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Saturday Jul 22, 2023

Unstationery Promo Code: UNWGAN (Save 25%) - If you are a tech-savvy real estate agent that likes to leverage tech and video to help differentiate yourself -- to win more and bigger premium listings -- this WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) Thursday, July 20, 2023 is for you:► WGAN-TV | Help Real Estate Agents Win More Listings by Printing Listing Videos on Cards via UnstationeryMy guest will be: Unstationery Co-Founder and CEO Michael Cameron Martin.Michael will demo and discuss Unstationery benefits and use-cases for Augmented Reality (AR) meets print mailings and flyers:► Real Estate Listing Pitch Meeting Leave Behind► Targeted Mailing to Neighbors► Congratulations on the Sale of Your Home► Thank you for Listing with Us► Real Estate Agent Open House Takeaway► Send to Home-Seller's Friends and Colleagues► Send to Real Estate Agent's Past Clients (Life Events with Personal Video Recorded)► Open House (Flyers)► Event Marketing (Flyers and Cards)► Brokers: Leverage Unstationery to Recruit Tech Savvy Agents► Unstationery Handles Shipping and Tracking the Performance of Direct Mail CampaignsSpecial Offer for We Get Around Network Forum Members► Save 25 percent on Unstationery with Promo Code: UNWGAN

Saturday Jul 15, 2023

▶ Did you know that up to 16 people can meet inside a Matterport tour for free courtesy of SuperViz?▶ Did you know you can customize collaboration and communication within Matterport tours and 3D models at scale using the SuperViz SDK?Stay-tuned!On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 13 July 2023, my guest is SuperViz Director of Business Development Marcelo Franco.WGAN-TV | MeetInMatter.com - Live Guided Tour Inside a Matterport Tour for Free powered by SuperVizMarcelo will show and tell us about:MeetInMatter.com - a free service of SuperViz that enables up to 16 people to meet inside Matterport tours simultaneously for free.MeetInMatter.com Features Include▶ Free use of MeetInMatter.com▶ up to 16 simultaneous visitors can meet inside a Matterport tour (including host)▶ immersive virtual meetings to streamline collaboration and communications▶ MeetInMatter.com was created with the SuperViz SDK▶ Rapid Deployment and Scalability: MeetInMatter.com is an example of what can be done with the SuperViz SDK in just two days!▶ More about the SuperViz SDK on the SuperViz website

Saturday Jun 10, 2023

If you use Matterport for Facilities Management, Safety Inspections, Compliance or Collaboration, then Matterport + NSPECT will help you:1. record safety inspections2. communicate actions3. document complianceOn WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, June 8, 2023, get a deep-dive demo and discussion:WGAN-TV | Intro to Matterport + NSPECT to Record Inspections, Communicate Actions and Document ComplianceMy guests are:1. NSPECT Vice President of Marketing Stuart Gilly2. NSPECT Founder Brandon ForemanNSPECT allows experts to virtually NSPECT buildings, products and brands using a simple set of tools that can be mastered in less than an hour, including:1. PDF reports with full summary and status2. Flag spaces that need attention3. Add comments, photos, video, documents, pointer4. Track process with photos linked within the Matterport tour5. Track status and key metrics6. Custom filters7. Asset management8. Share internally and/or externallyBook a one-on-one demo at: www.NSPECT.netQuestions that I should ask Stuart and Brandon on WGAN-TV Live at 5?Best,DanNSPECT Links1. NSPECT Website2. NSPECT Vice President of Marketing Stuart Gilly3. NSPECT Founder Brandon Foreman4. NSPECT YouTube Channel

Saturday Jun 03, 2023

Are you looking to improve the look and feel of your client’s Matterport tours? A quick way to add an overlay with custom logos (client logo and your logo), fonts and colors?Watch a deep-dive demo on Thursday, June 1, 2023 on:✓ WGAN-TV | Openhaus Themes: Pre-Built Matterport Overlay Templates for all Your Clients' Tours!My guest will be:✓ Openhaus Co-Founder Christian Adams | @christianadamsOpenhaus demo will include:1. Front-end Matterport tours with an overlay of Openhaus Themes (show all features)2. Back-end demo showing Openhaus Themes Store and Openhaus Themes Store Portal3. Matterport tours with overlay of Openhaus Themes (in the wild) such as a House Beautiful exampleTopics for discussion include:1. adding robust lead generation2. analytics and sharing analytics3. deep-link sharing4. pricing, guarantee and 7-day free trialUse Cases Include:1. Retail and Showrooms2. Tradeshows3. eCommerce4. Media5. Entertainment6. Interior Design | Design Loves Detail Example7. Real Estate | The Old House on Main Example8. Matterport ProsOpenhaus Offer for All✓ Start Openhaus 7-day Free Trial (no credit card required)Best,DanOpenhaus Links1. Openhaus website2. Openhaus for Matterport Pros website3. Openhaus Theme Store4. Start Openhaus 7-day Free Trial (no credit card required)5. Talk to Openhaus Sales website6. Openhaus Vimeo Channel (Carson)7. Openhaus on LinkedIn8. Openhaus Co-Founder Carson Clement9. Openhaus Co-Founder Tosch Trumen10. Openhaus Tour Example11. Openhaus iOS App12. Openhaus on Twitter13. Openhaus YouTube Channel14. Openhaus on Facebook15. Openhaus on Pinterest

