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Thursday Sep 01, 2022

Commentary and Analysis by
Dan Smigrod
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Matterport hit a grand slam home run with the design, build, distribution and pricing of the Matterport Pro3 Camera for Matterporters around the globe.
The Matterport Pro3 Camera solves 10 problems and enables at least five new use cases for Matterport Service Providers (MSPs). 
While the Leica BLK360 image laser scanner paired with the Matterport Capture app solves most of the following challenges with its LiDAR scanning tech for capturing spatial data (versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera’s structured light tech), the BLK360 $20,400 starting price – versus the Pro3 $5,995 starting price – is simply too high (and capturing spatial data too slow) to scale a global network of Matterporters with the necessary image laser scanner required for scanning much of the built world. 
Until the Pro3 announcement on August 30, 2022, that was a big-big-big problem for Matterport.
Given Matterport’s ambitious plans for its Matterport Capture Services On-Demand program - now in 150 plus cities among seven countries – and the challenges of the Pro2 and BLK360, my only surprise about the Pro3 is that it took Matterport so long to introduce it. For more on this topic, please see my post in the We Get Around Network Forum in January 2022: Why Matterport will Build and Sell a Leica BLK360 Clone for Less Than $7,500.
Unlike Leica that likely needs to make a profit on each BLK360 LiDAR scanner sold, I could imagine that Matterport is uniquely positioned with the Pro3 to sell at or near cost because Matterport has additional fly-wheel revenue stream opportunities from scanning spaces, including:
[We Get Around Network Forum Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod's Commentary and Analysis continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Commentary and Analysis byDan SmigrodFounder and Managing EditorWe Get Around Network ForumWGAN-TV Live at 5WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)The Matterport acquisition of VHT Studios announced Thursday (7 July 2022), will have many in the We Get Around Network Forum community scratching their heads wondering what to make of this news.While there are at least two reasons that the Matterport acquisition of VHT Studios is a big, bold and brilliant move by Matterport (in the short term), unfortunately, there are nine reasons that this is a (very) bad strategy (in the long term).I could imagine that there are two reasons that Matterport decided to buy one of the largest residential real estate photography agencies in the United States:1. VHT Studios will not offer any of the 170+ other 3D/360 virtual tour platforms and software that compete with Matterport2. Matterport Capture Services On Demand to add all VHT Studios servicesWhile most Wall Street financial analysts that cover Matterport will likely reward Matterport for these two short-term sales growth strategies, in the long-term, investors will cringe for the following reasons:1. Matterport’s Sweet Spot is Spatial Data for Enterprise at Scale – The sweet spot for Matterport is spatial data for enterprise at scale. This is the single greatest use case for Matterport. The acquisition of VHT Studios by Matterport is off strategy.2. Matterport Continues to Compete with Its Real Estate Photographer Customers – When Matterport announced its plans for Matterport Capture Services On Demand, I wrote a 6-part series in the We Get Around Network Forum about why this was a bad idea (Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).I went into great detail about how and why Matterport Capture Services On Demand competes with its Matterport Service Providers (which is a significant marketing channel for Matterport).By offering Matterport exclusively via VHT Studios – and adding VHT Studio services to Matterport Capture Services On Demand, Matterport is competing with real estate photographers – customers of its Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Matterport Cloud subscriptions.While Matterport will likely spin the story as more demand for real estate photographers to add Matterport, the reality is that VHT Studios and Matterport Capture Services On Demand will be low paying opportunities for real estate photographers that offer Matterport.
Continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com).

