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Wednesday Oct 07, 2020

Asteroom Virtual Staging is $49.99 Per 360 Panorama: 48 Hours Turnaround
Hi All,Asteroom Virtual Staging Demo and Discussion with Co-Founder/CEO Eric TsaiAsteroom Virtual Staging for WGAN Forum Members is $49.99 per 360 panorama with 48 hours turnaround and available in four different styles, Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO @EricTsai announced Wednesday, 30 September 2020. [Join WGAN Forum (free)]As few as one (1) virtually staged 360 panorama can be ordered, though Asteroom anticipates that WGAN Forum Members will want to order virtual staging for three 360 panoramas:✓ Entrance✓ Living Room✓ Big Bed RoomAsteroom Virtual Staging can be done either for:✓ Spaces without furniture✓ Spaces with existing furniture (Asteroom "removes" the existing furniture and then re-stages the space)Asteroom Also Announced Wednesday, 30 September 2020✓ The first Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle is free for WGAN Forum Members with promo code WGANAsteroom on this special Asteroom landing page - for a limited time - effective today (Wednesday, 30 September 2020).✓ Additional Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundles are now $49.99 each for WGAN Forum Members.The free and special pricing offers for WGAN Forum Members are made by WGAN Gold Member, Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO Eric Tsai.Physical staging is not a cost-effective option for many sellers, with the service’s high price bracket keeping it nearly exclusive to the high-end luxury market. The average cost for physical staging can range from $300 to $600 for an initial consultation, and upwards of $500 for each staged room each month the property is staged, often costing thousands of dollars per month.Virtual staging looks as good as real-life staging and costs much less: about 10 percent of physical staging.According to the 2019 National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Home Staging Profile report:✓ 83% of buyers' agents noted that staging made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as a future home.✓ 25% of buyers’ agents said that staging a home increased the offer between 1% and 5% compared to un-staged listings.✓ 17% of sellers’ agents said that staging increased the dollar value of a home between 6% and 10%.Learn more about Asteroom Virtual Staging in this WGAN-TV Training U in Asteroom Course with guest @EricTsai.Below are Asteroom BEFORE and AFTER examples used during the course. (See bottom right corner for BEFORE and AFTER buttons.)Contemporary Style Virtual Staging1. Bedroom (Shot with no furniture)2. Living Room (Shot with one existing table and chairs to be removed)3. Entrance (Shot with room-full of furniture) Matterport digital twin by North Idaho and Eastern Washington Matterport Service Provider CaptureNW Photographer Jeff NitschkeTraditional Style Virtual Staging4. Living Room (shot with a room-full of furniture that needed to be replaced)Farm House Style Virtual Staging5. Living Room (Shot empty)Industrial Style Virtual Staging6. Living Room (Shot with a room-full of furniture to be replaced)Plus, I included WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (above): Deep-Dive into Asteroom Virtual Staging with Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO @EricTsai.Related WGAN Forum Discussions✓ Asteroom Virtual Staging is $49.99 Per 360 Panorama: 48 Hours Turnaround✓ All WGAN Forum discussions tagged: AsteroomTwo Free OffersTwo free offers for Asteroom 24/7 Open House Virtual Tours incentive taking Asteroom for a Spin:Offer 1 by Asteroom: 1st Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle is Free for WGAN Forum MembersOffer 2 by WGAN: 1st Asteroom Virtual Staging of a 360 is free for WGAN Forum Members in October 2020Best,DanP.S. Please note that the "Player" used to display the BEFORE and AFTER views in examples #1-6 (above) is not presently available as an Asteroom option.LinkedIn: Eric Tsai

Wednesday Sep 16, 2020

Also Includes Asteroom 2D Schematic Floor Plans
WGAN-TV Live at 5: Deep-Dive Demo of Asteroom Desktop Editor Features with Asteroom Founder and CEO Eric TsaiHi All,On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 10 September 2020, Asteroom Founder @EricTsai did a deep-dive demo of how to use all the Asteroom Desktop Editor features (and discuss Asteroom 2D Schematic Floor Plans). Please see transcript below for the show above.I found the Asteroom Desktop Editor learning curve to be super-easy and super-fast. Nearly all Asteroom Desktop Editor features work like you would expect them to work. For the most part, there is very little post production to actually do (because Asteroom assembles the tour for you). That said, for those that want a lot of control, there are Asteroom features for that!Asteroom Desktop Editor Features1. Add New Tour (Tour Settings: | add panos | Tour Name | Description | Location | Display Profile | Tour Music)2. How to order Services: Pro Editing of 360 panos | 3D Dollhouse | 2D Schematic Floor Plans | Virtual Staging3. Change thumbnail Order in Highlight Reel | Change Thumbnail Label ( such as "Bedroom" )4. Change Tour Cover Thumbnail5. How to change Thumbnail | via Snapshots | Uploading (if no 3D Dollhouse)6. Upload/Download Floor Plan7. How to Create Interactive Floor Plan (Property Map): Edit Pin Location | Orient Pano8. Tour Assistant: Enable: Autoplay (Preview, Play and Loop) | Rotation Period | Opening Audio |9. Add Camera Lens Height (to add measurements to Tour) | enable Display Measurements to Viewer10. Add Objects to Tour: Tag | Image | Video (link or file) | 3D Overlay | Tripod Over Lay (by pano or All Tour; Resize)11. Adjust: Straighten Panos | Brightness | Contrast | Various Filters (7) such as Sharpness12. Edit "Walk-Around" experience | Add/Delete/Move linking of panos | View within pano13. Change the "View" going from pano to pano14. How to use the blur tool (placement | Size of Blur | Undo)15. How to add a Floor Plan16. How to take Snapshots | How to download Snapshots17. Sharing: Enable/Disable | Display My Profile | Auto-Rotate | 3D Dollhouse as Welcome Screen | 3D Dollhouse Room Labels18. Asteroom Embed Code: Cover Photo on Welcome Screen | No Cover Photo on Welcome Screen19. Asteroom Statistics Dashboard: Visits | Unique Visitors | Average Time on Page | Average Number Rooms Engaged | Popular panos | tour Traffic - Last 7 Days | Tour Traffic - Last 8 Weeks | Referring Sites | Locations of Viewers - Top 10 (with View count) | Leads20. Transfer Asteroom Tour (Client's account, for example)21. Asteroom Tour Dashboard22. What's coming soonAsteroom 2D Schematic Floor Plans1. Options (with or without measurements) | Interactive2. Pricing3. How to orderAsteroom Pricing1. Pricing of Add On Services: Pro Editing of 360 panos | 3D Dollhouse | 2D Schematic Floor Plans | Virtual Staging2. Option 1: Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle3. Option 2: Asteroom Subscription4. Three Special Offers for WGAN MembersWGAN Gold Member - @EricTsai with Asteroom – enables these special offers for WGAN Members:✓ Three Asteroom Virtual Tour Special Offers for the WGAN CommunityBest,Dan---
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Wednesday Aug 19, 2020

3DVista Virtual Tour Pro SoftwareWGAN-TV: Introduction to 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro Software with Kevin Dole of Home3D.usHi All,✓ Having you been thinking about getting started with 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro Software?✓ Are you seeking a way to differentiate yourself from other 3D/360 Virtual Tour photographers?✓ Are you wondering about the 3DVista features?✓ You have seen many posts in the WGAN Forum about 3DVista and were thinking about checking it out?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 13 August 2020 will be Los Angeles-based Home3D.us Kevin Dole (@Home3D) - a Matterport Service Provider that uses WP3D Models WordPress Plugin, Nodalview, drone - and other solutions for real estate photographers ...✓ WGAN-TV Intro to 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro Software with Kevin Dole of Home3D.usKevin will do 3DVista show and tell from tours that he created using 3DVista Virtual Tour Software.Among the questions that I will ask Kevin include show and tell us:✓ a 3DVista only tour✓ his mashups with matterport digital twins✓ his mashup with WP3D Models WordPress Plugin✓ his mashup with drone-shot video✓ his uses cases for 3DVista in residential and commercial real estate sales and leasing✓ his uses case for leasing company; office park; vineyard; large park; vacant land and moreI will also ask Kevin about:✓ 3DVista hosting versus self-hosting✓ learning curve (for a professional real estate photographer that uses Lightroom, Photoshop)✓ does he charge a premium for 3DVista created tours?✓ 3DVista features that he would like to learn/use✓ show us some of the backend of 3DVistaThe majority of this show will be show and tell of your various tours showing what’s possible with 3DVista Virtual Tour Software, as well as integrations that Kevin does with WP3D Models, Matterport, drone and other solutions that real estate photographers uses.While Kevin will show us some of the backend of 3DVista, this WGAN-TV show is not intended as a tutorial on how to use 3DVista.Best,DanWGAN-TV Training Academy includes the following course taught by Kevin Dole:✓ WGAN-TV | Matterport Workshop 3.0 Training with Los Angeles-based Home3D.us Kevin Dole-Watch "Over-the-Shoulder" While Kevin Edits His Matterport Space in Matterport Workshop 3.0✓ WGAN-TV | Matterport Workshop 3.0 Mesh Training with Los Angeles-based Home3D.us Kevin Dole | Understand the Matterport Mesh so that it does 'Mesh' You Up!

