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Thursday Nov 07, 2019

Matterport Director, Business Development Tomer Poran -- This is a "must watch" WGAN-TV show if you are in the insurance-Remediation-Restoration Space or are a Matterport Service Provider trying to understand the space and opportunities for Matterport Pros. -- Hi All,When a house has a flood or fire, Matterport there are many ways Matterport can help with:✓ document flood and/or fire damage✓ document remediation✓ help plan restoration✓ help with marketing to show before/afterPlus, there are at many opportunities for Matterport Service Providers when there is fire or flood damage.On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -4) on Thursday, 7 November 2019, Tomer Poran - Matterport Director, Business Development, Head of Partnerships and New Market Development (and Matterport Insurance Subject Matter Expert) - will be my guest on the show.To help us understand the the challenges and opportunities for Matterport Service Providers in the Matterport meets Insurance space, I will ask Tomer to:1. walk us through the mitigation, remediation and restoration companies' residential customer journey2. show examples of Matterport 3D tours during the phases of the customer journey3. identify the stakeholders4. identify the use cases for the Matterport 3D Tour and MatterPak during the customer journey5. discuss challenges, opportunities and additional gear needed for Matterport Service Providers6. Jargon: Xactimate, Mitigation, Remediation, Restoration, Smoke Trails, moisture points, psychometric readings7. take questions from viewers (at the end of the show)What questions would you like me to ask Tomer during the show?Best,DanP.S. Add this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show to your calendar (optional: and receive reminders)

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