Friday Apr 15, 2022

1. Are you a real estate photographer thinking about buying a Matterport Axis?2. Are you a real estate agent thinking about buying a Matterport Axis?3. Are you a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera user thinking about buying a Matterport Axis?4. Wondering how the Matterport Axis compares to a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, Ricoh Theta Z1, X and SC2?5. As a Matterport Service Provider, how can you position the Matterport Axis to your clients who ask your advice about the product?Then watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 - 5 pm ET - on Thursday, April 14 2022:✓ Matterport Axis Motorized Mount Smartphone Rotator: 1st ImpressionsMy guests will be two WGAN Forum Members that often post reviews in the WGAN Forum:Jeff Nitschke (@lilnitsch)OwnerCaptureNWNorth Idaho and Eastern Washington Statewww.CAPTUREnw.com[Jeff was previously my guest on WGAN-TV: A MSP Customer Journey: Jeff Nitschke with CaptureNW]and ...Dave Avilla (@Dataventurer)Real Estate Photographer andColdwell Banker Realty AgentGilroy, Californiawww.CBnorCAL.com | CalDRE # 01075392[Dave was previously my guest on WGAN-TV: 31 Statistics to Help Sell Virtual Tours to RE Agents]Dave plans to shoot the same property with the Matterport Axis and Ricoh Theta SC2.Jeff plans to shoot the following home with the Matterport Axis that he previously shot with:1. Matterport Pro2 3D Camera2. Ricoh Theta Z12. Ricoh Theta X3. Ricoh Theta SC2

Monday Jan 24, 2022

RICOH THETA unveils new 360-degree camera model: THETA XHitting the market in March 2022, the advanced model features many firsts for the brand including a large touch screen display for enhanced usabilityTOKYO, Monday, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President and CEO: Yoshinori Yamashita) today announced the launch of the RICOH THETA X. Designed in pursuit of enhanced usability and outstanding quality, this advanced model joins RICOH THETA's series of 360-degree cameras that shoot immersive still images and videos in a single shot and is equipped with many firsts for the brand: a large touch screen, interchangeable battery, and external memory card.Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here.The RICOH THETA X's most innovative feature is the 2.25-inch full-color touch screen display, making standalone camera use much easier by reducing the need to connect to a remote control or smartphone app. Other first-time function additions include an interchangeable battery and an external memory card for more efficient and reliable shooting. Smartphone connectivity has also been improved, as the RICOH THETA X no longer requires the need to enter an SSID when establishing a Bluetooth connection. RICOH THETA X also boasts real-time stitching capabilities with stabilization, removing the need to stitch videos – this improves the processing time of 360-degree videos on computers drastically."Since RICOH THETA released the world's-first 360-degree camera in 2013, it has been utilized in a wide range of fields to expand the possibilities of photographic and video expression. The pandemic caused an even greater need for immersive imagery and virtual tours to boost business efficiency, especially in the real estate, construction, design, and automotive industries—and we only expect that to expand into additional industries," said Shinobu Fujiki, General Manager of RICOH Company's THETA Business division. "As we strive to meet the needs of our customers through the innovation of our digital devices and services, this camera is designed to help streamline workflows and deliver high-quality imagery for business users and consumers alike."
Ricoh Company Media Release continues in the We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com) here:

