WGAN-TV Live at 5: GeoCV FAQs with GeoCV Co-Founder and CEO Anton Yakubenko

GeoCV: a platform to help real estate agents win more and bigger premium listings.


From GeoCV Co-Founder and CEO Anton Yakubenko ...

Dear community members,

I'm excited to announce that we're releasing GeoCV solution for capturing and visualizing spaces in 3D+360° in beta!

We've received significantly more responses to our survey and email blasts than we anticipated. We'll be reaching out to these early adopters in the coming days with particular proposals including pricing info.

The highlights of GeoCV solution include:
UNLIMITED PLAN: unlimited processing + unlimited hosting + unlimited floor plans for a flat fee per camera per month (or per year)
FREE CAMERA included into subscription
White labeling
Customers own the copyrights for delivered content
Download of full-resolution 3D model and 360° panoramas
Content editing and re-upload
- Offline viewing for PC and Mac
- Password protection for 3D tours access

Our capturing features:
- Small and lightweight scanning kit, carrying case included
- Scanning kit comes with everything required, you only need a tripod
- Fast and easy training, FaceTime remote training for early adopters
- Easy-to-use solution not prone to human mistakes
- Real-time feedback during scanning (preview of captured space)
- Optional HD capturing
- Automatic processing in the cloud
- Web dashboard to edit 3D tours

Our viewer features:
- Realistic 3D scan view
- High-resolution HDR 360° panoramas
- Walkthrough with smooth transitions
- Floor plan with dimensions integrated into 3D tour
- White labeled floor plan delivered as file in black & white and textured versions
- Info block with space address, parameters and description, client contact information, photo and logo
- Pins (annotations) with rich media content
- Standalone 360° panoramas added as viewpoints (e.g. for outdoor or amenities)
- Short custom URLs, optional MLS compliant unbranded version of 3D tour
- Optional 3D and 2D interactive minimap in walkthrough mode
- Zoom for HD 3D tours
- Clean, sleek, minimalistic design
- Support of the absolute majority of devices and browsers (both desktop and mobile)

Plus custom projects premium features:
- Integration of exterior 3D and 360° visuals captured with a drone
- Virtually staged 3D tours
- Video narration dependent on room

We have been in the shoes of a service provider by ourselves. Now we're passing our service business in NYC to independent third-party service providers.

We want to empower service providers to avoid a race to the bottom with squeezing margins by providing you more differentiation and control over data and viewing experience. Our unlimited pricing plan and such features as white labeling, branding and self-hosting should allow you to make 3D tours a standard part of your growing business.

While we scale our production and iterate on product improvement based on early adopters feedback, we will be offering our solution in limited quantities. Please drop us a line at info@geocv.com or simply fill in "Contact Us" form on our website to join the waitlist. Our website is legacy and will be updated with more information about GeoCV solution.

The whole GeoCV team and I personally are very excited and look forward to your GeoCV 3D tours and feedback. I want to sincerely thank you for your patience and continuous support. Let's join forces to capture the world in 3D, one space at a time!

Anton Yakunben

Co-Founder and CEO


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