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Thursday Sep 01, 2022

Commentary and Analysis by Dan Smigrod Founder and Managing Editor We Get Around Network Forum WGAN-TV Live at 5 WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) Matterport hit a grand slam home run with the design, build, distribution and pricing of the Matterport Pro3 Camera for Matterporters around the globe. The Matterport Pro3 Camera solves 10 problems and enables at least five new use cases for Matterport Service Providers (MSPs).  While the Leica BLK360 image laser scanner paired with the Matterport Capture app solves most of the following challenges with its LiDAR scanning tech for capturing spatial data (versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera’s structured light tech), the BLK360 $20,400 starting price – versus the Pro3 $5,995 starting price – is simply too high (and capturing spatial data too slow) to scale a global network of Matterporters with the necessary image laser scanner required for scanning much of the built world.  Until the Pro3 announcement on August 30, 2022, that was a big-big-big problem for Matterport. Given Matterport’s ambitious plans for its Matterport Capture Services On-Demand program - now in 150 plus cities among seven countries – and the challenges of the Pro2 and BLK360, my only surprise about the Pro3 is that it took Matterport so long to introduce it. For more on this topic, please see my post in the We Get Around Network Forum in January 2022: Why Matterport will Build and Sell a Leica BLK360 Clone for Less Than $7,500. Unlike Leica that likely needs to make a profit on each BLK360 LiDAR scanner sold, I could imagine that Matterport is uniquely positioned with the Pro3 to sell at or near cost because Matterport has additional fly-wheel revenue stream opportunities from scanning spaces, including: [We Get Around Network Forum Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod's Commentary and Analysis continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Sunday Aug 21, 2022

Imagine architects, engineers and construction contractors meeting, presenting and collaborating inside of a BIM model: a space that does not (yet) exist.Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 18 August 2022 for:=> WGAN-TV | AEC Team Meetings Inside Your BIM Models, powered by SuperVizMy guests will be:1. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and2. SuperViz Head of Sales Marcelo FrancoRuss and Macelo will demo how an AEC team can meet inside of a:1. BIM model2. CAD file (such as Revit, SketchUp and SketchFab)Topics Include1. Save Time and Increase Engagement - SuperViz supports BIM remote collaboration with integrated immersive video conferencing in browsers with no downloads and just a couple clicks2. Share pre-build designs - Share your SuperViz link with collaborators and ‘teleport’ them to meet inside your project.3. Access 3D tools during meetings - Includes Wireframes, Floor Plan, Reset View and Measurement Ruler.4. Make meetings efficient - Shared view options and avatars ensure everyone’s on the same page during virtual discussions.5. Empower your team’s decision-making process6. Anticipate decisions and avoid rework7. Meet, record and shareNote: Russ and Marcelo were my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 that aired on Thursday, 30 June 2022 for the show (below):=> WGAN-TV | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperVizWant to get started with SuperViz today?1. Start a 14-Day Free Trial2. Schedule a SuperViz Demo3. SuperViz Pricing (scroll down)Questions that I should ask Russ and Marcelo?Best,DanSuperViz Links1. SuperViz website2. SuperViz on LinkedIn3. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive on LinkedIn4. SuperViz YouTube Channel5. SuperViz Direction of Marketing Áine Kmen (@AineSuperViz)6. SuperViz Head of Sales & Customer Success Marcelo Franco (@Marcelo)