Sunday Jan 09, 2022

Matterport Completes Acquisition of Enview to Bring Powerful Property Insights and Analytics to Millions of Digital TwinsEnview’s advanced technology and specialized team to strengthen the Matterport data platform and provide customers with advanced business intelligence for any physical spaceSUNNYVALE, California, January 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (“Matterport”) (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Enview, Inc. (“Enview”), a pioneer in the scalable, artificial intelligence (AI) for 3D spatial data.On January 5, 2022, Matterport acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding equity interests in Enview for an aggregate purchase price of 1.59 million shares of Matterport’s Class A common stock, par value $0.0001 per share (“Common Stock”) and $35.5 million in cash. All shares of Common Stock issued in the transaction are subject to a lock-up period expiring 180 days following the closing of the transaction.Enview’s 3D AI platform has been deployed at nation-scale to solve mission critical challenges ranging from critical infrastructure protection for Fortune 500 energy companies, automating property analytics for insurance and disaster recovery applications, and logistics and mobility applications for national security customers. The acquisition of the technology and team will enable Matterport to speed the development of its next-generation spatial data analytics platform that optimizes the operations and management of any physical space, while providing powerful insights and building intelligence.“For more than a decade Matterport has led the digital transformation of the built world,” said RJ Pittman, Matterport’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We turn buildings into data, and for the next decade of growth, our focus centers on unlocking the power of that data for our customers around the world.Enview’s powerful spatial data analysis technology fits right into this strategy and readily complements the Matterport platform. Together, we can deliver breakthrough building analysis and data insights to our customers including automated building inspections, AI-powered space planning, and property utilization analysis to deliver operating efficiencies in a completely digital environment,” he added.Founded in San Francisco in 2015, Enview’s AI-based automation platform provides a highly extensible framework for rapidly solving complex 3D challenges as part of a digital twin ecosystem. Enview’s core technology combines novel AI, purpose built for 3D, with an enterprise platform that enables complex workflows to be automated for nation-scale datasets.Enview’s technology performs a variety of 3D spatial operations, including object recognition, feature extraction, feature-based change detection, 2D and 3D measurement and attribution. The company’s Explore product is designed to democratize and automate the previously manual task of extracting insights from complex, sensor-fused 2D and 3D data.Public and private sector organizations currently use Enview’s AI platform to virtualize the physical world and derive insights, including to protect people and infrastructure, and enhance national security.For example, Enview is the recipient of a Phase III Small Business Innovation Research award from the Commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces and a Phase II award from the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office for AI-enabled 3D modeling of installations and fusion of indoor / outdoor digital twins for mission planning and facilities management.“Matterport is the clear leader in the massive market to digitize the world’s built spaces,” said San Gunawardana, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Enview. “Joining Matterport provides a unique opportunity to pair our leading 3D AI technology with Matterport’s rich spatial data to provide new levels of datafication and insight to customers around the world.We could not have asked for a better company to partner with to extend our work and build a world-class analytics platform for customers to increase the value of every one of the world’s 4 billion buildings.”Update on Public Warrant RedemptionAs previously announced on December 15, 2021, Matterport expects to redeem all of its outstanding warrants (the “Public Warrants”) to purchase shares of Common Stock that were issued as part of the units sold in the company’s initial public offering and that remain outstanding at 5:00 p.m. New York City time on January 14, 2022.As of December 31, 2021, approximately 7.1 million shares of Common Stock have been issued upon the exercise of Public Warrants by the holders thereof at an exercise price of $11.50 per share, resulting in aggregate proceeds to Matterport of approximately $81.5 million.About MatterportMatterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Our groundbreaking spatial data platform turns buildings into data to make nearly every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 194 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing. Learn more at www.matterport.com.©2022 Matterport, Inc. All rights reserved. Enview and Enview Explore are trademarks of Enview, Inc. and Matterport and the Matterport logo are trademarks of Matterport, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.Source: Matterport