Monday Jul 27, 2020

Shoot an Asteroom Virtual Tour in 15-20 Minutes | Affordable Client Pricing
Hi All,Asteroom Founder and CEO @EricTsai gives us a deep-dive intro - including demo - of the Asteroom virtual tour platform in this WGAN-TV show (above).Highlights include:✓ how to (easily) shoot an Asteroom virtual tour (examples) of a 2,500 SQ FT listing in 15-20 minutes with a Ricoh Theta Z1 360 camera (compared to 1-2 hours with Matterport) and thus be able to affordably shoot Asteroom virtual tours for houses for sale in the $250,000 (NAR reports medium home price of $284,600 in May 2020.)✓ Asteroom Pay Per Tour (PPT) Special Pricing for WGAN Members (nicely loaded).- No monthly subscription- create the virtual tour with up to 30 360 photo spheres (likely sufficient for 90 percent of listings)- create the dollhouse view- professionally edit the 360 panoramas- 6 months of hosting- (additional 6 months hosting available for $15)- (additional 360 photo spheres may be added to the tour for $1.50 each)- $60 one-time paymentAsteroom Pay Per Tour (PPT) Special Pricing for WGAN Members (nicely loaded) is good through 31 July 2021 and then subject to change.Either join the free WGAN Forum (free) to receive the COUPON CODE or Private Message me (@DanSmigrod) with the subject line: Asteroom Pay Per Tour Pricing for WGAN Members✓ Coming soon- virtual staging (presently in public beta)- 2D schematic floor plans✓ Asteroom pairs nicely with WP3D Models, Show & Tour, Rela and other solutions for creating single property websites (branded, unbranded)Best,DanP.S. @EricTsai thank you for being my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 and thank you for the special Pay Per Tour pricing for WGAN Members

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Part 2
Hi All,In this free WGAN-TV Training U in Zillow 3D Home App Course, you will learn:✓ How to shoot with the Zillow 3D Home App - Part 1✓ How to do post production of your Zillow 3D Home Tour - Part 2The course is taught by By Virtual Tour Expert and Zillow Certified Photographer Emily Olman. Emily is the Founder of Hopscotch Interactive and is a WGAN Member (@Hopscotch).WGAN-TV Training U Related Course✓ WGAN-TV How to Make Money with Zillow 3D Home ToursOther WGAN-TV Training U Course by Emily Olman✓ WGAN-TV | A Beginners Guide to Matterport Scanning✓ WGAN-TV | A Beginners Guide to Matterport ScanningFor more free and paid WGAN-TV Training U Courses, please see:✓ WGAN-TV Training UPlus ...✓ Are you a real estate photographer researching Creating Virtual Tours?✓ Are you a real estate agent researching DIY Creating 3D/360 Virtual Tours?Best,Dan

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Part 1
In this free WGAN-TV Training U in Zillow 3D Home App Course, you will learn:✓ How to shoot with the Zillow 3D Home App - Part 1✓ How to do post production of your Zillow 3D Home Tour - Part 2The course is taught by By Virtual Tour Expert and Zillow Certified Photographer Emily Olman. Emily is the Founder of Hopscotch Interactive and is a WGAN Member (@Hopscotch).WGAN-TV Training U Related Course✓ WGAN-TV How to Make Money with Zillow 3D Home ToursOther WGAN-TV Training U Course by Emily Olman✓ WGAN-TV | A Beginners Guide to Matterport Scanning✓ WGAN-TV | A Beginners Guide to Matterport ScanningFor more free and paid WGAN-TV Training U Courses, please see:✓ WGAN-TV Training UPlus ...✓ Are you a real estate photographer researching Creating Virtual Tours?✓ Are you a real estate agent researching DIY Creating 3D/360 Virtual Tours?Best,Dan

Thursday Mar 26, 2020

How to shoot a Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour with nearly any 360 Camera; post production
Hi All,My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 is Metareal Inc. CEO Gareth Morgan.Gareth will demo and discuss the Metareal Stage 3D virtual tour platform: including how to make floor plans and 3D virtual tours from 360 photos shot with any 360 camera (or let a Metareal Certified Artist build the tour for you).I will ask questions from a Service Provider – and real estate agent - perspective.You can see a Metareal Stage virtual tour above and more Metareal Stage virtual tours here.Best,Dan
P.S. Spoiler Alert (added after the show)
Key Takeaways✓ Metareal Stage 3D virtual tour is amazing. Unlike Matterport, the Metareal Stage 3D virtual tour can be shot with nearly any 360º camera and because of how Metareal creates the 3D virtual tour, the tour can be shot much, much faster.✓ Metrareal Stage offers both automatic tour and floor plan creation service or DIY tour creation (to save money)✓ Compared to Matterport, Metareal offers a more cost-effective 3D virtual tour solution✓ free publishing to Google Street View✓ Metareal Stage is a serious contender for Service Providers to offer to real estate agentsI look forward to our next WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (date TBD) when you will do a deeper dive demo and discussion of:✓ Metareal Stage plug-in for Autodesk Revit✓ Metareal Stage SDK