Tuesday May 25, 2021

Hi All,Do you have an opportunity to shoot a Matterport digital twin of an RV Showroom and multiple RVs?1. How do you use a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera in tight spaces of an RV?2. How do you organize 100+ MatterTags so that potential buyers can decide which MatterTag to click on?3. How do you integrate online merchandise shopping within an RV Store within a showroom?4. Should you shoot the RV showroom first: and then go inside each RV to shoot it?5. Should you charge by SQ FT? Shoot Days? Project? (And, what happens when the scope increases?)6. Do you charge for hosting, maintenance and support or have the client get a Matterport account?7. How do you scan with doors/sinks open and closed?8. When you have 100+ Matterport MatterTags, how do you figure out which are broken six months from now?9. Do you duplicate the Matterport space to create individual RV tours or shoot twice?10. How do you place the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera on an RV seat (without the camera fallings)?11. How long does it take to shoot a very large RV showroom? What makes it more complicated?12. How long does the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera battery last (during this kind of usage)?13. What kind of MatterTags should you anticipate adding to an RV space?14. What challenges might you expect?15. What opportunities to keep an eye out for?16. What are the likely use cases by the client ( to help get a "done deal" )?17. What are the challenges working with so many MatterTags?18. Why MatterTags can take much longer than you think (important for quoting the project)19. Why you need more than one person on-site for a project like this?20. What do the other team Members do if only one can scan at a time?21. Trade-offs using a Ricoh Theta Z1 or Insta360 One X2 for a tour like this?Thanks to Lisbon, Portugal-based TEX MEDIA PT Founder Pedro Teixeira (@Pedrotex69) for (way more than) ....✓ 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom with 30 RVs.Pedro shared his learning/tips with us shooting this Matterport digital twin of an RV Showroom over the course of five days with four of his team onsite.Here is the tour Pedro walks us through:✓ Go Caravaning Virtual Tour Landing Page (Tour Only)✓ Below is the How to View This Virtual Tour (in Portuguese)✓ Matterport Digital Twin Credits:-- Pedro Teixeira (texmediapt@gmail.com)-- Elsa Teixeira (Wife)-- Fedra Teixeira (Sister)-- Miguel Marques (Brother in Law)-- Miguel Feliz (Graphic Designer and Web Designer)-- Alexandre Mesquita (Client CEO Go Caravaning)-- Isabel Mesquita (Client Mother, Public Relations Go Caravaning)✓ Free Tool: How to Easily/Quickly Find BAD Matterport MatterTag LinksIf you have an opportunity to create a Matterport digital twin of an RV Showroom – with dozens of RVs for sale - watch this WGAN-TV Podcast (GMT +4) that originally aired live on Thursday, 20 May 2021:✓ 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom with 30 RVsBest,Dan

Friday Mar 20, 2020

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as applied to Matterport Digital Twins --- WGAN-TV How and Why to Create ADA Compliant Matterport and Other 3D/360 Virtual Tours Hi All,✓ What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?✓ How does the ADA apply to Matterport and other3D/360 Virtual Tours?✓ How do you create ADA compliant Matterport and other 3D/360 Virtual Tours?✓ What should every Matterport Service Provider and other 3D/360 Virtual Tour Service Providers know about ADA?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET Thursday, 19 March 2020 is Barnes Creative Studios Founder Steve Barnes (@BarnesCreative). Barnes Creative Studios has created an exclusive ADA compliant player to make Matterport and other 3D/360 Virtual Tours - accessible to Americans with disabilities.The WGAN-TV Live at 5 topic is: How and Why to Create ADA Compliant Matterport and Other Virtual ToursIf you have enterprise clients or prospects, it's likely that you will be asked about how to make the Matterport Digital Twins ADA compliant. Over time, it's also likely that other existing or potential clients of your Matterport Tours will ask about ADA compliance.“Under the current law, there is an incentive for plaintiff’s lawyers to file ADA access lawsuits: hotels may be required to pay a disabled person’s attorney fees even if the hotel agrees to correct any problems right away," says FindLaw.Even if you do not have enterprise clients such as a major hotel brand or cruise line brand, this is a "must watch" WGAN-TV Live at 5 show.Here are questions that I anticipate asking Steve:1. What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?2. How does ADA apply to Matterport 3D Tours?3. What is the Web Content Accessibilities Guidelines (WCAG)?4. How does the Website Content Accessibilities Guidelines apply to Matterport 3D Tours?5. Why should I care about making Matterport 3D Tours ADA compliant? Enterprise clients and prospects?6. Can you speak about this from a disabled person's perspective?7. Can you speak about this from a lawsuit perspective?8. How and why did you decide to build an ADA compliant virtual tour player9. Please demo your ADA compliant, custom-built embedded virtual tour player10. Please demo the Video Guided Tour Button11. Please demo the Audio Description Button (Screen Reader)12. Please demo the Read Transcription Button13. Please demo how to return to the standard virtual tour Button14. What does "level double A" compliant mean? Other levels?15. Does ADA compliant virtual tours super-charge SEO? How so?16. How does the Barnes Creative Studios ADA compliant player address issues about disabilities related to:visualaudiospeechcognitivelanguagelearningneurological17. [I will explain the exclusive free offer for WGAN Forum Members and how to receive.]18. Barnes Creative Studios Pricing for ADA client Matterport Digital Twins19. I understand that you are no longer a Matterport Service Provider. Why does that matter?20. Your website to reach out to you? (www.BarnesCareativeStudios.com)21. What questions have I not asked you that I should ask?22. Anything else?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[The following is reprinted with permission of Barnes Creative Studios (BCS) from this BCS blog post.]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Barnes Creative Studios ADA Compliant Matterport - and other 3D/360 – Virtual Tours for Hospitality Barnes Creative Studios (BCS) has developed a solution to make ADA compliant virtual tours. ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance means making your service or product accessible to people with disabilities and it was amended to include websites in 2008. Hotels are increasingly aware that non-compliant websites make them potentially liable for lawsuits and fines, and many have implemented standards to comply.Up until now, there was not a streamlined solution to make virtual tours compliant. BCS has created a solution. Introducing an embedded player which not only provides AA compliant virtual tours, but also can be used for older virtual tours you already have in your catalog. Also, as an added bonus your search engine optimization will be amplified.See a list of past and current lawsuits on the ADA website that includes many hotels and resorts.BCS Has an Exclusive Player that Adheres to Accessibility GuidelinesBCS exclusively provides our custom ADA compliant virtual tours that adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). WCAG define how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Accessibility involves a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning and neurological.BCS offers a solution which directly adheres to the “WCAG 2.0 guidelines 1.2 for time-based media: providing alternatives for time-based media”. This includes “audio and/or video combined with interaction”. The accessible alternative version of our ADA compliant virtual tour contains:✓ Alternative Pre-Recorded Video Guided Virtual Tour✓ Transcript✓ Audio Description (Prerecorded)✓ Live CaptionsAll of the above is delivered in a custom-built embedded player that hosts both media items. Firstly, it includes the standard virtual tour and secondly the alternative accessible version that is ADA compliant. For example, below is an ADA compliant virtual tour from the Four Seasons Punta Mita Mexico. Added SEO value for ADA Compliant Virtual TourAs a result, for having compliant virtual tours on your website your search engine optimization (SEO) value will be supercharged. SEO is successful when you have contextual elements attached to rich media, for instance, like transcripts and detailed descriptions. With our ADA compliant virtual tour the added context from the WCAG 2.0 guidelines makes your content fuel your web page resulting in successful SEO.Barnes Creative Studios looks forward to help your hotel reach compliance with ADA standards. 360 Virtual tours are a unique user driven media and BCS is dedicated to making these experiences available to as many people as possible.Private Message Steve Barnes at @BarnesCreative for more information.Source: Barnes Creative Studios Blog Post