Thursday May 18, 2023

Previous WGAN-TV Podcast featuring ZUANT3D: https://www.wgan.info/ZUANTonWGAN
On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 18 May 2023, the topic is:WGAN-TV | Case Study: Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + MatterportMy guests for this WGAN-TV show are:1. Plug Power Global Events Manager Tracy Oakland2. ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter GillettWhile we touched on how Plug Power uses Matterport + ZUANT3D for lead generation and insights in this previous WGAN-TV show - Lead Generation and Real-Time Insights for Matterport via ZUANT - we will do a deep-dive case study in our upcoming show.Demo and Discussion Topics Include1. The Problem Plug Power faced and how ZUANT3D solved this2. Demo and walkthrough of the Plug Power ZUANT3D experience3. Walkthrough of the ZUANT3D dashboard demonstrating stats and analytics4. Future Plug Power "times" ZUANT3D projects5. New ZUANT3D feature - Live Video and ChatQuestions that I should ask about this ZUANT3D + Matterport Case Study with Plug Power?---Free Zuant Offer✓ Up to 5 Experiences (Matterport tours)✓ Visitor Activity Tracking✓ Lead Generation✓ Email Notification---Here is an example of Sales Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com ...=> Example of Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.comBest,DanZuant Contact InfoWebsite: www.ZUANT.comLanding Page: www.ZUANT3D.comBook a Demo: Contact UsEmail: sales@zuant.com | info@zuant.comPhone: 866-616-4958WGAN Forum: @petergillettAbout ZUANTLead Capture is at the very heart of what we do. Streamline lead retrieval and data capture at events, showrooms, trade shows or in the field. Anywhere in the world. Follow-up instantly with a Content Showroom at your fingertips. Integrate seamlessly. Manage data securely. Analyse easily. All within the Zuant system.From lead capture at events, engagement in Retail and now 3D, Zuant is the must-have automated data capture solution to streamline the start of any customer journey.Zuant Cloud continues that journey by providing reports and analysis and connects to your CRM and Marketing Automation systems.Let’s turbocharge your quality lead capture and follow-up now!ZUANT is a self-funded, independent company with all of our tech development based out of two offices in the UK’s Silicon Valley. From here, we orchestrate our global operations and are building great partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.What began with boxes and boxes of lead capture forms, processed weeks after an event when the leads had gone cold, has blossomed into a digital platform in pursuit of ease and speed. And the name Zuant? It’s derived from the medieval Anglo-French word suant – meaning fast and light.About Plug Power Inc.Plug Power is building the hydrogen economy as the leading provider of comprehensive hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) turnkey solutions. The Company’s innovative technology powers electric motors with hydrogen fuel cells amid an ongoing paradigm shift in the power, energy, and transportation industries to address climate change and energy security, while providing efficiency gains and meeting sustainability goals.Plug created the first commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) technology. As a result, the Company has deployed over 60,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility, more than anyone else in the world, and has become the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen, having built and operated a hydrogen highway across North America. Plug delivers a significant value proposition to end-customers, including meaningful environmental benefits, efficiency gains, fast fueling, and lower operational costs.Plug’s vertically integrated GenKey solution ties together all critical elements to power, fuel, and provide service to customers such as Amazon, BMW, The Southern Company, Carrefour, and Walmart. The Company is now leveraging its know-how, modular product architecture and foundational customers to rapidly expand into other key markets including zero-emission on-road vehicles, robotics, and data centers. More Info: www.PlugPower.com

Thursday May 04, 2023

www.WGAN.INFO/Linkswww.WGAN.INFO/AudioExamplewww.WGAN.INFO/VideoExamplewww.WGAN.INFO/Speechelowww.WGAN.INFO/Podbeanwww.www.WGAN.INFO/LingoBlaster--- Are you wondering how to easily create a text-to-speech podcast without original content?- Are you wondering how to easily turn that audio podcast into a YouTube video?- Are you wondering how to easily translate that YouTube video into 10 languages and easily add the captions?

Saturday Apr 29, 2023

In this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show today (27 April 2023 | recording above), Alex shows how the REMARK.re traffic aware instant booking platform may help you:▶ book more real estate photo shoots per day, week and month▶ get paid for your travel time (more $$$ that mileage during rush hour)▶ provide real estate agents incentives for booking appointments that optimize your time/location▶ be more efficient (so that you can focus on shooting rather than coordinating)▶ get paid faster▶ deliver all your digital assets more efficiently▶ be greenAlex does show and tell for the front-end (what the real estate agent sees) and the back-end (what you see).Plus, Alex talks about what's coming soon, including a scheduling chatbot powered by ChatGPT based on all the content that you have entered into the REMARK.re platform.It's free to get started with REMARK.re ...How do you easily, quickly and efficiently enable your clients book your services instantly?Find out on Thursday, 27 April 2023 on WGAN-TV Live at 5:▶ WGAN-TV | Introduction to REMARK.re Traffic-Aware Instant Booking Service for Real Estate PhotographersMy guest will be Remark Founder and CEO Alex Gustafson (@_AG).Topics Include▶ Boosting Revenue with Remark▶ Traffic-Aware Scheduling Efficiency▶ Streamlined Calendar Integration▶ Capture More Clients: Same-Day Bookings▶ Adaptable Service Times & Pricing▶ Maximize Earnings: Travel Fee Strategy▶ Founder's Story: Overcoming StrugglesAbout www.REMARK.re▶ Existing scheduling tools aren't for people who drive. Remark.re changes this by padding yourappointments with real future drive time estimates.▶ Our patent pending traffic aware booking tool is made for real estate photographers by real estate photographers. Customers only see availability if you have time to make the drive to and from their location.