Wednesday Feb 12, 2020

Transcript: Pilot One is a Contender for Real Estate PhotographersTranscript (video above)- Hi all, I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Monday February 10, 2020 and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. Our topic tonight; my review, my beta testing of the Labpano Pilot One.What's my conclusion the Labpano Pilot One 360 one click camera is a contender for real estate photographers that want to offer 360 Virtual Tours and do Google Street View map updates for storefronts. Those two things. My recommendation is based on loaner of a Pilot One camera, it's a kind of a beta hardware and software but I been loaned a Pilot One camera Labpano sent it to me, it arrived on Thursday January 23, 2020.And my recommendation is also based on a discussion that I had with some super successful Google Street View subject matter expert photographers at the 2019 Google Street View Summit in London. These are power users of the Labpano Pilot Era: and that's the big brother of the the Pilot One.Labpano is presently accepting Pilot One pre-orders through the first week of March 2020 and I have a link for you that you can get a free GPS module that's valued at $129. So free with the link WGAN.info/Pilot One. PILOT One, excuse me, P-I-L-O-T O-N-E, Pilot One. WGAN.info/pilotoneWith the Labpano had previously announced that the Pilot One would begin shipping in late February 2020, it has since updated the shipping schedule to March 2020 and that's at the soonest as a result of the CoronaVirus affecting staffing at its China based manufacturing facility. Okay so, what did I hope to do? There were three reasons that I accepted LabPano's invite to beta test and review the Pilot One.First, I was super excited about creating Google Street View map updates and creating new Google Street View "blue lines" ... Essentially Google Street View where there is presently no Google Street View, that's the first thing that I was super-excited about testing. Second, is to create a PilotTour using the Labpano new Virtual Tour platform in the cloud, featuring auto creation of tours, that's using a process called V-SLAM.Super-excited to see how Labpano new Virtual Tour platform in the cloud would automatically create Virtual Tours without a photographer having to create a constellation or organize the 360s into the tour. So I really wanted to create PilotTours with the Pilot One camera.And the third reason that I wanted to accept the Labpano's invite to beta test and review the Pilot One was to create EyeSpy360 virtual tours using the 360 panorama shots from the Pilot One. Unfortunately or fortunately Labpano is having so much success with pre-sales, I have not received the GPS module and their recommended backpack as of [10 Feb 2020] in order to create Google Street View with Pilot One.And, also unfortunately PilotTour is still in very early development and I'll talk more about my PilotTour testing and recommendations later in my review. I did successfully shoot 360 HDR panoramas with the Pilot One to create multiple EyeSpy360 virtual tours.If you'd like to see examples of my EyeSpy360 tours, come to the We Get Around Network Forum, WGANforum.com and just use the search box, search for EyeSpy360 or search for Pilot One, either way you're going to end up seeing examples of EyeSpy360 tours that I created using the Pilot One, 360 degrees spherical panoramas.In particular I think, two of the tours, two are the We Get Around Network Forum discussions to look at that include examples, one is titled; My Third EyeSpy360 Tour Workflow for furnished Apartment in Atlanta and the other is entitled My EyeSpy360 tour Example Of a Senior Living Apartment: Easy, Fast and Affordable Tour Creation.So my initial thoughts from using the Pilot One as an Apple fanboy, the highest recommendation, the highest compliment that I can make for the Pilot One is that the is that the user experience strives to be Mac-like.And while the user experience is not there yet, I can imagine that the that the Labpano team will achieve a great Mac-like user experience with firmware updates. Well, I have not taken 50 plus 360 cameras for spin, literally there are that many 3D and 360 cameras today 50 plus cameras. That said, I can't imagine that the Pilot One, 2.2 inch touchscreen with logical menus ...I can imagine that the Pilot One 2.2 inch touchscreen with the logical menus is a huge differentiator particularly when it comes to overriding the automatic modes to change camera settings.So it's very easy using the menus to change exposure compensation, the EV value or the WB; the white balance value or focus distance. So not things that you have to remember and press a button and it's a mystery that literally having a touchscreen with menus, it's super-easy to change settings.So that makes a lot of sense for me. I shot with enough 360 cameras to say, it would be really hard for me to go back to using any other 360 camera that does not have a touchscreen as large as the Pilot One; does not have Mac-like menus, it's really, it's a terrific advantage as part of the 360 Virtual Tour creation process. So about shooting 360 spherical panoramas.When I shot three Atlanta Senior Living Apartments using the Pilot One, again these examples are in the We Get Around Network Forum, I kept the settings on automatic with HDR enabled.The in-camera stitched image quality is excellent and I like that the images are typically 11 to 14 Mega Pixel, mega byte, MB JPEG images.They're just big deep files that if you do need to do some editing on I'm just happy about that. So it may be helpful for context that nearly 10 years ago I was using a Canon 5D Mark III with the Sigma 8 millimeter fisheye lens and a Nodal Ninja R1 rotator to shoot 360s.A lot of money, a lot of gear, plus then using two different software's PTGui Pro and Pano2VR to both stitch the images together and clean up the patch where the tripod is located.So important, for the vast majority of professional real estate photographers that require an easy, fast and affordable workflow for shooting 360s, the Pilot One fulfills this requirement.It's so important, I have to say it again. For the vast majority of professional real estate photographers that require an easy, fast and affordable workflow for shooting 360s, the Pilot One fulfills this requirement. I'm going to defer to others to debate the quality of the 360 panoramas, versus other 360 cameras versus the price of the cameras and related accessories.As I just shared with you the Pilot One touchscreen with the Mac-like experience for shooting 360s really are the deciding factor for me.I could imagine that what you look at my 360 images shot with the Pilot One, again the examples are in the We Get Around Network Forum, WGANforum.com, you might conclude that the HDR is not so great or that the color saturation is not the best I would say blame me first for not changing the exposure compensation, the EV, and not doing any post-production to tweak the color saturation and white balance. That said the images are good enough for me straight out of the camera, to use them in the tours without tweaking a thing.I did get a little taste of the Labpano Pilot Tour Virtual Tour platform.Again it's an early, early, early beta. I recommend that Labpano abandon offering Pilot Tour Virtual Tour service and instead focus on third-party integrations with as many of the 130 plus 3D/360 Virtual Tour platforms as possible. I consider the Labpano Pilot Tour Virtual Tour platform in the cloud more of a proof-of-concept to show what is possible with deep integration between the Pilot One camera and other platforms.When possible using the Pilot Open System to create a much shorter and easier workflow for creating 360 Virtual Tours. I could imagine that camera manufacturers like Labpano are obsessed with incremental improvements in the hardware and software and actually the greatest value add Labpano could add is seamless integration with Virtual Tour platforms and software that already exists. It's obviously headed in that direction with the Labpano Pilot Open System.So I can see the potential when the Pilot Tour platform is working that isn't that awesome, because it automatically places and connects the 360s. That said, there are other platforms that already do that such as EyeSpy360. And the EyeSpy360 platform is far more advanced. They've had a, let's call it a five-year head start on deeply understanding Virtual Tours for real estate agents and brokers.And Labpano really needs to come to the conclusion that it's in the camera business, it's not in the tour business.It's really difficult to do both and as I'll talk about in a moment, well, offering, I'll get to the point. (And I should say parenthetically when I'm asked for a recommendation regarding which 3D or 360 camera to buy for real estate photographers or for real estate agents, I always recommend determining the use case first, then to look at the Virtual Tour platform or platforms that are on their short list of the 360, excuse me the 130 plus Virtual Tour platforms and software that exists today.Only then look at which camera or cameras have easy, fast and seamless experience, have an easy, fast and seamless experience with those Virtual Tour platform or platforms.)So at the very least, Labpano should prioritize deep integration with the following eight 3D/360 Virtual Tour platforms with the Pilot Open System allowing for this easy, fast and seamless experience. Those eight are in an alphabetical order, Cupix, C-U-P-I-X, EyeSpy360, Google Street View, Matterport, Panoskin, ThreeSixty tours, T-H-R-E-E S-I-X-T-Y Tours, RICOH Tours, Zillow 3D Home.I've written a related WGAN Forum post titled, Are You a 3D/360 Camera Manufacturer? The Must Have Killer Feature Is ... So I go into great detail on this very point. For clarification, if the Labpano objective is - PilotTour: Indoor and Outdoor 360 Virtual Tour Made Easy" - that's their tagline, I would suggest that they study the EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour platform. For example, the EyeSpy360 workflow is much, much, much easier than the vision of Labpano's PilotTour even when PilotTour emerges from beta, even in its likely future state of what that might be.So for example, EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour, if you take a look at it one of the examples that I've posted to the We Get Around Network Forum that use the 360s that I shot with the Pilot One, it is a much faster workflow than it would be using the Pilot One Pilot Tour feature.So the integration of the Pilot One camera with the Pilot Tour Virtual Tour platform, that's because EyeSpy360 for example, creates a 360 Virtual Tour and a 3D tour and interactive floor plans and hotspots and so fourth.So as a residential real estate photographer or a residential real estate agent or broker, if you're looking at two things; one is the camera the other is the platform. You might say well, even when Labpano Pilot One platform is firing on all cylinders, wouldn't it make sense to have a camera that is deeply integrated with the platform? And I would say yes, but unfortunately I don't believe that Pilot Tour will ever be as good as or as the platforms that I've just, the eight platforms that I have described.Given that, as much as I give Labpano props for a creating a this V-SLAM process essentially that a way to organize 360s in relationship to each other, in my mind it will always be a proof-of-concept that will never be as good as either the eight 360/3D platforms that I've mentioned or many more of the 130.So, and that becomes problematic because I could imagine that the Labpano Pilot Virtual Tour platform could inhibit other Virtual Tour platforms from wanting to integrate with the Labpano camera. So if lab, and that's because the perception may be that and perhaps true that Labpano is planning to attempt to compete with them by offering a free Virtual Tour platform.My feeling is any professional real estate photographer would likely choose a different 360 Virtual Tour platform from the Pilot Tour platform.I can't imagine a professional real estate photographer in a or real estate agent paying $1,200 for the Pilot One and being satisfied with the free Pilot Tour Virtual Tour platform. It's just, it's too basic, and even if Labpano's intent is