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109-WGAN-TV | iGUIDE Stitch Post Production Software (PC | Mac) | #Matterport Alternative

Free WGAN-TV Podcast: iGUIDE Stitch Post Production Software (PC | Mac)

Hi All,

You bought - or are thinking about buying – an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit or iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera.

After you shoot your first iGUIDE 3D Tour, what post production edits are possible – with iGUIDE Stitch software for Mac and PC – before creating an iGUIDE?

(iGUIDE Stitch is the software used to edit the iGUIDE 3D Tours.)

Watch this free WGAN-TV Podcast (Created on Thursday, 1 July 2021):

✓ WGAN-TV Podcast: Deep Dive Training: iGUIDE Stitch Post Production Software

My guest is: Planitar (iGuide) Marketing Manager Chris White (@Chris_iGuide).

Chris shows us two iGUIDE Stitch software workflows:

1. fastest workflow (under two minutes)
2. typical workflow (under five minutes)

Additionally, Chris also shows us:

1. What other iGUIDE Stitch software tools are available (including exporting photo spheres to remove the camera from the mirror and imagine enhancement; including how to set presets for color correction to match your tastes
2. iGUIDE Stitch software shortcuts; tips and tricks

Worth noting that before you buy an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit, you can:

1. Download the iGUIDE Stitch software (PC | Mac)
2. Sample iGUIDE TourDownload 360s of a house to "play" with the iGUIDE Stitch software

Deep Dive iGUIDE Stitch Software Training Includes

1. Downloading the iGUIDE Stitch Software for PC or Mac
2. Downloading sample data to practice with iGUIDE Stitch Software
3. How to import the Project Folder from an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit or iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera
4. How to move scans to reposition (if necessary)
5. How to align scans (if necessary) to look like a finished floor plan
6. Tips: when and how to shoot scans that are not contiguous
7. How to select panoramas (panos)
8. How to adjust panos
9. What adjustments in panos are possible (remove the camera from a mirror; contrast, saturation)
10. Review of the adjustment screen
11. Discussion of iGuide auto-adjustments
12. How to hide panos from the tour (without deleting the panos) (and how to change your mind later)
13. How to add notes for the iGUIDE drafting team
14. How to export to iGuide Portal (to order an iGuide) Hint: Sign into: https://Manage.YouriGuide.com
15. iGUIDE Stitch Workflow Best Practices (such as copying USD Drive data to your Mac/PC first)
16. How and why to rotate floor data so that the main entrance faces toward the bottom of the screen
17. How to set the orientation of all floors to be the same
18. Reviewing mouse click options
19. Reviewing keyboard function key options
20. Where to locate the export file on your Mac/PC

Advance iGUIDE Stitch Workflows and Tips

1. How to add - and location to place - a 360 drone pano to iGUIDE Stitch (or any 360 from any 360 camera)
2. How to sort panos by file name or date
3. How to arrange all scans
4. How to arrange selected scans (and how to select scans to arrange)
5. How to fine-tune scans
6. How to square-up floors



P.S. Emily at Hopscotch Interactive (@Hopscotch) Thank you for inspiring this free WGAN-TV Podcast U.

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