Thursday Apr 27, 2023

A deep-dive demo of Urbanimmersive's UiMeet3D Tours + ChatGPT for Lead Generation Solution on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Tuesday, 25 April 2023:WGAN-TV | Urbanimmersive's UiMeet3D Tours + ChatGPT = Lead Generation SolutionMy guests are:1. Urbanimmersive Inc. President and CEO Ghislain Lemire, and2. Urbanimmersive Inc. Executive Vice-President François-Hugues Liberge | @fhlibergeBackstoryUrbanimmersive announced the integration of Urbanimmersive's UiMeet3D 3D Tours + ChatGPT for lead generation on Thursday (30 March 2023):WGAN Forum (30 March 2023) Urbanimmersive Integrates ChatGPT with UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot to Transform 3D Tours into Powerful Lead Generation SolutionsI asked ChatGPT Plus to:ChatGPT Plus summarized this Urbanimmersive media release:1. Urbanimmersive, a leading provider of 3D tour solutions, has integrated ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art AI technology, with its UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot to transform 3D tours into powerful lead generation solutions.2. UiMeet3D is Urbanimmersive's proprietary technology that enables viewers to engage in immersive, real-time interactions with other 3D avatars within 3D virtual tours.3. UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot is an optional virtual host that emulates another person avatar with the specific job of generating leads by greeting each visitor entering a 3D tour, performing simple tasks, and chat prompts.4. ChatGPT will now enable UiMeet3D Greeting Bot to answer questions related to the environments limited to curated information selected by the clients.5. Urbanimmersive's 3D tours come equipped with a wealth of information, including property descriptions, neighborhood details, and 2D floor plans, which the UiMeet3D Greeting Bot can utilize to provide viewers with answers to a wide range of questions.6. Urbanimmersive has been working on creating a custom dataset that combines relevant information about their 3D tours with user behavior data to fine-tune ChatGPT integration, enabling the AI to better understand user preferences and interests within the context of the 3D tour.7. By leveraging ChatGPT in conjunction with this Urbanimmersive's proprietary sophisticated user behavior analysis, the UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot aims to provide a highly personalized and intuitive interactive experience for viewers exploring its 3D environments.8. The AI-powered UiMeet3D Greeting Bot will be offered with a different set of tools, limits, and functions and is expected to boost the All-In-One Marketing Monthly Membership offered by the Company's franchises.9. The integration of ChatGPT with UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot opens up a myriad of possibilities for other applications, such as guided tours for local businesses, historical sites, and architectural landmarks.10. The AI-powered UiMeet3D Greeting Bot will first be rolled out to a limited group of selected clients, allowing the Company to monitor its behavior and measure conversion metrics.

Saturday Apr 22, 2023

https://WGAN.INFO/Urbanimmersive | Urbanimmersive Franchise Network now offers its franchisees:1. Unlimited 3D Tours (with Dollhouse)2. Unlimited Enriched Floor Plans3. Unlimited Feature Rich Property WebsitesDo you want to learn more about the Urbanimmersive Franchise Network benefits (like these)?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 20 April 2023:✓ WGAN-TV | Urbanimmersive Franchise Network: How to and Why Own a FranchiseMy guests are:1. Urbanimmersive Inc. President and CEO Ghislain Lemire, and2. Urbanimmersive Inc. Executive Vice-President François-Hugues Liberge | @fhlibergeBackstoryUrbanimmersive Franchise Network "recently made some exciting updates to our franchise model," writes Urbanimmersive Inc. President and CEO Ghislain Lemire in an email to me Thursday (16 March 2023) afternoon."One of the main highlights is our unlimited 3D tours and floor plans offer for residential properties. This feature provides a significant competitive advantage for our franchisees, as it enables them to deliver exceptional value to their clients while generating a sustainable revenue stream. For commercial, we offer franchisees with a 0,01 cent per SQ FT post-production cost with no hosting fee," writes Ghislain."We believe that this unlimited approach to real estate photography services will resonate with [the We Get Around Network] Forum's audience," writes Ghislain.

Thursday Apr 13, 2023

Do you want to create sales, marketing and explainer videos to help tell your story, but are camera-shy?Synthesia is the world’s largest AI video creation platform with 100+ photo-realistic AI digital twin avatars.Using Synthesia, you can quickly create videos. It’s done in a web-based app that is accessible in your browser. No software to download. No plugin needed.Synthesia enables you to make awesome video content without the need for any physical recording process. That means, no cameras. No actors. No studios. None of all the things that generally make video production a lot more difficult. With Synthesia, anyone can make video content.Synthesia converts your text to video within minutes.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) Thursday, 13 April 2023, my guest will be Synthesia Photo-Realistic AI Digital Twin Avatar Alex.✓ WGAN-TV | 15 Tips for Using Synthesia to Help You Make Money, Save Money and Save TimeI will ask Alex to show and tell us about:✓ 100+ avatars (like her) including different ethnicities, ages and styles✓ 85+ fully customizable video templates✓ 120+ languages and accents✓ easy-to-use tools suitable for beginners (and robust enough for expert video editors)✓ free media libraryWe will also chat about mashing up ChatGPT and Synthesia.

