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Thinking about buying Matterport? Here's the journey for a Matterport Newbie

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Are you a real estate agent that is thinking about setting up a seprate Matterport biz?




Hi All,

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (GMT -4) on Wednesday (27 September 2017), I will chat with a Real Estate Broker-Owner whom is also a Matterport Service Provider ...

Geof Hoge
Owner-Chief 3D Pro
3D 360 Homes
Port St. Lucie, Florida (Treasure Coast)

and ...

G.F. Hoge
Hoge Realty
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Many Members of the We Get Around Network are both a real estate agent/broker AND a Matterport Service Provider.

I have a ton of questions for Geof in his dual roles. How about you? 

Register so you can Join Virtual Studio Audience so you can ask Geof questions too. BTW, once you register, you can join the Virtual Studio Audience for nearly any WGAN-TV Live at 5 show.



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Mashing Up a Vanity URL with WP3D Models Single Property Website; Make More Money


Hi All,

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (GMT -4) on Monday (25 September 2017), I will show you how to buy a Vanity URL - such as 

... and have it "point to" (redirect) to a Matterport Space 3D Tour - or better - a Single Property Website created with WP3D Models like this:

Plus, we'll talk about using Vanity URLs to help you get more business by either:

✓ including in your bundle
✓ offering as an optional extra
✓ gifting

Want to share your knowledge on this topic - or ask questions? Join the Virtual Studio Audience.



P.S. If you are not using vanity URLs, you are leaving (easy) money on the table: almost $50 per Matterport Space!

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Are you looking for a Matterport alternative? How CUPIX Compares to Matterport


Hi All,

Are you looking for a Matterport alternative? How does CUPIX compare to Matterport?

CUPIX enables you to create 3D Tours with any 360º Camera and processing the images using computer vision technology to create a 3D walking experience like a Matterport 3D Tour.

It's free while it is in Beta.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) today, Tuesday, 21 November 2017, CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson will demo and discuss CUPIX for Newbies (and share some new features). Plus, I will ask Scott how CUPIX compares Matterport.

I anticipate that Scott will use the 360º photos that I shot at a hotel on Friday with an Insta360 One Camera to show and tell how to create a tour with CUPIX.

CUPIX will be targeting these markets:

✓ Real Estate Marketing
✓ Construction Sites

The CUPIX Marketing Video says:

✓ 20x Cheaper to start [than using a 3D scanner [like Matterport]
✓ 10x faster to capture

Features include:

✓ overlays (annotation such as measurements)
✓ viewers of the model can make their own measurements

How CUPIX Works (from the CUPIX website):

Shoot 360º Photos – Take photos of the interior of a building with [any] off-the-shelf 360-degree camera. It only takes about 2~10 seconds at each location.

Upload – Upload 360-degree photos to our cloud server, and then you are done capturing the scene. It sorts out camera locations and computes the 3D geometry.

Customize – Finalize the 3D virtual tour to make it best serve your business using our Online Editor. You can custom brand the Web Player with your company logo.

Share – Share the 3D virtual tour with collaborators and publish it to the world instantly. Allow viewers to measure actual dimensions in the Web Player.

In addition to asking Scott – CUPIX versus Matterport – what else should I ask @scott_cupix ...?



P.S. Here are WGAN Forum discussion tagged: CUPIX

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Hopscotch Interactive Founder Emily Olman shows you how to scan with Matterport



Hi All,

Part 2 of A Beginners Guide to Matterport Scanning with San Francisco-based @Hopscotch Interactive Founder Emily Olman airs on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) tonight, Wednesday, 29 November 2017.

If you just bought a Matterport Camera and want a quick start to scanning - or thinking about buying a Matterport Camera, this show is for you. (You can watch Part 1 above.)

Emily will show and tell us about how to scan:

✓ stairs
✓ windows
✓ mirrors
✓ outdoors

Matterport Capture:

✓ Trim Tools
✓ Floors
✓ Scans
✓ 3D Scan
✓ 3D Views
✓ known errors and issues

Plus, I will ask Emily about challenges she has experienced and how she solved them (by understanding how and why the Matterport Camera/Platform works).

To ask Emily questions, here's ...

✓ How to Join the WGAN-TV Live at 5 Virtual Audience

About Hopscotch Interactive Founder Emily Olman

Emily Olman is a VR/AR evangelist, entrepreneur, and founder of Hopscotch Interactive, a 3D/VR/360°/AR content services company and Matterport Service Partner. 

Hopscotch Interactive is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with operations in Northern and Southern Californiaand Berlin, Germany. Emily has been creating interactive experiences with the Matterport 3D Vision System since June 2015, and has shot in North America, Asia, and Europe. 

In addition to her work with Hopscotch Interactive, Olman promotes career development for VR/AR industry professionals in her role as Co-President of the VR/AR Association San Francisco Chapter. 

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem. The San Francisco chapter regularly holds chapter events and participates in numerous industry conferences throughout the year to support its 50+ members and partners. 

Olman’s early career was distinguished by monetizing new media in media sales roles for Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Expert Gamer, Newtype USA Magazine, ADV Films, and The Anime Network. 

She is an alumna of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program for Transatlantic Leadership, and lived and worked in Berlin, Germany for several years before returning to the Bay Area in 2015. 

She is currently a Board Director for the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association and chairs the Regional Events Committee. As chair she organizes transatlantic events around the world with the fellowship’s alumni. She holds a B.A. from Scripps College, Claremont, and an M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley. She lives in Kensington, CA with her husband and two children. 

Website | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |



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Single Property Website templates with Lead Generation; 1-Click Brochures, Flyers and Post Cards


Hi All,

Are you a Matterport Service Provider searching for a lead generation, Single Property Website white-label platform for Matterport 3D Tours (and photos, videos and floor plans) that doesn't require Wordpress and can also (easily) generate flyers and brochures to help you differentiate your business?

Rela Single Property Websites and 1-Click Flyers Platform is the topic for WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) on Thursday, 8 February 2018. 

Our guest on the show will be Newport Beach, CA based Rela CEO @MikeLand whom will demo and discuss the Rela platform with a focus on how Matterport Service Providers like you can differentiate your service provider business and make money by offering the white-label version of the Rela platform.

✓ Demo Style 1
✓ Demo Style 2 
✓ Demo Style 3
✓ Demo Style 4
✓ Demo Style 5
✓ More Demo Styles

RELA Features

✓ Single Property Website templates with Lead Generation
✓ Marketing tools such as: 1-Click Property Brochures
✓ Mobile friendly
✓ Real-time analytics and lead management
✓ Automated Reporting (send scheduled visitor reports to clients (or team Members)
✓ Lead Capture built-in CRM for tracking and managing leads
✓ Option to purchase vanity URLs built-in
✓ Use your domain name
✓ Advanced analytics (pave views, visitor counts, social referrals)
✓ Unlimited photos
✓ Unlimited videos
✓ SEO built-in
✓ royalty free music 
✓ Cloud Hosted (does not require Wordpress)
✓ Google Maps integration



P.S. Join the Virtual Studio Audience to ask Rela CEO Mike Land questions during the show.

Rela Website | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | WGAN Forum @MikeLand | Rela is a WGAN Premium Member |

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