Thursday Jul 11, 2019

Pro3 | VRBO/HomeAway | 360º Cameras | SDK | CDN | MSPs | International | Partners
Hi All,Find out how Matterport plans to scale exponentially - and why that 'matters' to you - from Matterport Chief Marketing Officer Chris Bell on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -5) on Thursday, 11 July 2019.Among my questions for Chris, how Matterport plans to grow exponentially powered by:✓ People, process, technology, vertical and geography expansion✓ Will there be a Pro3 camera?✓ How will Matterport Service Providers benefit from this growth? ✓ What about Matterport Scanning Services?✓ How does international figure into growth?After an hour, it's your turn to ask Chris questions directly.Two Easy Steps to Join the Show Live1. Now: Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)2. When the show is live, Click Here (Automatically Launches the Zoom Meetings app and you will be in the WGAN-TV Virtual Green Room. I will bring you on the show when we begin Q&A with the WGAN Community)“The Matterport Cloud is an unrivaled dataset of precision 3D environments that represents an enormous opportunity to scale the company’s data services business exponentially. This will open up new strategic partnerships and investments as we realize the full value of this data for a rapidly expanding set of market opportunities around the globe,” said Matterport CEO RJ Pittman in the Matterport Press Release on 3 December 2018 announcing RJ joining Matterport.I have written about exponential growth coming to Matterport for five years now. (So, I may not be the best at predicting when.)✓ Matterport + Meero + VRBO/HomeAway = Exponential Growth✓ 10 Reasons Matterport will acquire GeoCV✓ Imagine one company ordering 20,000+ Matterport 3D Tours✓ Matterport + All 360º Cameras = Exponential Growth (for all of us)✓ Matterport Exponential Growth powered by It's APIs/SDKs✓ Exponential Growth Coming Soon to Matterport✓ Matterport Cloud to Support Other Cameras?✓ Matterport and Leica partnering in 2018✓ Ashton Kutcher/News Corp/CBRE invest in Matterport✓ Sweet Deal: Matterport Equity for Influence✓ Matterport Syndication: a Blessing or Curse?✓ Matterport Announces Massive Chinese Partner✓ Preparing Matterport for IPO or AcquisitionHow to Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 (Three Options)1. Use the link: www.WGAN-TV.com (See bottom right for the pop-up player for WGAN-TV Live at 5)2. Watch on our YouTube Channel (Tip: To get a reminder: SUBSCRIBE and Click on the Bell3. We'll record the show and add the episode to our WGAN-TV Podcast in the Apple iTunes Podcasts App and post to this WGAN Forum discussion. (Within a week of broadcast, you will be able to watch this WGAN-TV episode on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.)Special thanks to @Jwbuckl for arranging for this interview.Best,Dan

Tuesday Jun 11, 2019

Bonus: How to add the Matterport 3D Tour to WP3D Models 
Hi All,WGAN-TV | Matterport Workshop 3.0 Training with Lima, Peru-based TresDePro (MP2EDIT.com) Angelo Okuma (@tresdepro).Includes✓ How to hide Matterport scans✓ How to improve the Matterport walk around experience✓ How to create a Matterport Highlight Reel✓ How to add MatterTags (including a video MatterTag)✓ How to add a 360º View to a MatterTag✓ How to add 360º Views to a Matterport 3D Tour in Workshop✓ How to add the Matterport 3D Tour to WP3D Models (so that the SEO goes to your website)This is the first in a series of Matterport Workshop 3.0 training videos from WGAN Members.This week (10-14 June 2019) – WGAN-TV will air these videos by WGAN-Member Matterport Pros editing one of their Matterport 3D Tours (and post to the WGAN Forum).These videos are recorded by the Matterport Service Providers in real-time – showing what's on the computer screen – while the Matterport Pro narrates what s/he is doing and why. It's a great way to learn workflow, best practices and get tips from other WGAN Members.✓ If you are just starting out with Matterport, watching one or more of these videos will help you Succeed Faster✓ Not yet migrated to Matterport Workshop 3.0? See how your peers edit✓ If you are a seasoned Matterport Pro, you'll get to see the workflow and tips from your peers.Matterport Service Providers have different best practices workflow - using the same Matterport Workshop 3.0. I encourage you to watch all these videos to see which workflow works best for you. Plus, pick up tips along the way.This special series of WGAN-TV Training Academy videos are part of the WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Theme Week (10-14 June 2019) that includes:✓ How to use Matterport Workshop 3.0 for Newbies Week: a Live 5-part Series on WGAN-TV Live at 5✓ My guest all week (10-14 June 2019) on WGAN-TV Live at 5 will be Matterport Marketing Manager Amir FrankThanks for tuning in (and joining the live shows for your Matterport Workshop 3.0 questions).Best,DanP.S. The series of WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Training Videos will remain public through 30 June 2019. Then, the videos will be available exclusively via the WGAN-TV Training Academy.Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members✓ Save 50 percent on the WGAN-TV Training Academy. ✓ Private Message me for your Promo Code✓ Join WGAN Forum (free) Join Here | Receive 50+ Membership Benefits (free) Instantly (look for Private Message)Special Offer for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members✓ WGAN Basic, Standard & Premium Members receive an All Access Pass (free) to the WGAN-TV Training Academy.✓ Please Private Message me for your Promo Code. (Or, Please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter.)✓ Compare WGAN Membership Plans | WGAN Membership Benefits | www.JoinStandard.comAbout the We Get Around Network Training AcademyYou (just) bought a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. "Yikes! How do I create a Matterport 3D Tour in Matterport Workshop 3.0?" "What are best Workflow practices?" "I am struggling with Highlight Reel and MatterTags."Watch over-the-shoulder as Matterport Pros create Matterport 3D Tours using Matterport Workshop 3.0. (Plus, some of the Pros also use WP3D Models WordPress Plugin and MPEmbed in their Matterport Workshop Workflow. MPEmbed and WP3D Models are both "must have" third-party solutions to help you Succeed Faster.) As these Matterport Service Providers edit their tours, watch for Best Practices and tips. Plus, the Pros share helpful stories for your workflow. All Pros narrate in English, except one that speaks Spanish.( Matterport Pros were invited by We Get Around Network (WGANForum.com) Founder Dan Smigrod. to share their "watch me over-the-shoulder" videos." )WGAN-TV Training Academy Videos Include:✓ Matterport Workshop 3.0✓ Matterport Scanning✓ Matterport Scanning of Mirrors and Stairs✓ Best Practices and Tips from WGAN Member Pros✓ Matterport Demos✓ How to Price Matterport 3D Tours✓ How to Price Google Street View Tours✓ Matterport Pricing Strategies for Matterport Service Providers✓ How to Videos such as 45 Tips for scanning a grocery storeWGAN-TV Training Academy includes 50+ hours (and growing) of training videos only available via the WGAN-TV Training Academy streaming services via Vimeo on Demand service.

