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Hi All,

What will affect you as a result of news announced at Inman Connect New York 2018? (Tag: ICNY18)

Find out tomorrow at noon EST (GMT -5) on Friday, 26 January 2018 on WGAN-TV as we go live with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling - WGAN-TV Field Reporter - above the highlights of ICNY18.

I will ask Petra about hearing these speakers:

✓ Matterport Founder Bill Brown (WGAN-TV video)
✓ GeoCV co-Founder and CEO Anton Yakubenko, PhD (WGAN-TV video)
✓ InsideMaps VP Gabe Knox (WGAN-TV viceo)
✓ (and more)

And, exhibitors such as ...

✓ Nodalview (WGAN-TV Video)
✓ iGuide (WGAN photos)
✓ GeoCV (WGAN photos)
✓ Matterport (WGAN photos)
✓ (and more)

Once Petra knows what time tomorrow that she will be able to go live on WGAN-TV, I will post to this discussion.



P.S. Blue-Sketch offers 2D/3D schematic floor plans from Matterport 3D Tours and virtual staging. Special savings here for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members

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