Friday Mar 31, 2023

-- What are some of the possible uses of a Matterport digital twin of a baseball stadium?-- If you 'pitch' a baseball park, what are some of the ways that you might charge?-- What are some of the hardest things about scanning a baseball stadium?Find out the answers to these questions - and many more - on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, March 30, 2023 when my guest will be Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks for the topic:✓ WGAN-TV | "What I Learned from Using a Matterport Pro3 Camera to Scan a Baseball Stadium"Here are some of the questions that I anticipate asking Tom during the show:1. What are possible use cases for scanning a baseball stadium?2. How would you charge a client to do this work (hourly, day rate, flat rate)?3. Aside from the Matterport Pro3 Camera, what supporting equipment did you have?4. What were some of the expected challenges you encountered?5. What were some of the unexpected challenges you encountered?6. Did you have any alignment issues, if so how did you overcome them?7. What was the easiest part of this job?8. What was the hardest part of this job?9. What was the feedback from the client about the work you turned in?

Saturday Mar 25, 2023

How can Matterport Service Providers (easily) do 1-on-1 networking by phone?On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 23 March 2023, my guest will be OWWLL Founder Jason Hill to show and tell us how:WGAN-TV | How Virtual Tour Photographers can do 1:1 Networking by Phone Using the Owwll AppOwwll is a social networking platform that connects people instantly through private 1-on-1 audio calls. Whether it's a personal or business, build rich relationships by calling who you want, charging what you want, connecting when you want.Join the fastest growing online community of professionals today and build strong connections!How Owwll Works1. Download the OWWLL App (iOS | Android) | (Referral Code: WGAN) is a mobile app. (Owwll gives you access to new networks and valuable contacts otherwise unreachable without a referral.)2. Build Connections - Search through vetted professionals to connect with the people you are looking for! For example, search profiles: Atlanta REALTORS3. Connect - Get in touch instantly in real-time on a private 1-on-1 audio call.---Chat with me on -- WGAN Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod -- OWWLL during my weekly office hours: 5-6 pm ET Fridays!

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023


Monday Mar 20, 2023

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 16 March 2023, my guests will be:1. SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Koźlak, PhD Eng.2. SIMLAB SIM-ON Product Owner Michał SzopaMarek and Michał will demo and discuss how to use the SIMLAB SIM-ON Facility Management (FM) platform with a task manager as a communication tool among:1. householders2. employees3. service providersWGAN-TV | Matterport + SIMLAB SIM-ON for Facilities Management, Maintenance and DesignDemo and Discussion Includes1. Tickets Task Manager for owners, stakeholders and service providers2. Mapping tickets in Matterport 3D space3. Photo and Video sharing for issue reporting4. Linking to assets and events timeline5. Virtual staging6. 3D model browser7. Layout manager8. Models Sets and Decoration9. Location and position tool10. E-commerce integration11. Product description tags and linking to online storesSIMLAB SIM-ON also includes a virtual staging and design module with an e-commerce integration.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

Do you want to add collaboration and communication within Matterport tours and 3D Models at scale?For the first half of WGAN-TV Live at 5, the show is for decision makers and product managers interested in how to add value to Matterport and other 3D models. The WGAN-TV audience members are particularly interested in what features can easily be integrated and add huge value to their digital twins without having to build these features from scratch.For the second half of WGAN-TV Live at 5, the show is for CTOs and programmers that have been asked to evaluate how much tech resources will be needed to add these features to their Matterport tours and other 3D models. Techs want to know what is included in the SuperViz SDK and related resources.Stay-tuned!On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 9 March 2023, my guests are:1. SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and2. SuperViz Vice President of Engineering Tommy LindestrømWGAN-TV | Leverage the SuperViz SDK for Matterport and 3D Models to Super-Charge CollaborationRuss and Tommy will do a deep-dive in to the SuperViz SDK, including:1. SuperViz features that can be added to Matterport tours and 3D Models2. SuperViz SDK demoSuperViz SDK in Brief1. The SuperViz SDK turns any 3D or digital twin web application into an immersive experience for guided tours, interactive presentations and real-time collaboration.2. Ready-to-go plugins for Matterport and three.js make it easy to integrate with just a few lines of code. The SuperViz SDK transforms single-user experiences into multi-user, including full video conferencing functionality, support for avatars, shared mouse positions and a powerful sync engine.3. SuperViz helps bring people together with a sense of presence whether they work with 3D models, reality capture, digital twins, 360º imagery or any other spatial content.According to SuperVizThe SuperViz SDK release opens access for anyone with a web viewer in their platform to add immersive collaborative experiences to Matterport or other digital twin 3D Models web applications.Easily transform single-user experiences into multi-user, including:1. Immersive Meetings: Full-function video conferencing layer for up to 16 participants, including chat, grid view and screen share. (face-to-face synchronous collaboration, full video conferencing functionality, Guided Tours)2. Broadcast: Broadcast mode for up to 230 people. With this mode you can allow audience participants to follow live meetings with chat access.3. Avatars: Flexible avatar support for glb and GLTF models. Add your own models for meeting participants. (interactive among users)4. Real-Time Data Properties: Add an extra layer of collaboration by synchronizing your app properties in real-time between meeting participants using a powerful sync engine including: 3D models, 2D content, States, Selections, Objects and anything else needed (shared mouse positions)5. Dashboard: Developer dashboard with detailed usage statistics and management.6. 3D Viewer Plugins: Automatic Multiplayer enabled integration with avatars, pointers and controls directly inside your favorite 3D viewer.

