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Pricing for Matterport Service Providers - Bundles and Add Ons

Wednesday Sep 12, 2018

Colin Forte, Founder of PhotoAndVideoEdits.com and Hometakes Hi All,If you struggling making Matterport sales to real estate agents, this two-hour WGAN-TV show (above) with @PhotoAndVideoEdits and @Hometakes Founder Colin Forte will be tremendously helpful.As a real estate agent in a previous life, Colin sold $165 million in real estate in the West Palm Beach, Florida area in less than three years. He then went on to found Matterport Service Provider business - @Hometakes - also in the West Palm Beach area. And, now founded PhotoAndVideoEdits.com for outsourcing photo and video editing.Colin's deep-understanding from the prospective of real estate agent, Matterport Service Provider and outsourcing photos and videos makes him uniquely qualified to discuss bundles/packages and add ons and how best to up-sell clients.Colin also has a unique custom back-end ordering system that you MUST see to appreciate how he up-sells a $99 customer to $350 to $450.Watching this WGAN-TV episode may completely change how you price photos, videos, Matterport and aerial.Plus, Colin suggests additional add ons that you are not likely offering that can also dramatically increase your dollar order size.Special thanks to Jason Blythe (@jblythe) for adding so much to this program by asking a ton of insightful questions. After you watch this show, please do share your thoughts here.Best,Dan

Best Practices Shooting Photos of Residential Real Estate

Sunday Jul 22, 2018

  A surprising, radically different yet easier workflow for shooting (and post production) of photos.   Hi All, Our guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -4) Wednesday, 18 July 2018 is PhotoAndVideoEdits.com Founder Colin Forte.If you want to offer photos, but do not want to learn how to edit photos; or, you are so busy editing that you are ready to outsource photo editing, this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show is for you.Colin will discuss:1. Best practices for shooting real estate photos 2. Best practices for editing real estate photos3. A discussion about how to make money offering photos for residential real estate4. A demo of how to upload photos to PhotoAndVideoEdits.comPhoto Editing✓ Use the default photo editing style preference (or your style preference)✓ Your preferences saved✓ 24 hour turnaround✓ Manually blended images✓ Window masking for superior window viewing✓ Replace overcast skies (where necessary)✓ Brown grass patches turned to green✓ TV’s and Monitors over-layered with images✓ Fire added to fireplaces✓ Vertical lines straightened✓ 24 Hour Turn-around Monday through FridaySpecial Offer for WGAN Forum Members✓ FREE! In addition to the 50 FREE Credits when you join, you will automatically receive an additional 50 FREE Credits in your 2nd full month of PhotoAndVideoEdits.com✓ WGAN Forum Welcome Message (as of 14 May 2018) includes how to receive this Membership Benefit (Join the WGAN Forum before 14 May 2018, simply Private Message @DanSmigrod for the how to receive. Please include in your Subject Line: WGAN Forum Benefit: PhotoAndVideoEdits.comSpecial Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium Members✓ FREE! 50 FREE Credits when you join and 35 FREE Credits each month for the following 11 months✓ Please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter for the WGAN PhotoAndVideoEdits.com Order FormHow Much for Photo Editing?✓ 1 credit = 1 Photo edited✓ All unused credits rolloverOn a personal note, I have known Colin for years. Colin is super-passionate about creating PhotoAndVideoEdits.comto help you succeed faster.Best,DanPhotoAndVideoEdits.com | @Hometakes | @PhotoAndVideoEdits | LinkedIn | Twitter The We Get Around Network Forum is a free, online Community of 10,000+ Matterport Service Providers and Google Street View Trusted Photographers in 100+ Countries.

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