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How does a public insurance adjuster and restoration contractor use Xactimate and Matterport to help clients receive an accurate estimate on their insurance claim? Why does this matter to Matterport Service Providers?


Hi All,

How does a public insurance adjuster and restoration contractor use Xactimate and Matterport to help clients receive an accurate estimate on their insurance claim?

Why does this matter to Matterport Service Providers? (1. accurate measurements; 2. eliminates sketching a space by hand; 3. eliminates photos; 4. saves money/time related to travel)

Now that Matterport offers its TruePlan Service to create Xactimate models (TruePlan public beta), Matterport Service Providers have a powerful tool to offer for insurance claims of properties that have experienced fire and flood damage.

Find out much more on WGAN-TV Live at 5 that aired Thursday, 28 January 2021. My guest was: Omaha, Nebraska-based Property Damage Estimating Services Owner Jacek Kazimierz Latarewicz (@Jacek):

✓ WGAN-TV | MSPs: Understanding Matterport & Xactimate for Insurance Adjusting

Learn the lingo and value propositions from an experienced Xactimate insurance estimator so that you can develop new business with:

1. Public Insurance Adjusters (PAs)
2. Renovation and Remediation companies
3. Insurance companies
4. Law Firms (litigation of property damage)
5. Claim consultants for insurance companies ($1+ million claims)
6. Other companies that find the Matterport TruePlan Xactimate helpful

Jacek walks us through an Xactimate plan and a Matterport digital twin of a house fire to show how the Xactimate and Matterport tour are used for insurance claims (and why these tools are much better than just photos for documenting claims).

Jacek has 20+ years of experience using Xactimate to help policy holders get the most money back on an insurance claim by having an accurate estimate. @Jacek previously worked as a Senior Xactimate Estimator estimating insurance claims.

I met Jacek in 2016 in Atlanta when he helped my wife and I with insurance adjusting for water damage in our home (when we were not getting as much money as we thought we should have from the insurance company).

What questions do you have about marketing your services for Matterport and Xactimate for insurance adjusting?



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How to pursue and how to pitch the benefits of Matterport scanning

Hi All,

For Matterport Service Providers, documenting property within businesses and inside of homes of high net-worth individuals for insurance underwriting and risk engineering may be the next big opportunity.

Matterport 3D models will make a huge difference in how insurance underwriting and risk management are done today. By providing underwriters with the ability to pull up, on demand, a Matterport 3D model of a given location, underwriters will be able to do their jobs faster and more effectively.

Matterport Meets Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management are the topics for WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | -5 GMT) on Wednesday, 11 December 2019.

My guests will be Matterport Director of Accounts Brandon A. Donatelli - and Matterport Account Managjer Rodrigo Abreu – whom will walk us through this topic.

For context for this WGAN-TV show, imagine that you are an insurance company. A business owner seeks millions of dollars in property insurance within a very large space.

Before Matterport, insurance companies had few options when assessing the risk: essentially sending someone out to inspect and document.

With a Matterport “Digital Twin,” it becomes possible for a Risk Engineer to inspect a property remotely and without compromising quality and much more cost-effectively (time and traveling savings).

A Matterport 3D model, which can be quickly and easily captured, gives insurance companies the upside of virtual on-site inspections with none of the drawbacks.

Among the questions that I will ask Brandon are:

✓ what is insurance underwriting and how does this work today?
✓ what is risk management and how does this work today?
✓ what are the problems - the pain points - for insurance underwriting and and risk management?
✓ Can you give us an example of each and highlight the pain points?
✓ How does a Matterport 3D model solve these problems?
✓ How does a critical mass of Matterport Pros help?
✓ How does a Matterport Service Provider get this kind of business?

What questions do you have for our guest?

Matterport will disrupt – in a good way – how properties are inspected and analyzed. Watch this show to help you figure-out opportunities for your Matterport Service Provider business.



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Matterport Director, Business Development Tomer Poran


This is a "must watch" WGAN-TV show if you are in the insurance-Remediation-Restoration Space or are a Matterport Service Provider trying to understand the space and opportunities for Matterport Pros.


Hi All,

When a house has a flood or fire, Matterport there are many ways Matterport can help with:

✓ document flood and/or fire damage
✓ document remediation
✓ help plan restoration
✓ help with marketing to show before/after

Plus, there are at many opportunities for Matterport Service Providers when there is fire or flood damage.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET | GMT -4) on Thursday, 7 November 2019, Tomer Poran - Matterport Director, Business Development, Head of Partnerships and New Market Development (and Matterport Insurance Subject Matter Expert) - will be my guest on the show.

To help us understand the the challenges and opportunities for Matterport Service Providers in the Matterport meets Insurance space, I will ask Tomer to:

1. walk us through the mitigation, remediation and restoration companies' residential customer journey
2. show examples of Matterport 3D tours during the phases of the customer journey
3. identify the stakeholders
4. identify the use cases for the Matterport 3D Tour and MatterPak during the customer journey
5. discuss challenges, opportunities and additional gear needed for Matterport Service Providers
6. Jargon: Xactimate, Mitigation, Remediation, Restoration, Smoke Trails, moisture points, psychometric readings
7. take questions from viewers (at the end of the show)

What questions would you like me to ask Tomer during the show?



P.S. Add this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show to your calendar (optional: and receive reminders)

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