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

If you are a Matterport Service Provider that owns a Matterport Pro3 Camera - or is planning to buy one - and you are interested in scanning for Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) professionals, this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show will help you understand if/when you can use the Matterport Pro3 Camera for:1. Outdoor Elevations2. As-Builts3. E57 Files4. Matterport MatterPaks5. Accuracy of Measurement6. Large commercial spaces7. Land for saleMy subject matter expert guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show 5 pm ET Thursday, 2 March 2023 is Robotic Imaging Chief Operations Officer Will Buzan:✓ WGAN-TV | MSPs: Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) Meets Matterport Pro3 CameraPotential AEC clients may ask you about Level of Detail (LOD) when doing scans. And, these terms have precise meaning.Will will help us understand Level of Detail, including showing examples.1. Matterport point cloud vs. Leica RTC360 point cloud2. LOD meaning and interpretation for AEC - demo various level of detail3. no legal verbiage or disclaimer for MSPs4. What MSPs should be super-careful about?5. When/how MSPs might partner with Robotic Imaging6. What jobs in the AEC space can MSPs do with a Matterport Pro3 Camera?Two related WGAN-TV shows (videos below):1. WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport MatterPak and E57 File: Pro3 vs. Pro2/BLK3602. WGAN-TV Transcript: | Matterport + Leica BLK360: 20 Questions (and Answers)What questions should I ask Will about LOD and Matterport Pro3 Camera on this WGAN-TV show?Best,DanAbout Robotic Imagining (from the Robotic Imaging website)What is Robotic Imaging?Our team consists of reality capture technicians throughout the world digitizing the future of industrial, commercial and residential real estate. Robotic Imaging digitizes the world with high definition laser scanners and reality models online. Architects, Engineers, Construction, Developers and project stakeholders work with our data to accelerate real estate development and portfolio scalability.How does Robotic Imaging work?Request and scan and we will deploy Robotic Imaging on your site. LiDAR, Drones, BIM and VR are foundational for our applications.How much does Robotic Imaging cost?The more accurate to reality, the more time and cost. Our high definition laser scanning can collect LiDAR and colorized RGB values at a variety of densities specific to your project. Reach out for a quote: capture@roboimg.comWhere and When is Robotic Imaging available?When your property is accessible, scanning can occur 24/7, on weekends, outside hours of operation and/or under specific certifications or procedures.How did Robotic Imaging start?Founded in Philadelphia by Real Estate Developers and Programmers. Reach out and connect with us: info@roboimg.comRobotic Imaging Links1. Robotic Imaging Website2. Mike Chawaga LinkedIn Profile3. Robotic Imaging Facebook Page4. Robotic Imaging YouTube Channel5. Robotic Imaging on Twitter: @RoboticImaging6. Robotic Imaging on Instagram: roboticimaging7. Contact Mike Chawaga: capture@roboimg.com

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Tuesday, 28 February 2023:WGAN-TV: Tom Sparks (Sparks Media Group): "I Paid $299 for a Matterport Digital Pro Package for a Real Estate Listing: What Every Matterport Service Provider Should Know"To help you decide if Matterport Digital Pro is a threat to Matterport Service Providers (or an opportunity or no impact at all), I reached out to Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks offering for We Get Around Network to pay a Matterport Digital Pro package ($299) in exchange for Tom documenting the experience for the WGAN Forum community (and publishing the digital assets in the WGAN Forum).I could imagine understanding the Matterport Digital Pro experience -- from an actual shoot -- would provide insight regarding if Matterport Digital Pro services powered by VHT Studios (a division of Matterport) is a threat or opportunity.BackstoryEight months after Matterport announced it acquired VHT Studios (7 July 2022), Matterport launched its Matterport Digital Pro "all-in-one" solution for real estate agents powered by VHT Studios.Matterport Digital Pro offers the following package for $299 (with optional add ons):1. Matterport Tour2. 25+ Photos3. Schematic Floor Plan (B&W)4. Teaser VideoI could imagine that $299 is less than what the majority of Matterport Service Providers charge for (what might sound like) a similar package.When Matterport made this announcement on Wednesday, 15 February 2023, two different WGAN Forum discussions were started about, is Matterport Digital Pro a competitor to Matterport Service Providers? Specifically:1. Matterport Digital Pro - your direct competition2. Video: Matterport launches all in one solution, should you be worried?Tom is uniquely qualified since he has documented shooting the same house with five Matterport capture solutions:1. Matterport Pro3 Camera2. Matterport Pro2 Camera3. Matterport AXIS Kit [Motorized Mount (smartphone rotator)]4. Ricoh THETA Z15. Insta360 One RS 1"How about the same house done with Matterport Digital Pro Package to be able to compare apples-to-apples, I asked Tom.Among the questions that I will ask Tom on WGAN-TV Live at 5 are:1. What was the Matterport Digital Pro ordering experience like?2. How long from ordering until the photographer showed up and how long to deliver the assets?3. What was the Matterport Digital Pro scanning experience like (including which camera)?4. What's the deliverable process like?5. Your thoughts about how Matterport Digital Pro compares with a MSP (like you) shooting with a Pro2 or Pro3?6. How does the job delivered by Matterport Digital Pro Package compare to your services?7. Will you outsource large Matterport scans to Matterport Digital Pro since they say same price regardless of SQFT?7. Other thoughts?

