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Monday Feb 15, 2021

Save 10 Percent with https://realty.momenzo.com/?fpr=wgan and Momenzo Coupon Code: WGAN10 --- Hi All,Whether you are an ...1. experienced real estate photographer spends too much time editing real estate videos, or2. newbie real estate photographer thinking about adding real estate listing videos, or3. Matterport Service Provider wondering how to easily add real estate listing videos as an Add On ...4. Real Estate Agent that shoots your own photos and thinking about adding video... the Momenzo shooting/editing/sharing real estate videos app can simplify the real estate listing video creation workflow to make it super-easy and super-fast to offer real estate listing videos as an Ad On for $149, $199, $249 or $299 per video (depending on your market and listings).What's the Momenzo smartphone app shooting/editing/sharing experience like?Spoiler Alert: You can create real estate listing videos without video editing! You can create branded real estate videos in less than five minutes from your iPhone or Android smartphone. The Momenzo app does the video editing for you!Momenzo Co-Founder Guillaume Taieb was my guest on Friday, 12 February 2021 at 5 pm EST (GMT -5):✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: Introduction to Momenzo for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate PhotographersThe Momenzo app demo and discussion includes:1. Demo: Momenzo example real estate video (one of two dozen templates)2. Why Momenzo for real estate agents (what problems does Momenzo solve?)3. Why Momenzo for real estate photographers (what problems does Momenzo solve?)4. Demo: how to create a Momenzo real estate video5. Demo: how to change templates6. Demo: how to add existing video7. Demo: how to add property info8. Discussion✓ smartphone stabilizers versus hand-held✓ adding a wide-angle lens to smartphone✓ how long to be proficient?✓ tips for smartphone camera movement✓ changing the length of a segment✓ how to add voice over✓ how to speed up video play✓ How to do mini-lapse✓ Using FiLMiC Pro ✓ Background music✓ Momenzo Pricing9. Special Offers for Momenzo (Dan Smigrod)10. What’s coming soon ...WGAN Forum Related Discussions✓ Real Estate Agent/Videographer Reviews Momenzo App for Shooting Real Estate Videos✓ If you are shooting Zillow Tours, would this be a great Add On?✓ If you are NOT shooting real estate videos because the workflow is too long✓ Save 10% on Momenzo App to Easily Shoot/Edit/Share Real Estate Videos✓ Free! 12 Months Use of Momenzo App to Shoot/Edit/Share Real Estate Videos✓ How to double your revenue shooting Momenzo real estate listing videos✓ How to Make $100,000+ Annually with 1 RE shoot a Day: Asteroom and Momenzo✓ WGAN Forum discussions tagged: MomenzoBest,Dan

Wednesday Oct 24, 2018

Tips of Power Users of PhotoAndVideoEdits.com and switch to PhotoAndVideoEdits.com --- Hi All,Are you a power user of PhotoAndVideoEdits.com (or other outsourcing photo and/or video editing service)?My guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -4) this Wednesday, 24 October 2018 is PhotoAndVideoEdits.com Founder Colin Forte (whom also is the Founder of West Palm Beach, FL area Matterport Service Provider @Hometakes ...Colin will:✓ demo and discuss tips for power users of PhotoAndVideoEdits.com✓ discuss why switch to PhotoAndVideoEdits.com (from another outsourcing service)✓ discuss why outsource photo and video editingHere's what WGAN Forum Members that use PhotoAndVideoEdits.com have to say:✓ @3dVuz - I signed up and am very happy so far with everything!✓ @Dolloff - I have been putting off adding a review here ... I WANT THIS SERVICE ALL TO MYSELF! ✓ @Home3D – a well-organized dashboard and impressive value for the cost✓ @Metroplex360 – PhotoAndVideoEdits.com - My First Batch!✓ @Metroplex360 - Am I PhotoAndVideoEdits.com's Only Customer?Colin is a frequent guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5. Previous WGAN-TV episodes featuring Colin:

Wednesday Sep 12, 2018

Colin Forte, Founder of PhotoAndVideoEdits.com and Hometakes Hi All,If you struggling making Matterport sales to real estate agents, this two-hour WGAN-TV show (above) with @PhotoAndVideoEdits and @Hometakes Founder Colin Forte will be tremendously helpful.As a real estate agent in a previous life, Colin sold $165 million in real estate in the West Palm Beach, Florida area in less than three years. He then went on to found Matterport Service Provider business - @Hometakes - also in the West Palm Beach area. And, now founded PhotoAndVideoEdits.com for outsourcing photo and video editing.Colin's deep-understanding from the prospective of real estate agent, Matterport Service Provider and outsourcing photos and videos makes him uniquely qualified to discuss bundles/packages and add ons and how best to up-sell clients.Colin also has a unique custom back-end ordering system that you MUST see to appreciate how he up-sells a $99 customer to $350 to $450.Watching this WGAN-TV episode may completely change how you price photos, videos, Matterport and aerial.Plus, Colin suggests additional add ons that you are not likely offering that can also dramatically increase your dollar order size.Special thanks to Jason Blythe (@jblythe) for adding so much to this program by asking a ton of insightful questions. After you watch this show, please do share your thoughts here.Best,Dan

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