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High-end Visualizations | BIMx Conversion Service, OBJ to SKP File

Hi All,

WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday (24 August 2017): InventiveCG Founder Danny Basting

@DannyBasting will be interviewed by WGAN-TV Guest Guest Co-Host Chris Hickman ( Founder of @Metroplex360 )

If you have been following @DannyBasting 's posts since Winter 2016 about Matterport meets Game Engine, you already know that Danny has been doing innovative work using Matterport in the AEC space. 

Danny's company, InventiveCG, offers at least six different AEC solutions:

1. InventiveCG Custom Solutions
2. InventiveCG High-End Visualizations
3. InventiveCG BIMx Conversion Service
4. InventiveCG AEC CAD Conversion Service
5. InventiveCG Matterport OBJ File to SKP File
6. InventiveCG Simple CAD Conversion Service

In addition to learning about InventiveCG solutions – what's possible with the data - Object File - that the Matterport Camera captures, we will also discuss use cases (examples of problems solved with these solutions) and how to offer these 3rd party services

Here's how you can join the WGAN-TV Virtual Studio Audience and ask questions during this live stream.



P.S. For the WGAN-TV Live at 5 Programming Schedule for the week of Monday, 21 August 2017, please Click Here.


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