to have a very sophisticated Pilot Tour platform for real estate agents, let's say they're at least five years behind trying to play catch-up.So there's two issues here for four Labpano; one, is trying to play catch-up with platforms that have five plus years of experience and then two, is having a platform that competes with the very thing that really gives the most value to the Pilot One is the ability to have easy, fast and seamless deep integrations with other Virtual Tour platforms.And, as I've shared, if the platform's feel that Labpano is going to compete with them by having this PilotTour Virtual Tour platform, it may mean that other virtual tour platforms will be super hesitant about providing integration knowing that it essentially is now perhaps helping the camera compete with it on the virtual tour platform side.So I'll come back, I want to talk a little bit more on this topic towards later in my review but I did want to cover some other points.Labpano Pilot One live-streaming. I did find it super easy to live-stream to Facebook. My Pilot One live-stream to Facebook, I've archived that, I've recorded it. It's available on my Facebook feed Dan Smigrod. S-M-I-G-R-O-D, easiest way to find it, come to the We Get Around Network Forum, go to the topic of Pilot One and you'll see that I write about my Pilot One live-stream on Facebook so that you can actually go see an actual Facebook live-stream that albeit recorded.Plus I was presently surprised about the excellent quality of the Pilot One streaming video. So, given the ease of use and the quality of the video, I challenge real estate photographers to imagine how we can offer this Pilot One Facebook live-streaming feature, as an Add-On for real estate clients. I think that something probably really new and only because it's so easy to do and the quality of the video now is really awesome.I could imagine using this feature for example, for amplifying an Open House and for doing a live walkthrough with the agent, that then continues to be available on the agents Facebook page. So any other Add-On opportunities is a real estate photographer that you see.My Labpano Pilot One beta testing recommendations are as follows; as a Pilot One beta tester, again I was given a camera, I was loaned a Pilot One camera and the good news is I would say is nearly everything that I would suggest that Labpano change or fix is likely a firmware upgrade.So here my following notes for Labpano but I think it's probably helpful if you're deciding about buying a Labpano Pilot One camera, any early concerns that I had.But again I think the vast majority of these could be fixed with a firmware upgrade. First, touchscreen keyboard. The letters and numbers and symbols on the Pilot One are simply too small to be practical.So you're presented with a keyboard, while this implementation of keyboard may work on a larger Big Brother Labpano Pilot Era camera, using the touchscreen keyboard on the Pilot One camera is extremely difficult and frustrating to enter the passwords for Wi-Fi.It's super hard. The good news is that the Pilot One has a great way that you set the date and time with a wheel that's kind of like a slot machine and you just keep aligning the wheels. So the process for entering passwords and tour names would be far, far easier with this wheel approach.So first let's identify the problem is that, I sometimes I think it's analogous that when first there was newspapers, then came along radio and radio first began reading the newspaper.Well, that wasn't exactly taking advantage of the medium and then came television and then television was like radio without picture and that wasn't taking advantage of the medium. So probably over stood to say the translation of a large keyboard that would work on a larger screen, simply does not work in to my level of satisfaction on a Pilot One camera.The screen, is the the touch screen is really big but a touchscreen keyboard simply does not work. In my opinion, it was super difficult to enter Wi-Fi, particularly my Wi-Fi where I have very long names for passwords and then for naming tours, it was super impractical being on location, trying multiple times to get the series of letters and keystrokes properly.So the good news is I think Labpano already has a great solution in its approach to the date and time that feels like a slot machine of rotating wheels to pick the date, pick the time. I think that would perfectly work for passwords and tour names.Next, the transitions between menus. It really needs to be obvious that you swipe left or right to move between menus. It needs to be obvious when you can swipe left or right and it needs to be obvious when and how to exit a menu. So Pilot Tour is so close to being awesome, but these things just weren't obvious to me and I even though there was documentation that documentation for us beta testers was somewhat limited and perhaps the documentation for when the camera actually ships will be much better.But again I don't even think that's something you should have to look at the documentation, I think that's one of the Mac-like experiences, is that it just works and it works as expected and I was at a loss about how to transition. So I found myself constantly pressing the physical home button to get back to the main menu, that's not a great workflow.Next is hemisphere shooting. Well, I found the timer hugely helpful for staying out of a shot. It's just not always possible to hide.So I'm sure you've probably been in this position particularly outside where there's just no tree or object to hide behind and if you get too far away from the camera using an app and Bluetooth then you lose the connection. So I could imagine either Labpano or a third-party offering a solution for staying near the camera, but not in the shot and then stepping around to the other side of the Pilot One to complete the shot. About the image gallery in the camera.Well, I'm so sorry, I didn't even bring my camera into the shot, but let's see if I can just turn it on to show this point here.So right here in terms of the image gallery, so I think you can see I think I have some videos that have showed up there. I found myself shooting a blank shot. Essentially I would hold my hands over the four lenses to separate tours. So it would be nice if a separator could automatically be added to separate tours and to separate groups of 360s.So for example, if you were doing or I was doing more than one apartment in the same day. So, in order to separate those groups of 360s, I'm holding my hands around the four lenses, I suspect that it wouldn't be that hard for Labpano to say, okay, there's the algorithm says there's so much time between the time this tour was done and this tour was done, certainly if it was separated by hours then just automatically insert a blank shot to differentiate the groups of 360s and then certainly it would be way easier to delete a blank than to try and figure out which apartment 360s were part of apartment one versus apartment two.Apartments looked the same. Where they certainly look the same when you're looking at a small screen.While I found uploading to my Dropbox super-easy, I would have liked for the videos to be checked that it was uploaded successfully. Now this feature was included, how to say this? In the midst of my beta testing, there was a firmware upgrade and so once I, when I began testing and I uploaded to Dropbox, I didn't have any way of knowing that it was updated to Dropbox, the good news is that feature was added to a firmware upgrade. And that's true for the following. ...I had made some notes to say, there are times when I need to upload some of the 360s but not all, I'm changing priorities of what needs that, I might have shot three tours in a day but the one of those tours may need to be uploaded before the others.In my beta testing, it was hard to keep track of which 360s I still needed to upload, plus, I would like to be able to select which 360s to upload if I did not want to upload everything to Dropbox at once, I had to upload 360s one at a time and it was hard to tell which ones I had already uploaded.For example, I could select multiple images, I was limited to deleting the multiple images with no option for uploading the selected multiple images. So anyway, the good news is I did do a firmware upgrade version 5.0.10 and that actually solved that problem. Of knowing what had been uploaded and what hadn't though I still think I'm having a little bit of difficulty recognizing which videos have been uploaded or not uploaded.I think the check mark has been added to the videos as well. Again, the good news on this list that I've described, they're all likely firmware updates.So if Labpano is an agreement with my recommendations, all these recommendations might be implemented even before the camera ships in March or later.And again, ... I updated to version 5.0.10. The firmware update was an easy Mac-like or iPhone-like experience. It just works as expected. That may seem obvious but I'm sure all of us had, had times where updating firmware was attaching it to a computer and finding the program and then transferring something to a folder.No, you just, the camera indicates that it's got a, it needs a firmware update, you accept and it does the upload and you're done. It's no connecting to a camera, really nice. There's a feature for adjusting a photo, let's call it a photo sphere or 360.It's an interesting feature but I couldn't figure out how to do a batch change. So the good news on the adjust photo which says it's in beta lets you change the brightness, gamma, the shadow, highlights, saturation and temperature, all that's good.But again, I couldn't figure out how to do a batch change and I would say unless I could, it's really super-unlikely that I would just want to edit one 360, I really want to edit one 360 and say Apply All and Apply All actually means, so for example, if I'm doing a tour and there's inside and outside, I'd want to apply the changes let's say, just to the indoor 360s, then edit one of the outside 360s and apply that as a batch change to the outside one. Now that said, I think most photographers are going to bring the images or either going to not do any adjustment or bring them into Lightroom and do the adjustments or a different software program. But that said, I think Labpano is super-close to having this Adjust Photo feature.All I'm looking for is to add the option of batch change and let me select which images I want to add to that batch. About Facebook, I would like an option to save the video to the camera, perhaps it's there and I couldn't figure it out, but I did some live-streaming to Facebook and while Facebook saves the video, I haven't figured out how to extract a Facebook video from Facebook, short of doing screen scraping, I don't really want to do that, I want to have it something that just works.So I'm not sure that I, if when I live-stream to Facebook, if there is an option for saving the video I didn't see it.So essentially I live-streamed to Facebook and I didn't get a video that was saved on the camera. I can only go to Facebook and have the video live there.Now, and one other I think item on Facebook is I would like to be able to set the countdown timer to go live. So when I hit, when I physically hit the button on the camera, I'd like when I go live to really mean I want to go live in five seconds and that way my hand is not in the shot.Now, I'm sure the Labpano Pilot Go App for iOS and Android, probably addresses that issue but I didn't spend enough time with the Pilot Go App to properly review that and frankly I would rather do it on the camera where I'm not guessing whether or not the app actually launched the camera. So, what else? So, I look forward to shooting 360 video. Now 360 video again somewhat outside the scope of a real estate photographers needs, I was really wanted focused on 360 photo spheres for Virtual Tour.Again I talked about Google Street View and unfortunately I did not get to test that. Hopefully Labpano will send me a GPS module and their recommended backpack so that I can do the map updates, the Google Street View map updates and add some blue lines in Atlanta.I do look forward though to shooting 360 video in March 2020 when my wife and I will be taking a week-long Western Caribbean cruise and I