Sunday Feb 26, 2023

Are you searching for a Matterport Pro3 Camera hard case that ...1. ... is much-much-better than the hard case Matterport offers ($199.99) for the Matterport Pro3 Camera?2. ... has protection - from drops and vibration for an Apple iPad?3. ... has has precision cut polyethylene foam for the Pro3, Pro3 Batteries and iPad?4. ... has has precision cut polyethylene foam (that I can modify for my specific needs)?5. ... is a better value?6. ... is a better price?7. ... has an upgrade option to include wheels?8. ... has no Matterport logo on the case?9. ... conveniently holds three (3) Matterport Pro3 Camera batteries?10. ... has a large, secure compartment for Pro3's: charging kit; tripod mount; cables; door stops (and more)?11. ... has had the input of WGAN Founder Dan Smigrod (into the engineering and design)?On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 23 February 2023 will be MyCaseBuilder Engineering Manager Hugh Conway for show and tell:WGAN-TV | Three Hard Cases for Matterport Pro3 Camera (and How to Customize Foam) and How to Customize FoamTopics Include1. Why MyCaseBuilder cases are better versus Matterport's case, including a discussion of:► Small ($219.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN1 (Master D2011-7 Case) (wheels)► Medium ($194.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN2 (Expert D1913-7 Case) (no wheels)► Large ($244.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN3 (Maestro D2116-7 Case) (wheels, more storage)2. accommodating various size iPads (with cases) and Android tablets3. two MyCaseBuilder options for a case with wheels for the Matterport Pro3 Camera, iPad and accessories5. Summary: why the MyCaseBuilder hard cases are better; why the MyCaseBuilder foam is better; and why the why the MyCaseBuilder hard cases are a better value.In addition to showing the MyCaseBuilder cases for the Matterport Pro3 Camera, Hugh will show how to customize the foam for your specific needs.Questions that I should ask MyCaseBuilder Engineering Manager Hugh Conway during this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show?Special Offer for We Get Around Network Forum Members► Free! 12-Months WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) with when you use one of these WGAN affiliate links to purchase your hard case:► Small ($219.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN1 (Master D2011-7 Case) (wheels)► Medium ($194.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN2 (Expert D1913-7 Case) (no wheels)► Large ($264.99) | WGAN.INFO/MPPro3WGAN3 (Maestro D2116-7 Case) (wheels, more storage)Email MyCaseBuilder receipt to: DanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.com► WGAN Forum discussions tagged: MyCaseBuilder | Pro3

Saturday Feb 11, 2023

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 9 February 2023, my Guest will be Boone, NC-based Premier Images Founder and President Douglas Meyers showing and telling us about:=> WGAN-TV Live at 5 | "How I Shot Two Cruise Ships with a Matterport Pro3 Camera in 9 Days"Discussion Includes1. Show and Tell about shooting two cruise ships with a Matterport Pro3 Camera2. Scanning Workflow3. Post Production Workflow4. How the client plans to use these tours4. Douglas' thoughts about the Matterport Pro3 Camera5. Any challenges scanning cruise ships?6. Interesting things about scanning cruise ships7. What Douglas will do differently scanning the next cruise ship8. Other thoughts about scanning cruise ships?Additionally, I will ask Douglas about his "previous life" in entertainment:1. Bizarro" on the TV show Superboy2. Mr. Silver The Robotic Performer (45 TV shows and 15 Movies)3. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) Cruise Director (February 1980 o July 1985)Questions that I should ask Douglas Meyers during WGAN-TV Live at 5?Best,DanLinksWGAN Forum: @DouglasMeyersWebsite: Premier ImagesLinkedIn: Douglas MeyersYouTube: Premier ImagesFacebook: Premier Images LLCEmail: douglas@premierimages.bizCoverage area: Linville, NC; Blowing Rock, NC; Hickory, NC; West Jefferson, NC; Lenoir, NC; Boone, NC; · Wilkesboro, NC; Banner Elk, NC; and North Wilkesboro, NCAbout Premier Images and Douglas Meyers (Source: LinkedIn)Premier Images is your number one Matterport 3D Virtual Tour service provider and Real Estate HDR photographer. We are the area's first and most experienced Matterport service provider in the area.I am Douglas Meyers and am happy to help you get this new technology for your listing up and on a 3D platform. As a FAA Drone pilot I shoot video and photos from high above the ground.We travel the World helping companies realize their 3D Virtual Tours and photographic needs. These tours are the future of digital information in today's new 3D Virtual World. We are FAA Drone Licensed and fully insured. Services also include: HDR Photography, 360 Photos / videos. We are a Zillow Preferred Photographer and a Google Street View Photographer.I was an International performer for almost 40 years. Mr. Silver was a robotic, magic performer that toured around the World from Conventions, TV shows and even Big films like "Iron Man 3".I became the youngest Cruise Director in the World at 23 yrs in 1983 and learned how the World and Cruise Industry worked. This was my college and I loved every minute of it and now I get to shoot these beautiful ships in 3D.