Thursday May 16, 2019

Matterport Chief Marketing Officer Chris Bell and Matterport Vice President of Product Management Damien Leostic
Hi All,✓ Are you unhappy with Matterport new pricing?✓ Got questions about how Matterport new pricing affects you?✓ Got suggestions about what and how to fix the Matterport new pricing?✓ Matterport new pricing giving you concerns about getting started with Matterport?Then, vent and/or ask your questions directly with Matterport executives on a special edition of WGAN-TV Live at 5: Matterport New Pricing Town HallMatterport Chief Marketing Officer Chris Bell and Matterport Vice President of Product Management Damien Leosticwill be my guests on this special edition of WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -4) on Thursday, 16 May 2019.Have you been living in a cave since the Matterport new pricing announcement on Thursday, 9 May 2019? Here are all the WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Matterport New Pricing AnnouncementTwo Easy Steps to Join the Show Live1. Now: Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)2. When the show is live, Click Here (Automatically Launches the Zoom Meetings app)How to Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 (Three Options)1. Use the link: WGAN-TV.com (Look in the bottom right for the popup for WGAN-TV Live at 5)2. Watch on our YouTube Channel (Tip: To get a reminder: SUBSCRIBE and Click on the Bell3. We'll record the show and add the episode to our WGAN-TV Podcast in the Apple iTunes Podcasts AppSpecial thanks to Chris Bell and Damien Leostic for joining the show to hear directly from the WGAN Forum Community about the Matterport new pricing.Best,Dan

