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How might you mashup Matterport with other technology?

On Thursday, 6 May 2021, Bellevue, Washington-based Tosolini Productions Founder and Director of Innovation, Paolo Tosolini (@Tosolini), did a show and tell:

✓ WGAN-TV Training U: The Art of Matterport and XR Mash-Ups by Tosolini Productions

Paolo shared how some of his mashups were made, including the technology and process. Many of Tosolini Productions mashups include Matterport. Some mashup other 3D-360-VR-AR-XR technologies.

Tosolini Productions has created 50+ virtual tour mashups since 2015many of which have been posted to the We Get Around Network Forum.

Here is the Tosolini Productions PowerPoint Deck - with YouTube links - to the Matterport and XR Mash-Ups Paolo shared with us.

Paolo previously presented Tosolini Matterport mashups on WGAN-TV Live at 5 three years ago (February 2021). A lot of new Matterport integrations have been created by Tosolini Productions since then.

About Tosolini Productions (from their website)

We are an award winning creative studio with a passion for business & storytelling. We proudly craft interactive digital experiences that help clients connect with their audiences. Built on a spirit of innovation and research, we leverage the latest technologies to deliver across a variety of platforms



Tosolini Productions Links

✓ Tosolini Productions website
✓ Paolo Tosolini on LinkedIn
✓ Paolo Tosolini on Facebook
✓ Paolo Tosolini on Twitter
✓ Tosolini Productions YouTube Channel



Virtual Tour Mashups by Tosolini Productions

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HoloLens, ChatBots, Interactive, IntuiFace, Projection Maps, Apple ARKit, 360 storytelling




Hi All,

Matterport Mashups with Emerging Tech with Tosolini Productions Founder Paolo @Tosolini on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) on Wednesday, 31 February 2018.

Regular readers of the We Get Around Network Forum will instantly recognize Paolo @Tosolini – and his team at Tosolini Productions - innnovative mashups of Matterport with HoloLens, ChatBots, Interactive, IntuiFace, Projection Maps, Apple ARKit, 360 storytelling, and more (much more)!

Tosolini Productions Mashups of Matterport Include ...

✓ [R&D] Facebook Spaces and Matterport
✓ [R&D] We turned our Web site into a VR space
✓ [R&D] Interacting with MP models in Hololens
✓ [R&D] Interactive 2D video
✓ [R&D] Apple ARKit + Matterport demo
✓ [R&D] IntuiFace + Matterport
✓ [R&D] Matterport in Microsoft HoloLens
✓ [R&D] MP and Projection Mapping
✓ [R&D] Linking MP tours from a chatbot
✓ [R&D] Using 360 for business storytelling
✓ Looking for compelling AR + MP scenarios
✓ WGAN Forum Member Paolo Tosolini Guest MP Blog Post: Mashing up Matterport with Leap Motion
✓ Projecting Virtual Tours on big walls
✓ Matterport Photographers: New Presentation Tool for 3D Showcase
✓ How to embed virtual tours in presentations
✓ Our Air Force One Matterport scan on WIRED

For these - and more - WGAN Network Forum Discussions, see WGAN Forum posts tagged: Tosolini Productions

About Tosolini Productions

Tosolini Productions delivers business storytelling solutions using emerging media such as AR/VR, 3D scanning, interactive touch displays, and using robust R&D to propel their velocity of innovation.

Business Storytelling - We are a digital agency with a passion for business storytelling. We utilize an array of various digital platforms that best fit the client's need. We are Platinum Level IntuiFace Experts.

Interactive Experiences - At Tosolini Productions, we aspire to create experiences that educate in fun, delightful ways to drive home our client's goal of connecting with their audiences.

Emerging Technologies - We help clients create 3D tours of a variety of spaces and bring a passion for R&D exploring boundaries of emerging technologies such as VR/MR and 360 media.

Source: Tosolini Productions Website

Tosolini Productions serves clients worldwide and is based in the greater Seattle area.



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