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Shoot an Asteroom Virtual Tour in 15-20 Minutes | Affordable Client Pricing


Hi All,

Asteroom Founder and CEO @EricTsai gives us a deep-dive intro - including demo - of the Asteroom virtual tour platform in this WGAN-TV show (above).

Highlights include:

✓ how to (easily) shoot an Asteroom virtual tour (examples) of a 2,500 SQ FT listing in 15-20 minutes with a Ricoh Theta Z1 360 camera (compared to 1-2 hours with Matterport) and thus be able to affordably shoot Asteroom virtual tours for houses for sale in the $250,000 (NAR reports medium home price of $284,600 in May 2020.)
✓ Asteroom Pay Per Tour (PPT) Special Pricing for WGAN Members (nicely loaded).

- No monthly subscription
- create the virtual tour with up to 30 360 photo spheres (likely sufficient for 90 percent of listings)
create the dollhouse view
professionally edit the 360 panoramas
- 6 months of hosting
- (additional 6 months hosting available for $15)
- (additional 360 photo spheres may be added to the tour for $1.50 each)
- $60 one-time payment

Asteroom Pay Per Tour (PPT) Special Pricing for WGAN Members (nicely loaded) is good through 31 July 2021 and then subject to change.

Either join the free WGAN Forum (free) to receive the COUPON CODE or Private Message me (@DanSmigrod) with the subject line: Asteroom Pay Per Tour Pricing for WGAN Members

✓ Coming soon

- virtual staging (presently in public beta)
- 2D schematic floor plans

✓ Asteroom pairs nicely with WP3D Models, Show & Tour, Rela and other solutions for creating single property websites (branded, unbranded)



P.S. @EricTsai thank you for being my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 and thank you for the special Pay Per Tour pricing for WGAN Members

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WGAN Forum Membership Benefit: Free Branding and More Digital Assets

Watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 for: Matterport Virtual Staging from Imagineer. My guest will be Matterport Virtual Staging Value-Added Reseller Peterborough, England-Based Imagineer Consulting Founder Angus Norriss (@AngusNorriss)


Imagineer Offers Matterport Virtual Staging powered by VRPM

Hi All,

As a Matterport Service Provider, you now have a new Add On to offer:

✓ Virtual Staging of Matterport Spaces

You can now order virtual staging of Matterport digital twins of empty spaces from WGAN Premium Member Peterborough, England-Based Imagineer Consulting Angus Norriss (@AngusNorriss).

The sweet-spot for virtual staging of Matterport digital twins likely includes:

For Matterport Service Providers, virtual staging of Matterport digital twins is a great Add On and may result in properties being scanned twice: after drywall installation and once furnished.

✓ multi-family rentals and senior living communities
✓ multi-family home communities
 commercial office space

Virtual staging can include:

✓ adding furniture
✓ changing wall colors
✓ adding walls
✓ adding lighting

Virtual staging styles available include:

✓ Traditional Interior Style
✓ Modern Interior Style
✓ Contemporary Home Decor Style
✓ Shabby-Chic
✓ Industrial Interior Design

Imagineer Valued-Added Services for Matterport Digital Twin Virtual Staging Include:

✓ Project Management
✓ Priced Lower than Ordering Direct from the Developer (VRPM)
✓ Exclusive for WGAN Forum Members: free branding in the nadir (tripod patch)

Three Steps for Virtual Staging of Matterport Digital Twins by Imagineer

Step 1: Share the Space – "You will need to transfer your tour to us, we will stage it and once complete, we will transfer the tour back to you."
Step 2: Pick the Style – "Pick out the interior theme you wish to have included in the different rooms. We will then manage the entire process of the production for you."
Step 3: Approve – "On completion we will transfer the Matterport space back to you. You can use this on any website, just like a normal Matterport tour."

For an example of "Before" and "After" virtual staging by Imagineer Consulting Founder Angus Norriss, please see above. For additional examples, please see the Imagineer Consulting Landing Page for Matterport Virtual Staging of Digital Twins.

Questions about virtual staging of Matterport digital twins? Please post to this WGAN Forum discussion or Private Message: @AngusNorriss

Imagineer is a Value-Added Reseller of Virtual Staging by UK-based VRPM.



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Why Virtual Staging? How to Sell Virtual Staging? What's a Good Photo for Virtual Staging creation?


Hi All,

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -5) Wednesday, 3 January 2018 ...

WGAN-TV: How to Sell and Price Virtual Staging with Blue-Sketch Founder and Head Designer @PetraSolderling

Petra will cover:

✓ Why Virtual Staging?
1. Attract home buyers
2. Help to visualize
3. Sell for higher price

✓ How to (re)sell Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging?
1. Use case
2. Marketing material
3. Pricing

✓ What’s a good photo for staging?
1. Professional DSLR photos
2. Matterport Snapshots
3. Smartphones

✓ Styles and Design trends (home buyer profiles)
✓ Other related technologies (3 renderings, 3D Floor Plans)

What questions do you have about how to sell and price Virtual Staging?

We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members Special Offer

✓ Savings on Virtual Staging
✓ Savings on 2D/3D Floor Plans
✓ Savings on SmartTags

Not yet a Member? Compare Membership Plans | Membership Benefits |



P.S. WGAN Forum Members are welcome to join the virtual studio audience to participate in the discussion.

P.P.S. In this (below) WGAN-TV Live at 5 in 2017, Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSolderling demos and discusses Blue-Sketch services: 2D/3D Floor Plans; Virtual Staging; and SmartTags. 

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