Wednesday Sep 12, 2018

Real Estate Agents: Super-Easy/Super-Fast Booking of Matterport Service Providers
Real Estate Agents and BrokersIf you are a real estate agent or broker in the United States, it's about to get super-easy and super-fast to book a Matterport Service Provider in real-time (and a photographer, videographer and Aerial Pro – for HDR photos, video, aerial and/or floor plans).Today (Tuesday, 14 August 2018), we launch - in Georgia - the We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare. The rest of the United States is coming soon.Matterport Service ProvidersIf you are a Matterport Service Provider, it's about to get super-easy and super-fast to be booked by a real estate agent or Broker.Simply Register Here for the WGAN Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare✓ you set your rates (Matterport, photos, videos, aerial and/or 2D schematic floor plans✓ you set your availability (simply by keeping your Google calendar current)✓ real-time bookings show up in your calendar and you get an email notification: where/when/whoFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Q: How do you know when I am available to shoot?A: Simply keep your Google calendar up-to-date.Q: How soon will the We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare be rolled out across the United States?A: As soon as practical. We want to make sure that we have critical mass of Matterport Service Providers, photographers, videographers, aerial Pros, etc. before enabling the entire United States. Plus, all Service Providers need to go through a review process. For example, all Service Providers accepted into the Instant Booking Service need to have liability insurance.Q: When will We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare be offered outside the United States?A: While we envision an international platform, we need to stay focused on the United States first. You can also join the We Get Around Network to get a public facing profile on the We Get Around Network Find a Matterport Pro page and 40+ other Membership benefits to help you Succeed Faster. www.JoinStandard.comQ: What's the difference between WGAN Find a Pro Map and We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare?A: There are three major differences:1. WGAN Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare is focused on instant residential real estate bookings in the United States2. WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map enables potential Clients to reach out to Matterport Service Providers directly to engage in a conversation3. WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map is United States + InternationalQ: How do I join the We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare? A: Join Free! Register HereQ: How do I get on the We Get Network Find a Matterport Pro Map?A: www.JoinStandard.com | Compare Plans | 40+ Membership Benefits to help you Succeed Faster |Q: Can I charge different rates on the We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare as I charge on my webiste or other clients?A: Yes. You set your own pricing.

Wednesday Sep 12, 2018

How to make money with Bluetooth Beacons Meets Matterport 3D Tour Pros
Hi All,Imagine that a prospective home buyer drives by a house for sale and automatically receives a link on their smartphone to a Matterport 3D Tour – or single property website.How is that possible? Find out on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -4) on Wednesday, 22 August 2018: Bluetooth Beacons Meets 3D Tour Marketing for Matterport Service Providers.Our guests will be Allan Retail Group Founder – and Matterport Service Provider – Dorothy Allan. And, how can you leverage this knowledge to differentiate your Matterport Service Provider business to get more business while helping your real estate agents win more listing presentations?Plus, imagine the same scenario in retail – with an expert in the retail space collaborating with you. Live in a tourist destination? A must watch show.Here's some of the topics we will cover during this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show:The key to growth is diversification, bolt on services are the key (Add Ons)✓ Real Estate is a warm market any agent can use a NFC device-- Link to a single page website-- Link to a landing page (creates SEO backlinks)-- Link directly to a Matterport or CUPIX tour-- Real time analytics-- Easy to set up landing pages✓ Bluetooth enabled / Google Nearby (investment)-- Makes Wi-Fi as a delivery irrelevant-- Very easy to use-- Back office analytics-- Newest Androids come with Google Nearby on out of the box and every time the phone is powered up✓ Proximity messaging as a service can expand Reality Capture professional 360 market-- Retail, service, tourism, event marketers can leverage proximity marketing-- Is great lead for a 3D/VR Tour✓ Learn-- Order one and try it yourself-- Get your own account, learn the ins and outs-- Shared LearningPlus, join the Virtual Studio Audience and ask your NFC questions.Best,Dan

Monday Sep 03, 2018

Google Product Manager Charles Armstrong announces 2018 Google Street View Summit
Hi All,A representative of the Google Street View Team will announce - in an exclusive television interview - the following on WGAN-TV Live at 2 pm EST (GMT -5) on Tuesday, 13 February 2018 ...2018 Google Street View Summit:✓ Dates of the two-day Summit✓ Location✓ Theme of the Summit✓ About some of the speakers✓ About some special sessions✓ How the 2018 GSV Summit will differ from the 2017 GSV Summit✓ How to apply to be considered for an invite to the Summit (free)Now that Matterport makes it easy, fast and simple to publish to Google Street View learning about how to make money with Google Street View becomes that much more important for you. And, that begins by understand the massive number of eye-balls that Google Search and Google Maps delivers for our clients.This is a WGAN-TV Live event at a special time.Best,Dan

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