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Saturday Feb 09, 2019

Help Property Managers and Developers get more money sooner (pre-leasing) --- Hi All,One of the ways that Matterport may make its competition irrelevant is offer 3rd party integrations on Steroids.Soon, Matterport will launch 3D Virtual Staging powered by RoOomy (presently in private beta).Imagine that you shoot Matterport of just built multi-family apartment community without furniture in the various apartment types. Now imagine that these same Matterport 3D Tours are virtually staged: not one photo virtual staged, not one 360º virtual staged, but the Matterport 3D Tour virtual staged.When you look at a Matterport 3D Tour with this virtually staged experience by RoOomy, it feels like magic. It's that amazing.In my WGAN-TV interview with RoOomy Head of Business Development Taylor Wilding (above) at Inman Connect New York 2019, Taylor talks about the Matterport strategic alliance with Matterport - first announced 18 December 2017 – and how Matterport Service Providers can make money with RoOomy.com.For Matterport Service Providers, at least three ways to make money with Matterport 3D Tours virtually staged by RoOomy:✓ Matterport 3D Tour scanning✓ Add RoOomy Virtual Staging (make the spread between what you charge and the amount that you pay RoOomy✓ RoOomy will offer a Reseller Program for Matterport Service Providers.Best prospects, according to RoOomy are:✓ multi-family (just built: various apartment or home types)✓ single family home communities (just built: various home styles)✓ developers✓ property management companiesHow to Make Money✓ Showcase every floor plan with virtual staging✓ Property Managers can show properties where tenants have not yet moved out✓ Help Property Managers and Developers get more money sooner (pre-leasing)✓ Evergreen spaces work best (renters do not remodel spaces)"The collaboration between roOomy and Matterport is due to a growing demand by customers for virtual staging of 3D spaces across industries, in particular within multifamily. Property managers, for example, will be able to use virtual staging instead of physically staging model apartments, allowing renters to easily decide on flooring and furniture upgrades and customizations for multifamily units. Interior designers can more easily work with customers to design living spaces," according to the 18 December 2017 Matterport-RoOomy media release.Your thoughts?Best,DanP.S. I will reach out to RoOomy to see if we can get some examples to share in this discussion ... I had a chance to view examples at ICNY19 and they are amazing.

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