Matterport Service Providers: How to Price Matterport, Photos, Video, Drone (and More)

Why you should offers Real Estate Photos Before Virtual Tours | WGAN.INFO/repp | WGAN.INFO/reppwebinar

✓ Real Estate Photographer Pro Course by Eli Jones
✓ Webinar (Pre-Recorded): How to Get Started as a Real Estate Photographer by Eli Jones

Hi All,

Must watch show (above) if:

1. you are new to real estate photography
2. you are new to virtual tour photography
3. you are deciding your pricing strategy
4. you are deciding on your pricing
5. you are revisiting how you price your services
6. wondering what are best practices for pricing strategies and best practices for pricing
7. wondering how to simplify your service offering
8. wondering how to simplify your pricing


If you are just starting in real estate photography, you likely have questions about:

1. which media services to offer first? For example: photosvideodrone24/7 Open House Virtual Tours
2. how to price real estate media services

That's why I invited Real Estate Photographer Pro Course Creator Eli Jones to be my guest on:

✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: Real Estate Media Services and Pricing

This WGAN-TV Live at 5 show aired live: 5 pm EDT Wednesday, 28 October 2020.

Eli is also the founder of Norman & Young. His real estate photography business has grown to 18+ employees.

When it comes to pricing, Eli's mantra is: Simplify! Simplify! Simply!

Among the questions that I asked Eli on WGAN-TV Live at 5:

1. You are the Founder of Ft. Worth, Texas-based Norman & Young, a $1 million; 18+ person real estate photography agency. How did you get started?
When first starting out as a real estate photographer, which media services should you offer and why?
2. Simplify! Simplify! Simply! What does that mean regarding real estate photography services
3. How do you charge for real estate photos?
4. How many packages to offer for photos? (For example, 25 photos; 36 photos and 50 photos?)
5. How to charge for drone photos?
6. How do you charge for real estate video?
7. How many packages to offer for videos? (For example, 25 photos; 36 photos and 50 photos?)
8. Why does it make sense to also offer video?
9. How do you charge for drone video?
10. 20. How to charge for Matterport 24/7 Open House Virtual Tours? Does that include floor plans?
11. How to charge for Twilight photos? (virtual or real twilights?)
12. If you are new to residential real estate, is it okay to begin with 24/7 Open House Virtual Tours?
13. How to structure pricing for each media service: photosvideodronevirtual toursother?
14. 12. How many photos should be included in a photo package?
15. Should you do your first (media) free?
16. How to differentiate from competitors?
17. How might pricing vary based on markets? For example, Los Angeles, New York or Waco, Texas?
18. How long should it take to shoot photos inside a typical listing?
19. How important is it to be the best real estate photographer?
20. How important is editing of photos? Do yourself or outsource?
21. What's the different between offering a "service" and offering a "product" [productising]?
22. How do you make services into products or packages?
23. What is a MLS and how does that affect packages?
24. Your thoughts on charging by SQ FT for a Matterport tour: says, 2,500 SQ FT or 3,500 SQ FT?
25. Do you include floor plans with a Matterport tour or offer as an Add On?
26. What are the best Add Ons and why?
27. How to charge for video?
28. What are your thoughts about charing distance fees?
29. Why do real agents switch to you from other photographers?
30. What pricing strategies to avoid and why?



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