Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

260-WGAN-TV | Matterport Pro3 Camera for Construction Progress, Facilities Management and IoT

Episode Overview (Summarized by ChatGPT-4):

In this episode of WGAN-TV on Location, we're joined by Kyle Ditto, an enterprise solutions engineer at Matterport, directly from Geo Week 2024 in Denver, Colorado. Kyle provides in-depth insights into Matterport's strategic direction within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry, their advancements in digital twin technology, and the impact of their latest Pro3 camera equipped with LiDAR technology.

Key Points Discussed:

1. Introduction to Matterport at Geo Week: Matterport's significant presence [10' x 10' booth] at Geo Week 2024 highlights their commitment to penetrating deeper into the AEC industry, including sectors like oil, gas, and utilities. The focus is on the Matterport Pro3 Camera and the ability to generate BIM and CAD files from digital twins.

2. Integrations and Customer Workflows: Kyle emphasizes the seamless delivery of BIM and CAD outputs into the Autodesk Construction Cloud, enhancing integration with customers' existing workflows.

3. Accuracy and Efficiency: A common query from attendees revolves around the accuracy of Matterport's digital twins. While competitors may offer higher accuracy, Matterport prides itself on efficiency and accessibility, making high-quality digital data more available to a broader audience.

Use Cases at Geo Week:

1. Facilities Management: Matterport transforms facility management with photorealistic renderings, improving asset location and maintenance processes.
2. IoT Integration: The integration of IoT sensor data with digital twins offers a revolutionary way to visualize and address equipment issues within a facility.
3. Design and Construction: Matterport aids in creating as-built documentation, monitoring construction progress, and ensuring projects stay on track and budget.
The Matterport Advantage: The Pro3 camera's speed of capture and ease of use position Matterport uniquely in the market, catering to users requiring efficient, accurate, and accessible digital twin solutions without the need for specialized training or equipment.

Platform Extensibility: Matterport's platform allows for custom modifications and integrations, making it a versatile tool for asset management, documentation, and collaborative efforts in facilities management, design and build projects, and IoT applications.


Kyle Ditto's insights from Geo Week 2024 underline Matterport's innovative approach to digital twin technology. By balancing efficiency with accuracy, Matterport is making strides in democratizing 3D data for a variety of industries, simplifying workflows, and enhancing project management and facility operations. The episode sheds light on the future of digital twins and Matterport's role in shaping that future.

WGAN-TV on Location Guest: Kyle Ditto, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, Matterport

WGAN-TV on Location Managing Editor and Host: Dan Smigrod

Join us next time on WGAN-TV for more insights into the evolving world of digital twin technology and its impact across industries.

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