WGAN-TV Matterport Scanning with Harlan Hambright (Video 3 of 4)

Scanning a multi-million dollar, ocean-front home in real-time: Video 3 of 4


Hi All,

St. Simons Island, GA-based Matterport Service Harlan Hambright scanned a multi-million dollar, ocean-front, 5-bedroom, two-story, beautifully decorated home on Sea Island, GA yesterday (Wednesday, 28 August 2019).

During this nearly three hour Matterport scan, I interviewed Harlan about what he was doing (and I added my own color commentary too).

These 4 sequential videos were shot in real-time.

You scan see Harlan's Matterport 3D tour here: WGANexample.com

While our intended audience are newbie Matterport Matterporter that have done zero to five Matterport scans, its likely that even seasoned Matterport Pros - like you - would find these videos helpful regarding techniques, gear, best practices from a Matterport Service Provider that has scanned 850 locations since he bought his Matterport Pro 3D Camera in August 2015.

What did you learn by watching Harlan scan this home?



P.S. These videos will be publicly viewable until 30 September 2019 in the WGAN Forum. The videos will then be viewable exclusively in the WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport). (50+ Hours of Matterport training, including scanning, Matterport Workshop 3.0, Matterport Capture App (and much more) to help you succeed faster. 

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