will also plan to shoot a 360 tour of our Miami hotel room. We'll be in a Miami hotel for the night before the cruise as well as our cruise ship suite.So my wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary, we've splurged on a suite on the ship and I would really like to capture that as a 360 tour and I'll plan to share this additional Pilot One content in the We Get Around Network Forum when we return.Labpano was gracious enough to extend the loan of the camera to me to accommodate our travel plans. Probably get some really nice beauty shots on the ship and on some of the islands and in Mexico. I did have a couple hardware improvements and these hardware improvements may be addressed even before the camera commercially ships but I'll point them out.The home button, Labpano stressed that the Pilot One camera that I received, hand labeled number 22, is beta hardware. So in their production run, Labpano may have already addressed the home button which feels like it's a tiny bit loose when I touch it. So I just felt like I didn't get the tactile response that I was expecting, it just feels a tinge loose.Again I'm using beta hardware, this may have already been addressed in the production run that begins shipping as early as March 2020.And then the next hardware is actually related to the case. So I found that this soft case it's very nice and it's a nice edition.I'd recommend two things to improve it. First, make it easier to put the soft case on the camera, I struggle with that, it's a snug fit and I think that's good, but I think it needs to be more like a funnel so that it starts out really wide and that makes it super-easy to pull it over the camera and then using the drawstring close the top big part of the funnel, I just felt that there wasn't enough material at the top and when I grab it and I put it over the, here let me see if I can just do this for you. So you get some sense of what's going on here.This is, my hands are near the lenses I don't like that, I suppose it went on, but I just felt like if it was wider at the bottom that, that would be a much better. Make it super-easy, make sure I'm not touching the lenses and there's always goes on easily and again it has a nice drawstring, I think that would close it nicely.Let's see, ah, and the second thing on the soft case, is it comes with a carabiner. So it's got this little carabiner here, it's attached to the case and I like this because there's a loop here and I can carry it on my pocket. The only problem is this is a $1,200 camera, this is not a $1,200 worthy carabiner, I would like to see a real substantive carabiner plus one that has a loop for closing it, so I don't have my carabiner open by accident and lose my $1,200 camera on my belt.So those are kind of the two hardware suggestions, obviously really small things in the scheme of it. Again, I think everything else can be addressed in firmware.So I did get some, I got some pushback on my original review in the, We Get Around Network Forum today in the Labpano community, Jocelyn Trowelburst, I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly in the Netherlands Antilles. Let me read what he wrote and then let me see if I can respond to that.And so he writes, in part "Completely disagree with your point of view that Labpano should forget about the PilotTour platform. To the contrary the one using V-SLAM, the Pilot One using V-SLAM technology to determine camera position in virtual space is groundbreaking.It is a good proof of concept and further turning to make it work," and excuse me, and it says further, probably means, "In fine-tuning to make it work in practice will result in a huge time-saver for tour creators. What is the integration with other virtual tour platforms, Labpano surely is not going to give away its V-SLAM advantage, other platforms won't know how to handle the data." So respectfully Jocelyn I completely disagree with you, completely disagreeing, so let me see if I can break this down.So I'm going to read through and then kind of break it down. Completely disagree with your point of view that Labpano should forget about its PilotTour platform to the contrary the Pilot One using V-SLAM technology determine camera position in virtual space is groundbreaking.I absolutely agree with that, for a $1,200 camera to have this V-SLAM technology that lets each 360 know where it is in relationship to each other, that's amazing. And incidentally I think what happens is when you do the PilotTour, there's a message on here that says rocket this way and then rocket this way and so that calibration is probably making that V-SLAM possible.Again Jocelyn writes, "It's a good proof of concept and fine-tuning it to make it work in practice will result in a huge time-saver for tour creators." Jocelyn I absolutely agree with you on that.This is a amazing solution but again in my opinion and even as you write, it's a proof of concept to show what's possible.Where we start to verge is when you write, what is deep integration with other virtual tour platforms. So that's essentially saying the the Pilot One camera should be able to work with other platforms to take advantage of the V-SLAM advantage.So when you write that other platforms, when you write Labpano surely is not going to give away its V-SLAM advantage, other platforms won't know how to handle the data, I would suggest that Labpano should absolutely give away its V-SLAM advantage essentially powering as many of the 130 3D and 360 virtual tour platforms to work easy, fast and seamless with the Pilot One. Again the, we all shoot not because we want to shoot, we create these 360s because we want to share them.And it turns out that many of us are using all kinds of different platforms, literally if you come to the We Get Around Network Forum, we have a post where we list in a Google sheet a 130 3D and 360 platforms. And by the way, we also have a post in the We Get Around Network Forum on 50-plus 3D and 360 cameras.We maintain both those lists and Google sheets. This is such an opportunity for Labpano to knock it out of the ballpark to say, okay, one we showed all the platforms what's possible with PilotTour. We can do the constellation configuration automatically with your platform. So they demo how it's possible.Now, first beginning with those eight platforms that I've identified earlier, but then all the way right up through the list of a 130 3D and 360 platforms. Imagine how Labpano Pilot One and it's bigger brother Pilot Era will do when they crush the competition of the 50 other 3D/360 cameras by an offering to make it easy, fast and simple for every 3D and 360 platform to leverage the V-SLAM technology that's integrated in the Pilot One camera.So where you write that this is a competitive advantage that they'll never give up, there's two reasons they must give it up. One, is so that other platforms can take advantage of it and if you go back to my original thinking here that when a photographer is making a decision about which camera, they really need to make a decision about which platform first.And before you make a decision about which platform, about what the use cases are. But a real estate photographer, a residential real estate photographer and commercial real estate photographer are likely to zero in on a good chunk of those eight platforms.And right now, Pilot One is at a disadvantage because there's only a couple other cameras that actually check the box of those eight that I identified. So it's really important for Labpano to have Pilot One easy, fast and seamless integration with those eight platforms.And it's really important that they not, that Labpano not compete with its own Virtual Tour platform.So by Labpano offering Pilot Tour, it's essentially saying to other platforms, hey, we got something that's better than you have, we're going to compete with you and by the way we'd like to still have you deeply integrate.And that's the part where Pilot, where Labpano may shoot itself in the foot by competing with the other platforms. If it simply says about the Pilot Tour platform, this is a proof of concept but we're going to enable this and all these other tour platforms, it'll sell more cameras if it eliminates the competition of having Pilot Tour that will greatly accelerate third party camera integrations with the platform.And oh by the way, at the big picture level in the forward thinking, even if we all looked at Pilot Tour platform at its best case scenario that when the camera actually gets shipped the Pilot Tour worked, remember I've tested it in beta and it doesn't work, but I'll give it, I'll make the concession that I'm sure it will be working at the time that the camera ships commercially.The point is, there are there there are many other platforms that have five plus years of experience in residential and commercial real estate what a Tour looks like. Including a 3D view, the 360 Tour view, the floorplan view, the hot spots. And so, Labpano could make a decision to say okay, we're going to put a ...technical resources into Pilot Tour and once it does that, it's spending a lot of time and a lot of money on building out a platform that doesn't have a competitive advantage with other platforms. Now I suspect that Jocelyn would probably say, well, yes it does it has this vSLAM advantage.No, nom, that's just the technology of how the other platforms get to the final resolution. So for example, the EyeSpy360 Tour, they build the tour for you. Never mind if there's people in the background and it's a tour as a service business and it's presently done manually. The point is as a photographer, it is the tour is created for me and it was super simple to take my Pilot One shot 360s and upload it to the EyeSpy360 platform and have them build the the tour for me.If you were to take a look at EyeSpy360 versus Pilot Tour for example, you would, even if PilotTour was firing on all cylinders in its first year, it's still five years behind in all the bells and whistles that make EyeSpy360 resonate for virtual tour service providers in the residential and commercial real estate space.So Jocelyn respectfully, I disagree and I completely see how important it is for Labpano to have this PilotTour proof of concept but then to abandon it in favor of offering that feature to the 130 3D/360 Virtual Tour platforms and that's where the real value will come to Labpano as well as to residential and commercial real estate photographer and and Google Street View photographers because then we're not asking a photographer to both change for existing photographers in this space to change cameras and to change platforms.Best that they can still stay, that we can still stay with the platforms that of our choice and we just switch to a different camera to achieve that result in an easy, fast and seamless manner. So that's kind of my comment for Jocelyn and that's made with all respect. I think this is just, this may be one of those where we respectfully agree to disagree.Anyway that's kind of my review of the Labpano Pilot One.We have started a number of discussions in the We Get Around Network Forum, WGANforum.com, I hope you if you're watching on our YouTube channel or Vimeo channel in the WGAN-TV Training Academy, in the WGAN-TV Podcast, in the Apple Podcast app, wherever you're watching that We Get Around Network Forum, it's totally free, you don't need to be a member to read anything in the Forum.But if you want to join the conversation, totally free to join the forum, plus you get 50 plus membership benefits including the list of 50 3D/360 cameras, the list of 130 3D and 360 Virtual Tour platforms plus special offers on whenever there's products or services.So for example, on the Pilot One camera, you can get that free GPS module using our affiliate link WGAN.INFO/pilotone ... That's WGAN.INFO/pilotone ... WGAN.INFO/pilotone WGAN.INFO/pilotone WGANForum.comAnd we have offers like that all the time we automatically put them in an email that when you join the We Get Around Network Forum, you automatically receive an email from me that lists the 50-plus membership benefits with all the ways to redeem them simply for joining the We Get Around Network Forum.Anyway thanks for tuning in, I'm Dan Smigrod Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum, you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5:00.