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

www.WGAN.INFO/SparksMediaGroup (Matterport tour examples)
If you are thinking about getting started creating Matterport digital twins, you have many 3D/360 camera options (list below): (list of officially supported 3D/360 cameras as of 23 January 2023.)1. Matterport Pro3 Camera2. Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit3. Matterport Pro2 Camera4. Matterport AXIS Kit [Motorized Mount (smartphone rotator)]5. Ricoh THETA Z1 / Ricoh THETA Z1 51GB6. Ricoh THETA X (likely to be officially supported soon by Matterport)7. Ricoh THETA SC28. Ricoh Theta V9. Insta360 ONE [replaced by Insta360 ONE X2]10. Insta360 ONE X211. Insta360 X3 (likely to be officially supported soon by Matterport)12. Insta360 One R - Dual Lens Twin Edition13. Insta360 One RS 1"14. Leica BLK360 (1st generation) [I predict Matterport will NOT support Leica BLK360 2nd generation]Which 3D/360 camera(s) should you buy (and why)?On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 2 February 2023, Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks will be my guest to help answer these questions:=> WGAN-TV | Tom Sparks (Sparks Media Group): When and Why I use a Matterport Pro2 or Pro3 Camera, Matterport AXIS Rotator, Ricoh THETA Z1 or Leica BLK360 (1st Generation) to Create Matterport ToursWhat questions should I ask Tom Sparks on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show about 3D/360 cameras?Best,DanP.S. Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks was previously my guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show.

Sunday Jan 22, 2023

It's now easy, fast and affordable to get real-time sales leads and real-time insights with Matterport tours powered by ZUANT.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 19 January 2023, my guests will be:1. ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and2. ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave HicksonPeter and Dave will demo and discuss on the show:✓ WGAN-TV | Real-Time Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANTDemo and Discussion Topics Include✓ Intro to ZUANT3D - getting the full value from the Matterport tour experience✓ Monitor visitor activity -- Zuant 3D supports detailed visitor tracking. A full matrix of visitor interactions can be downloaded, or pushed through to your CRM of choice. High-quality sales leads can be delivered direct to your inbox.✓ Pain Points (solved)✓ CRM/Marketing Automation Integration
✓ Live Guided Chat (within Matterport tours)✓ Virtual Trade Shows - Zuant3D can have a reception desk just like a real live show, so new visitors can be welcomed in to browse on their own or have a guided tour with someone from the sales team to get in to the detail.---Free Zuant Offer✓ Up to 20 Experiences (Matterport tours)✓ Visitor Activity Tracking✓ Lead Generation✓ Email Notification---Here is an example of Sales Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com ...=> Example of Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com---Questions that I should ask Peter and Dave on WGAN-TV Live at 5?Happy New Year,DanZuant Contact InfoWebsite: www.ZUANT.comLanding Page: www.ZUANT3D.comBook a Demo: Contact UsEmail: sales@zuant.com | info@zuant.comPhone: 866-616-4958WGAN Forum: @petergillett

Thursday Jan 05, 2023

✓ Do you want to add (easy) extra monthly revenue?✓ Wondering how do you add listing videos to your visual marketing services without learning how to edit video?✓ How do you shoot real estate listing video clips without investing a ton of time (or buying additional gear)?Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 5 January 2023:✓ How Matterport Service Providers can Add Extra Monthly Revenue with Real Estate Video ServicesMy guest, MVLmedia Director of Sales and New Accounts Andrew Lampman, will show and tell us how, including:1. how to shoot real estate listing video clips2. how to create stunning real estate listing videos via MVLmedia for $57 (1-5 minutes finished videos)3. how to submit your MVLmedia video editing order4. MVLmedia video editing services:-- Remove Camera Shake (depending on footage sent)-- Aerial footage editing-- Address intro included-- Royalty free music track-- Sync video music-- Logo watermarks-- Color correction-- Dynamic video transitions-- Add sub-titles (up to 3-clips free)"The MVLmedia platform was created to save you time, provide professional editing services, increase your monthly revenue and get more clients. Join now and watch your business grow," says Andrew. "Our entire platform was designed with real estate photographers in mind.""I went from shooting no videos to shooting 5 a day in less than a year (and now have three full-time photographers," says Andrew. "I added over $10,000 extra revenue every month by adding real estate videos to my services and I had no knowledge at all on how to shoot the videos or how to edit them.""I will show you how to shoot real estate video just like myself and my photographers do, and give you access to the exact same platform and editing service I use, and you too can add between $5,000 and $10,000 extra profit or more every month," says Andrew.About Andrew Lampman-- I've owned a Real Estate Photography business for over 12 years.A few years back, when HDR photo and Cinematic Video Walk-throughs became popular with Realtors, I began to lose clients to local photographers because they were able to offer better services to my clients. I didn't have the skills to compete, nor the desire to shoot all day and edit photos and videos all night.Around this time, Greg, the owner of MyVisualListings contacted me. He informed me that they would be launching an in-house video and photo editing service. I knew that I needed to add quality real estate videos to our services, in order to be a front-runner in the industry. I began looking into updating my skills so that I could train my photographers to go out and shoot professional videos that would sell.1. I now offer the Highest Quality Photography in my area.2. All of my Media is presented on a beautiful Single Property Website.3. Our Real Estate videos have taken our area by storm.4, We have gained back our clientele and in addition, I get 10+ calls from new Realtors every month.5. The Custom Agent Outros MVL offers have given my clients the edge they need to stand out in a crowded market.6. I was able to add even more services to my portfolio because of MVL Media.7. I've also gained back valuable time with my family and increased my profits.8. We Now Shoot 2-5 Videos A Day & Earn Over $10,000 Extra Profit Every Month!

