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How to: Vacation Destinations and Historic Sites Marketing Plan

Monday Aug 06, 2018

Monthly Recurring Matterport Revenue Meets Making Your Competition Irrelevant.   ---   WGAN-TV: Vacation Destination Marketing PlanImagine the tourism bureau, Chamber of Commerce and/or Economic Development division for your city - promoting your [Location] Vacation Destination Interactive Map because you are helping promote tourism, hospitality and economic development for your Community (while generating monthly recurring revenue for you).I could imagine using ThreeSixty Tours to host your Interactive Map and using SatellitePanoramas.com to create an aerial 360º – if you are not an aerial photographer.Initially, I could imagine doing free Matterport 3D Tours of art galleries and trading restaurants for a monthly dinner to get to critical mass of digital assets that you can now begin selling ‘space’ - digital assets - on your map (monthly recurring fee for:✓ Matterport 3D Tour✓ Google Street View Tour (with nadir logo patch from TresdePro)✓ Photos✓ Video✓ Links to Restaurant menus✓ Buy Now Button | Book Now Button | Shop Now Button✓ Directions from here to thereI could imagine using WP3D Models Single Property Websites (example) for some businesses that include many digital assets for one business.I could imagine using TresdePro to create a nadir logo patch for Google Street View that includes your client’s business name, logo and website. (Need help with adding the logo patch? Color correcting the Street View Tour, eliminating scans from the upload to GSV and removing the camera from the mirror? Ask MP2SV for help.Now imagine that you no longer compete on price - you have made other photographers irrelevant because you provide a marketing solution - and, you have monthly recurring revenue.I could imagine that this is hard work up front and perfect fit if you are in a vacation destination or historic location or have a location that is dense in restaurants and art galleries and small shops.What do you think? This Vacation Destination Marketing Plan will be the topic on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -4) Friday, 6 April 2018. You are welcome to Join the Virtual Studio Audience to discuss and ask questions.Best,DanWGAN Standard and Premium Members receive the free use of:✓ WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin✓ ThreeSixty Tours✓ Panoskin Pro (to add the nadir logo patch to Google Street View; edit your GSV Tour)WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members receive:✓ Free nadir logo patch by TresdePro (business name, logo and website)✓ SatellitePanoramas.com | $49 each instead of $99 each✓ Save 40 percent on MP2SV Services (adding logo patch to Google Street View; color correcting etc.)Not yet a WGAN Standard Member? 40+ Membership Benefits | Compare Plans | www.JoinStandard.com

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