Wednesday Feb 12, 2020

Free GPS module (valued at $129) with this link
WGAN-TV Unboxing the Labpano Pilot One by WGAN-TV Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod on Thursday, 23 January 2020 and embargoed until 10 am EST Monday, 10 February 2020. Labpano Pilot One pre-orders through the first week of March 2020 ($1,199 64GB | $1,249 128GB) with a free GPS module (valued at $129) with this link.
Pilot One 360º 1-Click Camera is a Contender for Real Estate Photographers

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How to Shoot, Upload, Create, Share and View EyeSpy360 Virtual Tours
WGAN-TV: EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour Platform Demo for PhotographersHi All,What if you could shoot a virtual tour in 30 minutes so that you could offer it at an affordable Add On price for lower priced homes? And, imagine that real estate agents and buyers could do live video chats within the virtual tour. Plus, you could shoot the virtual tour with any 360º camera and the tour has your branding/your agent's branding - not the platform's branding.That's EyeSpy360™ virtual tour platform.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Wednesday, 5 February 2020 (5 pm EST | -5 GMT), my guest will be @EyeSpy360 Founder and CEO Andrew Nicholls.Andrew will demo EyeSpy360 from the perspective of:✓ potential home buyers✓ real estate agent✓ photographerEyeSpy360 Virtual Tour Highlights✓ Often take less than 30 minutes to shoot✓ An affordable Add On for lower priced homes✓ Agents and buyers can do live video chats within the virtual tour✓ Shoot with any 360º camera✓ Your Branding/Your Agent's BrandingDemo From Potential Buyers Perspective✓ EyeSpyPLAY™ – narrated virtual tour✓ Floor Plan✓ 3D Model✓ Labels✓ Hotspots✓ ThumbnailsDemo from an Agents Perspective✓ EyeSpyLIVE™ (three options: to potential buyers; potential buyers to family and friends; inbound)✓ Analytics✓ Social sharingHow to Create EyeSpy360 Tour✓ Labels✓ Hotspots✓ White-label✓ Branding for photographer and real estate agents✓ 2D stills✓ Floor plans✓ Embed code✓ Archive✓ Training resourcesEyeSpy360 Special Offer for WGAN Forum MembersEyeSpy360 virtual tour platform has special pricing for We Get Around Network Forum Members that join (free) the EyeSpy360 Photography Network, now through Saturday, 29 February 2020.✓ Free! 1st EyeSpy360 virtual tour✓ Free! 1st month EyeSpy360 hosting✓ $9.95 per month hosting (unlimited tours) + $19.95 per virtual tour✓ potential leads (free)✓ @EyeSpy360 Special Offer for WGAN Forum MembersWhat questions do you have about the EyeSpy360 virtual tour platform that I should ask Andrew?[/b]Best,Dan

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Plus, Ben Claremont on: Which 360º Camera you Should Buy for Virtual Tours
Hi All,On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (above) earlier today (Wednesday, 13 November 2019), 360º Subject Matter Expert, Mentor and Virtual Tour Pro Course Creator Ben Claremont discusses:✓ Top 10 Tips for Starting a Virtual Tour Business✓ Which 360º Camera you Should Buy for Virtual Tours✓ Virtual Tour Pro course for learning how to plan, shoot, edit, host and the business of Virtual ToursSpecial WGAN Offers1. Free 3-months WGAN-TV Training Academy Membership when you Enroll in Virtual Tour Pro Course by Ben Claremont with this WGAN Affiliate Link for Virtual Tour Pro course by Ben Claremont.2. Save 15 percent on Virtual Tour Pro with the WGAN Coupon Code (You automatically receive this WGAN coupon code when you join the free WGAN Forum. Already a Member? Private Message me for the WGAN Coupon code for Virtual Tour Pro.3. Free Virtual Tour Pro Course by Ben Claremont when you:✓ pre-pay for 24 months of WGAN Standard MembershipBest,DanBen Claremont LinksYouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Bio | Courses | Virtual Tour Pro Course | Virtual Tour Pro Course Curriculum

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Do the Zillow listings with Zillow 3D Home get a Marketing Boost? Possibility of other platforms? Other 360º Cameras?
How to Make Money with Zillow 3D Home with Zillow Sr. Director, Product Development, 3D & Computer Vision Josh Weisberg and Zillow Senior Development Manager, Mitch DawsonHi All,How do you make money with Zillow 3D Home?Zillow Sr. Director, Product Development, 3D & Computer Vision Josh Weisberg will be my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT - GMT -5) on Thursday, 9 May 2019.In addition to covering How do real estate photographers make money with Zillow 3D Home, during this show, we'll cover:✓ the gear✓ how to shoot✓ how to do post production✓ Does Zillow treat listings differently that have a Zillow 3D Home tour associated with it?✓ Zillow research about why real estate agents outsource shooting these✓ the benefits to the homeowner (real estate photographers wants to understand this)✓ the benefits of Zillow 3D Home to agents and brokers (photographers want to understand this)✓ the benefits to real estate photographers ✓ Zillow’s big picture vision for Zillow 3D Home (Including why this will grow business for Pros)✓ a demo of shooting with a 360º 1-click camera✓ a demo of back-end workflow✓ Why Zillow 3D Home is called Zillow 3D Home and not Zillow 360º Tour? (What’s 3D about it?)You (all) are invited to join the show to discuss and ask Josh your questions directly.Best,Dan

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Which 3D or 360º Tour Platform is right for you? Kevin helps you decide.
Hi All,Imagine shooting the same multi-million mansion with:✓ Matterport 3D Tour✓ GeoCV 3D Tour (including 3D aerial)✓ Nodalview (360º Tour)✓ Zillow 3D Home (360º Tour)✓ Cupix 3D TourGreater Los Angeles Matterport Service Provider Home3D.us (@Home3D) Kevin Dole imagined that. And, except for substituting one house for one of the shoots, that's exactly what Kevin Dole is in the midst of completing.Kevin will be my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -4) on Thursday, 21 March 2019 to talk about his experience with five platforms.Among the questions I will ask Kevin ...1. What was the learning curve for shooting?2. What was the learning curve for post production?3. What was the shooting experience like with each platform?4. What was the post production experience like with each platform?5. Show us each tour that you shot. Which do you like best and why?6. What did you like/dislike about shooting each platform?7. What did you like/dislike about post production for reach platform?8. Can you tell us about the GeoCV aerial 3D shooting and post production experience?9. What else would you like to share about your experience shooting/publishing with five platforms?Kevin will be starting new topics in the WGAN Forum around many of these questions. I could imagine that each topic will be a single subject such as:1. each camera/platform2. comparing learning curve3. comparing shooting experience4. comparing post production experience5. comparing 3D/360º Tours6. overall conclusions and recommendationsThis is an amazing labor of love for Kevin to shoot and publish with five different platforms. And, I am SO thankful that Kevin is sharing this amazing experience with the WGAN Forum Community.This WGAN-TV show will likely be tremendously helpful if you are thinking about:✓ which camera/platform to get✓ adding a camera/platform✓ switching a camera/platform✓ what this other platforms are likeWhat questions would you like to ask? Please join us on the show and ask your questions live.By the way, this project was made possible (in part) by the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program.You can borrow a camera - free* - if you are a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member. WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program Order Form (Private Message me for the password.)Not yet a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member? Compare WGAN Membership Plans | WGAN Membership Benefits | www.JoinStandard.comBest,Dan*Except for return shipping with insurance for the value of the camera