Thursday Dec 22, 2022

If you want to succeed faster scanning with your Matterport Pro3 Camera, watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 22 December 2022 at 5 pm ET:✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5 | 10 Pro Tips for Scanning with the Matterport Pro3 CameraMy guest is: Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks | Episode: 170 | Thursday, 22 December 2022 | www.ScanYourSpace.comI invited Tom to be my guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show after watching his Matterport Pro3 Camera video:✓ Matterport Pro3 first impression on Mare Island in Vallejo, CATom is based in Suisun City, California (halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento).Among the questions that I will ask Tom Sparks (@ScanYourSpace) on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) today, Thursday (22 December 2022) are:1. How long does the Matterport Pro3 Battery last (and when/why would you need a 2nd or 3rd battery).2. Has the Matterport Pro3 Camera Tripod Mount needed tightening with a HEX 3mm tool?3. How long can the distance be between scans?4. Any extra gear that you carry with his Pro3 (that is different from Pro2)?5. Your thoughts about scanning in bright sun with the Pro3? (Any issues?)6. Your thoughts about the Matterport Pro3 Camera Tripod versus your other tripods?7. Any issues with scanning with the Pro3 with windows that separate an office?8. How hard to train a teammate to use the Pro3 versus using a Pro2?9. What does the dollhouse look like when you scan with a Pro3?10. How do you keep the Pro3 camera clean? (LiDAR element?)Happy holidays,DanLinks✓ www.ScanYourSpace.com | www.SparksMediaGroup.com✓ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sparks-media-group/✓ YouTube Channel Sparks Media Group✓ Email: info@scanyourspace.com✓ Facebook: Sparks Media Group✓ Instagram: sparksmediagroup✓ Yelp: Sparks Media Group✓ WGAN Forum: @ScanYourSpace

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

1. Are you thinking about buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera, but not sure how you can justify the cost?2. Did you buy a Matterport Pro3 Camera and wondering about use cases other than residential real estate?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 8 December 2022 will be greater San Francisco bay area-based Hopscotch Interactive CEO and Chief Media Officer Emily Olman who will help answer these questions (above):► WGAN-TV 10 Use-Cases for the Matterport Pro3 Camera to Help Matterport Service Providers Make More MoneyEmily and I will assume that you are a Matterport Service Provider with a Matterport Pro2 Camera (and maybe you previously considered buying a Leica BLK360 (1st generation) to pair with the Matterport Capture app. (The BLK360 2nd generation is not compatible with Matterport (as of Monday, 7 November 2022 and that may not change).To help understand the use-cases (other than residential real estate) to make more money, I will ask Emily questions by Pro3 feature (that are not possible with the Matterport Pro2 Camera).For example, use-cases that are now possible because you can:1. scan outdoors2. scan large open spaces3. scan faster4. scan with greater distance between scan points5. scan with a higher Level Of Detail (LOD) of the spatial data6. none (or fewer) misalignment errors7. order Matterport Add Ons: MatterPak | E57 File | BIM File8. use third-party solutions (with a better result)9. use Matterport Partners solutions (with a better result)10. replaceable batteryWhat questions should I ask Emily Olman on WGAN-TV Live at 5?WGAN Forum Related Discussions► WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport Pro3 Camera First Impressions | Southern 3D Tours► WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport Pro3 Camera First Impressions | RKO Photography► WGAN-TV Transcript: Matterport MatterPak and E57 File: Pro3 vs. Pro2/BLK360► WGAN Cheat Sheet: Cost Worksheet for Matterport Pro3 Camera► THE List: MSPs with a Matterport Pro3 Camera or a Leica BLK360 Scanner► WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Pro3► WGAN-TV Podcast Play List: Pro3

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

If you have hundreds or thousands of Matterport spaces, it's likely that you need an advanced Content Management System (CMS):▶ WGAN-TV Matterport + SIMLAB inHouse:CMS Includes Interactive Google Map, Analytics, AI ChatBot with 3D Avatar (and Much More!)Thanks to my guests:1. SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Koźlak, PhD Eng. (@SIMLAB)2. SIMLAB Product Owner Marta Stanek
SIMLAB inHouse Features Demo Includes▶ Interactive Google Map with Matterport Digital Twins - and with other API integrations▶ Advanced Matterport Model Search – by tag, property type, location and map▶ Connection Between Matterport Models - innovative screenshot tagging system (jump between models)▶ 3D Interactive Avatar - Add an AI bot supported by IBM Watson Assistant to enhance user interactions with Avatar▶ Advanced Analytics - 30+ analytic charts, heatmap with Matterport space; user analytics▶ Complex CMS System - easily manage hundreds of Matterport digital twins▶ Single Property Websites - with detailed property descriptions▶ Flexible iFrame - use portal elements; be more efficient▶ Assign an Agent/Facility Manager for Each Property - synchronize calendars and facility events
Best,DanSIMLAB Links▶ SIMLAB website▶ SIMLAB inHouse micro-site▶ SIMLAB STAGES micro-site▶ SIMLAB SIM-ON micro-site▶ SIMLAB YouTube Channel▶ SIMLAB Founder and CEO Marek Kozlak▶ WGAN Forum: @SIMLAB@Jedrzej

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