera battery last (during this kind of usage)?
13. What kind of MatterTags should you anticipate adding to an RV space?
14. What challenges might you expect?
15. What opportunities to keep an eye out for?
16. What are the likely use cases by the client ( to help get a "done deal" )?
17. What are the challenges working with so many MatterTags?
18. Why MatterTags can take much longer than you think (important for quoting the project)
19. Why you need more than one person on-site for a project like this?
20. What do the other team Members do if only one can scan at a time?
21. Trade-offs using a Ricoh Theta Z1 or Insta360 One X2 for a tour like this?

Thanks to Lisbon, Portugal-based TEX MEDIA PT Founder Pedro Teixeira (@Pedrotex69) for (way more than) ....

✓ 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom with 30 RVs.

Pedro shared his learning/tips with us shooting this Matterport digital twin of an RV Showroom over the course of five days with four of his team onsite.

Here is the tour Pedro walks us through:

✓ Go Caravaning Virtual Tour Landing Page (Tour Only)
✓ Below is the How to View This Virtual Tour (in Portuguese)
✓ Matterport Digital Twin Credits:

-- Pedro Teixeira (
-- Elsa Teixeira (Wife)
-- Fedra Teixeira (Sister)
-- Miguel Marques (Brother in Law)
-- Miguel Feliz (Graphic Designer and Web Designer)
-- Alexandre Mesquita (Client CEO Go Caravaning)
-- Isabel Mesquita (Client Mother, Public Relations Go Caravaning)

✓ Free Tool: How to Easily/Quickly Find BAD Matterport MatterTag Links

If you have an opportunity to create a Matterport digital twin of an RV Showroom – with dozens of RVs for sale - watch this WGAN-TV Podcast (GMT +4) that originally aired live on Thursday, 20 May 2021:

✓ 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom with 30 RVs



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Hi All,

This course originally aired live: WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 13 May 2021:

✓ How to DIY virtually stage a Matterport Tour using CAPTUR3D by Bellevue, Washington-based New Interior Solutions Online Interior Designer Francesca Tosolini (@ftosolini)

Learn how to DIY virtually Stage a Matterport Tour using CAPTUR3D in the WGAN-TV Training U:

Free WGAN-TV Training U Course: How to DIY Virtually Stage a Matterport Tour using CAPTUR3D

Francesca's company - New Interior Solutions - provides these services:

✓ Interior Renders
✓ Virtual Staging
✓ 360 Virtual Staging
✓ Photography and Virtual Tours
✓ Exterior Renders
✓ Virtual Furniture Replacement
✓ 360 Virtual Remodeling
✓ 3D House Animation

About Francesca Tosolini

If I had to describe myself in a few words I would say that I’m an Italian attracted to innovation, jeans and sneakers, self-improvement, pizza every weekend and to the fantastic old Fiat 500 (yes, I even have a painting of an old Fiat 500 hanging in my living room). However, my true passion is, of course, interior design and more specifically spatial problem-solving.

I think I got my ability to make the most of a space from my parents who have always tried to find creative and practical ways to maximize every single centimeter of our small Italian condo (800 sq ft for four, tall people) and from the fact that I have lived in Italy half of my life, where everything is smaller. I mean, seriously, even the pizza is smaller!





Related Links

✓ New Interior Solutions website
✓ Francesca Tosolini on LinkedIn
✓ New Interior Solutions on Facebook
✓ Francesca Tosolini on Pinterest
✓ New Interior Solutions on Instagram

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Hi All,

How might you mashup Matterport with other technology?

On Thursday, 6 May 2021, Bellevue, Washington-based Tosolini Productions Founder and Director of Innovation, Paolo Tosolini (@Tosolini), did a show and tell:

✓ WGAN-TV Training U: The Art of Matterport and XR Mash-Ups by Tosolini Productions

Paolo shared how some of his mashups were made, including the technology and process. Many of Tosolini Productions mashups include Matterport. Some mashup other 3D-360-VR-AR-XR technologies.

Tosolini Productions has created 50+ virtual tour mashups since 2015many of which have been posted to the We Get Around Network Forum.

Here is the Tosolini Productions PowerPoint Deck - with YouTube links - to the Matterport and XR Mash-Ups Paolo shared with us.

Paolo previously presented Tosolini Matterport mashups on WGAN-TV Live at 5 three years ago (February 2021). A lot of new Matterport integrations have been created by Tosolini Productions since then.

About Tosolini Productions (from their website)

We are an award winning creative studio with a passion for business & storytelling. We proudly craft interactive digital experiences that help clients connect with their audiences. Built on a spirit of innovation and research, we leverage the latest technologies to deliver across a variety of platforms



Tosolini Productions Links

✓ Tosolini Productions website
✓ Paolo Tosolini on LinkedIn
✓ Paolo Tosolini on Facebook
✓ Paolo Tosolini on Twitter
✓ Tosolini Productions YouTube Channel



Virtual Tour Mashups by Tosolini Productions

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