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GeoCV: a platform to help real estate agents win more and bigger premium listings.
From GeoCV Co-Founder and CEO Anton Yakubenko ...
Dear community members,I'm excited to announce that we're releasing GeoCV solution for capturing and visualizing spaces in 3D+360° in beta!We've received significantly more responses to our survey and email blasts than we anticipated. We'll be reaching out to these early adopters in the coming days with particular proposals including pricing info.The highlights of GeoCV solution include:- UNLIMITED PLAN: unlimited processing + unlimited hosting + unlimited floor plans for a flat fee per camera per month (or per year)- FREE CAMERA included into subscription- White labeling- Self-hosting- Customers own the copyrights for delivered content- Download of full-resolution 3D model and 360° panoramas- Content editing and re-upload- Offline viewing for PC and Mac- Password protection for 3D tours accessOur capturing features:- Small and lightweight scanning kit, carrying case included- Scanning kit comes with everything required, you only need a tripod- Fast and easy training, FaceTime remote training for early adopters- Easy-to-use solution not prone to human mistakes- Real-time feedback during scanning (preview of captured space)- Optional HD capturing- Automatic processing in the cloud- Web dashboard to edit 3D toursOur viewer features:- Realistic 3D scan view- High-resolution HDR 360° panoramas- Walkthrough with smooth transitions- Floor plan with dimensions integrated into 3D tour- White labeled floor plan delivered as file in black & white and textured versions- Info block with space address, parameters and description, client contact information, photo and logo- Pins (annotations) with rich media content- Standalone 360° panoramas added as viewpoints (e.g. for outdoor or amenities)- Short custom URLs, optional MLS compliant unbranded version of 3D tour- Optional 3D and 2D interactive minimap in walkthrough mode- Zoom for HD 3D tours- Clean, sleek, minimalistic design- Support of the absolute majority of devices and browsers (both desktop and mobile)Plus custom projects premium features:- Integration of exterior 3D and 360° visuals captured with a drone- Virtually staged 3D tours- Video narration dependent on roomWe have been in the shoes of a service provider by ourselves. Now we're passing our service business in NYC to independent third-party service providers.We want to empower service providers to avoid a race to the bottom with squeezing margins by providing you more differentiation and control over data and viewing experience. Our unlimited pricing plan and such features as white labeling, branding and self-hosting should allow you to make 3D tours a standard part of your growing business.While we scale our production and iterate on product improvement based on early adopters feedback, we will be offering our solution in limited quantities. Please drop us a line at info@geocv.com or simply fill in "Contact Us" form on our website to join the waitlist. Our website is legacy and will be updated with more information about GeoCV solution.The whole GeoCV team and I personally are very excited and look forward to your GeoCV 3D tours and feedback. I want to sincerely thank you for your patience and continuous support. Let's join forces to capture the world in 3D, one space at a time!
Anton Yakunben
Co-Founder and CEO

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RICOH Tours is a DIY 360º virtual tour solution - using the Ricoh Theta V and
Hi All,RICOH Tours Sales & Marketing Lead Martin Shock Introduction (and Demo) to RICOH Tours (WGAN-TV show above) at Inman Connect NY 2019 | ICNY19 RICOH Tours is a DIY 360º virtual tour solution - using the Ricoh Theta V and custom Ricoh stand (TM-1 Stand) - for real estate agents and brokers. RICOH is not pursuing Service Providers.(There are many real estate agents that are Members of the WGAN Forum Community. This WGAN-TV interview with Martin is for them.)Your thoughts about the RICOH Tours platform for real estate agent DYI platform for shooting and hosting 360º Virtual Tours?If you get this solution, please post a review to the WGAN Forum about your experience and include an example RICOH Tour.Best,DanP.S. I will reach out to RICOH Tours to request some tour examples ... you can see one on the RICOH Tours website.

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Borrow a Nodalview Kit from the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program (for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members)
Hi All,WGAN-TV interviewed Yan Bohyn, Regional Director of Sales Nodalview USA (Orlando) and Thomas Lepelaars, co-Founder, Nodalview (Brussels, Belgium) at Inman Connect New York 2019. (Video above)Your thoughts about the Nodalview platform for shooting and hosting 360º Virtual Tours?Best,DanP.S. I shot this Nodalview Virtual Tour in February 2019 while my wife and I were staying at a beach front condo in St. Simons Island, Georgia .... www.seaclusion.info

Wednesday Jan 16, 2019

If you are deciding on which 3D or 360º platform is right for you, one option in Nodalview.
Hi All,If you are deciding on which 3D or 360º platform is right for you, one option in Nodalview.If you are scanning with Matterport, Nodalview may be an option for lower price properties where you need an easy solution that can be shot quickly – a 360º in 5 to 10 rooms in a house or commercial space in less than 30 minutes - including unpacking and packing up.For less than $250 in accessories plus a monthly subscription you can begin creating Nodalview Tours.My guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) Wednesday, 16 January 2019 are:✓ Thomas Lepelaars, co-Founder, Nodalview (Brussels, Belgium)✓ Yan Bohyn, Regional Director of Sales Nodalview USA (Orlando)Thomas and Yan will demo how to shoot and edit a Nodalview tour (and will assume no prior experience with Nodalview).To to borrow a Nodalview 360º Kit from the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program, simply complete this Form:✓ We Get Around Network 360º Camera Loaner Program (Private Message me for the Password)WGAN has three (3) Nodalview 360º Kits courtesy of our new friends at NodalView. The shipping order will be based on seniority among WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members that request to get on the list. (For clarification, the longer that you have been either a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member, the sooner that you will receive this loaner Camera.)Not yet a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member? 40+ WGAN Membership Benefits | Compare WGAN Membership Plans | Join WGAN Standard MembershipBest,Dan

Wednesday Jan 02, 2019

How to Build a 3D CAD Model: New Tools for Generating a 2D Floor Plan and a 3D CAD ModelHi All,Building a 2D Floor Plan and 3D CAD Model is now possible within the Cupix Platform.If you are a Service Provider targeting the AEC Space (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), you now have a wealth of easy, fast and affordable solutions to offer (and can do this within a White Label solution.)Cupix CAD Modeling Highlights Include✓ Cupix 3D Tour (360º Survey) is generated automatically from any source of 360º photos.✓ Alignment precision (accuracy) 1 percent with helmet mounted capture (meaning accuracy is one foot over 100 feet). ✓Build 3D CAD Model within Cupix 3D CAD System.✓ Within the Cupix platform lives a complete 3D CAD modeling system made specifically to transform a Cupix 3D Tour (360º Survey) into a 3D CAD Model.✓ Precise Measurements can be extracted from Cupix 3D Tour (360º Survey) to set windows; doors; and other openings quickly, accurately and easily. ✓ The Cupix 3D Mesh can be helpful during the modeling process especially in complex buildings.✓ Once completed the model can be exported in 2D and 3D Formats ✓ Import the Cupix 3D CAD model for use in a variety of CAD Systems file formats including: .DFX, .IFC, .PNG [Direct RVT export from Cupix not supported. IFC is the supported 3D format. Import from Cupix as IFC allows import into Revit, Navisworks, Sketchup and other CAD Packages.]✓ Open the Cupix CAD Model in programs like Revit; NavisWorks; and SketchUp for 3D Design; 3D Management; or 3D Analysis. ✓ Open the Cupix CAD Model in programs such as: Revit, NavisWorks, SketchUp for 3D Design, 3D Management or 3D Analysis.✓ Other uses of the Cupix 3D Model include: construction progress by comparing the Cupix CAD Model to other Cupix Tours (360º Surveys) directly within Cupix ✓ Add 3D Pins and 3D Tags on the Cupix CAD Model for issue tracking or or asset management.Cupix Director of Sales Scott Anderson - and Cupix Head of Product Paul Collart - will be my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 20 December 2018 to give us a demo of building a 3D CAD Model within the Cupix platform and a discussion about this workflow. Feel free to join the show live to ask Scott your questions.✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: How to Build a 3D CAD Model within Cupix Platform for Newbies - 5 pm EST Thursday, 20 December 2018.Special Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium MembersFREE! First six months of Cupix Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to Google Street View), if you are a We Get Around Network Standard or Premium Member.To receive this WGAN Standard and Premium Membership benefit, please see the We Get Around Cupix Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack Offer Order Form in the Welcome Onboard Letter.Not Yet a WGAN Standard Member? www.JoinStandard.com | Compare WGAN Membership Plans | Member BenefitsHappy holidays,Dan---Cupix Related Links✓ Cupix website✓ Cupix Account Sign Up✓ Cupix YouTube Channel✓ WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Cupix | GSV | AEC