Thursday Aug 09, 2018

Why barter? When to bater? Why hotels and restaurants? What rate? Tax on barter? Case Study? Bartering Matterport for Hotels, Restaurants and MoreHi All,The following WGAN-TV Live at 5 Pricing program airs LIVE and will be recorded ....5 pm ET (GMT -4) Wednesday, 11 October 2017 - Bartering Matterport for Hotels, Restaurants and MoreTopics1. Why barter?2. When to barter?3. What to barter for. We'll cover at least hotels, restaurants and fitness clubs4. What rate (rate card) to use to calculate barter?5. Why get your family involved in barter?6. Bartering directly7. Bartering via a Barter company8. Case Study: How I bartered for 7 nights in the $3,500 per night Penthouses of this hotel (and some additional room nights)9. What percentage of your income should you barter?10. How We Get Around handles tax on barter income (I am not a lawyer or accountant. I do not give legal or tax advice.What else would you like to cover about bartering?Anyone can view the WGAN-TV Pricing programs [b]live[/b]: live!The recording will be viewable free for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members (see All Access Pass in the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter)Best,DanP.S. WGAN Forum Members are welcome to join the virtual studio audience to participate in the discussion.

Thursday Aug 09, 2018

Hear about a Matterport Service Provider alternative to Airbnb, VRBO and other major players ---   @ArtisticConcept Writes So, in my region, one of the biggest segments of the hospitality industry is Cabin Rentals. One of the biggest problems that I encounter when I scan a rental cabin is that despite having an amazing 3D Matterport Tour with social sharing urls and embed codes the property owner is often met with a cold shoulder from their listing site.While some of the key players in the hospitality industry are flirting with the idea of allowing Matterport into their ecosystem, many see how powerful 3D tours are in booking more stays and they are fearful of guests bypassing their system to book directly with the owner or another one of their agents.I’ve heard it said “If you can’t beat ‘em, Join ‘em” well, we’ve been trying to “Join ‘em” too long! I say, “If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em!”An idea hatched in my mind after my first cabin scan. The client went from occasionally being booked to being booked solid for three months when they promoted their cabin with our TriReality Matterport Tour solely through Facebook. That got me to thinking. What if there was a site that was known for having 3D Tours of Rental Cabins and people would know that that’s the place you go when you want to see your vacation spot in “Real Life” before you even book it?I’ve just launched my first Kickstarter campaign for 3DCabinTours.com

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