Wednesday Jan 02, 2019

How to use the Cupix SLAM App to streamline capturing 360º photos paired with a 360º 1-click camera
Hi All,Creating a Cupix 3D Tour will get even easier and faster with the soon-to-be-released Cupix SLAM app (iOS) to streamline capturing 360º photo spheres paired with these 360º 1-click cameras:✓ Ricoh Theta V✓ Insta360 One X (Cupix SLAM App integration in January 2018)✓ Panono (Cupix SLAM App integration in January 2018)✓ Mi Sphere✓ MADV MadventureThe Cupix SLAM App is current in beta. Contact Cupix Support to request access.While it has always been easy to capture 360º photos with a 360º 1-click camera and upload the 360º photo spheres to Cupix, the Cupix SLAM app leverages the ARKit - the powerful iOS Augmented Reality library - to automatically tracks your camera route or path during 360º photo sphere capture. Camera can be mounted on a helmet; pole; or tripod mounted. Cupix SLAM App works indoors or outdoors. No extra localization sensors - like 3D lasers or Beacon - needed.(SLAM = Simultaneously Localizing And Mapping)I could imagine that Cupix will integrating more 360º 1-click cameras. You can use any 360º 1-click camera - without the Cupix Mobile Capture App - to create 360º photos and upload to Cupix.Cupix Director of Sales Scott Anderson and Cupix Head of Product Strategy Paul Collart will be my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 to give us a demo of the soon-to-be-released Cupix Mobile Capture App - paired with a 360º 1-Click Camera and discuss this easier and faster workflow for capturing and creating a 3D Tour with CUPIX. Feel free to join the show live to ask Scott your questions.✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: Cupix Mobile App Demo and Discussion - 5 pm EST Tuesday, 18 December 2018.Special Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium MembersFREE! First six months of Cupix Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to Google Street View), if you are a We Get Around Network Standard or Premium Member.To receive this WGAN Standard and Premium Membership benefit, please see the We Get Around Cupix Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack Offer Order Form in the Welcome Onboard Letter.Not Yet a WGAN Standard Member? www.JoinStandard.com | Compare WGAN Membership Plans | Member BenefitsHappy holidays,DanP.S. WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members can Borrow These 360º 1-Click Cameras ...---Cupix Related Links✓ Cupix website✓ Cupix Account Sign Up✓ Cupix YouTube Channel✓ WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Cupix | GSV | AEC

Thursday Nov 15, 2018

Demos: Zillow 3D Home example; How to Shoot 3D Home with Ricoh Theta V; post production
Hi All,After testing in a few markets, Zillow 3D Home (app) will likely begin rollout across America in 2019."3D Home is a free mobile app that allows homeowners and real estate professionals to capture 3D tours of homes with their iPhones. These 3D Homes are published to a listing’s home details page on Zillow, letting potential buyers virtually walk through the home’s layout and giving agents and sellers a powerful tool to market their listings online," according to the Zillow 3D Home FAQs.Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -5) on Thursday, 15 November 2018 - Zillow 3D Home Tour for Newbies II with Steve Lake with the Zillow Photography Program and Mitch Dawson from the Product Team.And, Join the Virtual Studio Audience to ask Steve questions.By the end of the show, you will know everything you need to know to get started with Zillow 3D Home tours, including:✓ How to make money marketing this add-on Zillow and Trulia service to agents and brokers ✓ How to to create a Zillow 3D Home tour using the Zillow 3D Home iOS app using an iPhone or with a Ricoh Theta V✓ How to edit your Zillow 3D Home tour; publish it to a listing to help an agent attract buyers✓ How to embed the Zillow 3D Home tour on your website and/or agent's website✓ How the Zillow 3D Home fits into the existing 3D tour landscape✓ How to use the Zillow 3D Home Dashboard to edit and publish your tour (including linking between 360ºs)✓ How Zillow Cloud processing works✓ Suggested gear/accessories (Tripod, Rotating Head and iPhone mount) (free hosting / free storage)✓ Why Zillow "Boosts in the rankings" Zillow 3D Home enabled listings✓ How Zillow will help your real estate agents win new clients (and how that works)✓ How home buyers can search for listings that include 3D Home Tours✓ While agents could DIY Home 3D Tours, why Zillow is reaching out to photographers✓ How long does it take to capture a 3,000 SQ FT home✓ How to become a Zillow Certified Photographer✓ How to create a photographer profile on Zillow✓ Best practices for shooting 360ºs (including some "do not's"✓ Check list before shooting✓ Tips for capturing 360º in different size rooms✓ How to connect 360ºs into a tour✓ How you will know that your Zillow 3D Home Tour is ready to review✓ How to edit label names✓ How to change the directional arrows✓ How to make the Zillow 3D Tour live on Zillow✓ How to add a collaborator for post production✓ The difference between a Zillow Certified Pro and Zillow Select ProHere are related WGAN Forum discussions:✓ What's the best tool for Zillow 3D?✓ WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Zillow, Zillow 3D HomeBest,DanP.S. Zillow 3D Home Links✓ Zillow 3D Home✓ Zillow 3D Home Instructional Guide✓ Zillow 3D Home FAQs✓ Zillow 3D Home Guidelines

Wednesday Sep 12, 2018

Matterport versus CUPIX discussion of CUPIX's White-Label
Hi All,If you are a professional photographer seeking a white-label 3D Tour solution - something that Matterport does NOT offer – check this out ...Above is the today's (Thursday, 16 August 2018) WGAN-TV Live at 5 about the CUPIX White-Label Solution.CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson (@scott_CUPIX) also demos:✓ CUPIX blur features✓ CUPIX color correction feature✓ CUPIX different shape and style iconsWhat do you think?Best,DanP.S. Love Matterport? That's great. Competition will help encourage Matterport to be responsive to the Matterport Service Provider Community ...

Tuesday Aug 07, 2018

If you look at a GeoCV created 3D Tour, on first glance, you might think it is Matterport. It's a David versus Golith Story.
Hi All,If you look at a GeoCV created 3D Tour, on first glance, you might be thinking that you are looking at a Matterport Spaces 3D Tour:✓ Dollhouse View✓ Floor Plan View (with measurements)✓ Walk Around View✓ Photos✓ Floor PlansAnd, this tour was shot using an (extra smart) 3D-enabled smartphone.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST GMT -5) on Wednesday, 17 January 2018, CEO and Co-Founder @AntonYakubenko, PhD will demo and discuss GeoCV; including Matterport Versus GeoCV.You can Join the Virtual Studio Audience to ask Anton questions directly.Anton is one of the speakers at Inman Connect NYC 2018 (22-26 January 2018). He is on a panel: Visual Revolution: Breakthroughs in Virtual Reality 3D and Video. [Matterport CEO Bill Brown is on the same panel.)I could imagine that Anton might give us a sneak peak of what he will announce at Inman Connect. So, why have you not heard about GeoCV? They have been focused on New York City while they have been refining their technology, value-proposition and marketing strategy. I could imagine that Inman Connect, Anton will announce that GeoCV is now available across the United States (and potentially, around the globe).Here are We Get Around Network Forum discussions tagged: GeoCVSome additional backstory from Anton's LinkedIn Profile:"GeoCV is a venture capital backed 3D capturing VR / AR company. Our vision is to enable everyone to capture the world in 3D with a phone and share it in virtual and augmented reality. We're currently using 3D camera-enabled Google Tango phones.3D virtual tours for real estate is our beachhead market. We allow agents and brokerages differentiate themselves to win more listings and get more referrals, attract more qualified leads to their listings to sell faster spending less time on unpromising in-person showings. We've developed an advanced automated technology for providing unique 3D virtual tours, photography and floor plans at the highest quality and at an affordable price."Source: GeoCV Co-Founder and CEO Anton Yakubenko LinkedIn ProfileAbout GeoCV (Source)GeoCV was founded by 3D computer vision veterans with 12 years experience in the industry. They’ve worked with Samsung and Align Technology and have a strong track record of building successful companies.GeoCV is backed by five venture capital firms including Rothenberg Ventures, the most active investor in virtual reality.--GeoCV has raised $2.5+ million in venture capital, according to Crunchbase

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