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Free WGAN-TV Podcast: iGUIDE Stitch Post Production Software (PC | Mac)

Hi All,

You bought - or are thinking about buying – an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit or iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera.

After you shoot your first iGUIDE 3D Tour, what post production edits are possible – with iGUIDE Stitch software for Mac and PC – before creating an iGUIDE?

(iGUIDE Stitch is the software used to edit the iGUIDE 3D Tours.)

Watch this free WGAN-TV Podcast (Created on Thursday, 1 July 2021):

✓ WGAN-TV Podcast: Deep Dive Training: iGUIDE Stitch Post Production Software

My guest is: Planitar (iGuide) Marketing Manager Chris White (@Chris_iGuide).

Chris shows us two iGUIDE Stitch software workflows:

1. fastest workflow (under two minutes)
2. typical workflow (under five minutes)

Additionally, Chris also shows us:

1. What other iGUIDE Stitch software tools are available (including exporting photo spheres to remove the camera from the mirror and imagine enhancement; including how to set presets for color correction to match your tastes
2. iGUIDE Stitch software shortcuts; tips and tricks

Worth noting that before you buy an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit, you can:

1. Download the iGUIDE Stitch software (PC | Mac)
2. Sample iGUIDE TourDownload 360s of a house to "play" with the iGUIDE Stitch software

Deep Dive iGUIDE Stitch Software Training Includes

1. Downloading the iGUIDE Stitch Software for PC or Mac
2. Downloading sample data to practice with iGUIDE Stitch Software
3. How to import the Project Folder from an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit or iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera
4. How to move scans to reposition (if necessary)
5. How to align scans (if necessary) to look like a finished floor plan
6. Tips: when and how to shoot scans that are not contiguous
7. How to select panoramas (panos)
8. How to adjust panos
9. What adjustments in panos are possible (remove the camera from a mirror; contrast, saturation)
10. Review of the adjustment screen
11. Discussion of iGuide auto-adjustments
12. How to hide panos from the tour (without deleting the panos) (and how to change your mind later)
13. How to add notes for the iGUIDE drafting team
14. How to export to iGuide Portal (to order an iGuide) Hint: Sign into:
15. iGUIDE Stitch Workflow Best Practices (such as copying USD Drive data to your Mac/PC first)
16. How and why to rotate floor data so that the main entrance faces toward the bottom of the screen
17. How to set the orientation of all floors to be the same
18. Reviewing mouse click options
19. Reviewing keyboard function key options
20. Where to locate the export file on your Mac/PC

Advance iGUIDE Stitch Workflows and Tips

1. How to add - and location to place - a 360 drone pano to iGUIDE Stitch (or any 360 from any 360 camera)
2. How to sort panos by file name or date
3. How to arrange all scans
4. How to arrange selected scans (and how to select scans to arrange)
5. How to fine-tune scans
6. How to square-up floors



P.S. Emily at Hopscotch Interactive (@Hopscotch) Thank you for inspiring this free WGAN-TV Podcast U.

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How does the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit compare to the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera for:

1. Scanning?

a. Scanning time?
b. Ease-of-use?
c. Value of iGUIDE PLANIX LiDAR versus Matterport Pro2 structured light?
d. Setup?
e. Scanning App?
f. Preview?
g. Outdoor scanning?
h. Sunlight inside spaces?
i. Reflective surfaces?
j. Trimming?
k. Misalignment: moving a scan that shows up on the wrong place?

2. Processing and Post Production?
3. Hosting?
4. Viewing?
5. Floor Plans?
6. Pricing of Camera?
7. Pricing of 3D tour hosting?
8. Getting started? (Calibration?)
9. Back-up process?
10. Storage?
11. Uses cases such as: AEC, Construction and Foundation Scanning

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, June 3, my guest was Greater San Francisco-based Hopscotch Interactive Founder Emily Olman (@Hopscotch). Emily is a long-time Matterport Service Provider (since 2015). Hopscotch Interactive has five Matterport Pro 3D Cameras and one iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit.

✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit versus Matterport Pro2 3D Camera by a Long-Time MSP

I invited Emily to be my guest when I saw her video (so we could do a deep-dive comparison of the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.

✓ Video: Is this the Matterport Killer? iGuide Planix versus Matterport



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Emily Olman / Hopscotch Interactive Links

✓ Hopscotch Interactive website
✓ Hopscotch Interactive YouTube Channel
✓ Emily Olman on LinkedIn
✓ Hopscotch Interactive on Twitter
✓ Hopscotch Interactive on Facebook
✓ hopscotchinteractive on Instagram

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iGUIDE PLANIX is the 3D Camera Kit Matterport Wished It Created (in Many Ways)


Hi All,

My guest for WGAN-TV iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit | Intro, Demo and FAQs is Chris White, Planitar (iGuide) Marketing Manager.

This show aired live on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 18 March 2021.

Topics Covered

✓ iGUIDE Platform Overview (Highlights): including iGUIDE 3D Tour, iGUIDE, Floor Plans and photos
✓ Introduction to the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit Unboxing: What's Included
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit: Demo
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit: three configurations (What's Different?)
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit: Pricing (Including Pre-Orders prior to 5 April 2021 shipping)
✓ iGUIDE Pricing: Two Per 3D Tour Options (iGUIDE and Premium iGUIDE): no subscription
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit: Features and Benefits
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit versus iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera (DSLR included)
✓ iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit: FAQs
✓ And More!

As I posted to the WGAN Forum on Tuesday, 2 March 2021:

✓ iGUIDE PLANIX is the 3D Camera Kit Matterport Wished It Created (in Many Ways)

If you are a real estate photographer researching Matterport 3D tours, iGUIDE 3D tours should be on your short list of other 3D/360 platforms – and other 3D/360 cameras – to consider.

While Matterport will be valued at nearly $3 billion and receive $615 million in cash when Matterport is scheduled to go public by 30 June 2021, its much smaller, feisty competitor has created better camera kits and platform – in many ways.

I asked Planitar Inc. (Planitar is the makers of iGUIDE) Co-Founder and CEO Alexander Likholyot (@Alex_iGuide) by email today (2 March 2021) what problems that the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit - launched Monday (1 March 2021) solves versus the DSLR-based iGUIDE Camera Kit. Alex writes, "further capture speed increaselonger measurement rangegreater ease of use and lower replacement cost as workhorses get worked to the ground sometimes. PLANIX leaves [busy, professional real estate photographers] more time to deliver more value with their other services while providing a great 3D tour with accurate floor plans."

Known for the iGUIDE laser-sharp focus on residential real estate, iGUIDE "PLANIX opens lots of applications in commercial real estate, including insurance and large space scanning," writes Alex. "Everybody likes the look of it, which makes us happy. It is a 3D Space Technology : )."

Here are my observations ...

iGUIDE PLANIX is the 3D Camera Kit Matterport Wished It Created (in Many Ways)

1. superior camera kits (iGUIDE PLANIX Camera in three configurations; and iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera)
2. superior 3D virtual tour platform (iGUIDE Tour Examples | Matterport Tour Examples)
3. superior 2D floor plans in the residential and commercial real estate space. (iGUIDE PLANIX Floor Plan Example | Matterport Floor Plan Example)

iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit – announced Monday, 1 March 2021 – is the 3D Camera Kit (three configurations) that Matterport likely wished it created.

iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit Versus Matterport Highlights

1. LiDAR instead of structured light
2. LiDAR “sees” up to about 130 feet versus about 50 feet for Matterport’s structured light
3. LiDAR enables most residential listings to be shot in 15-20 minutes (faster workflow)
4. LiDAR enables super-accurate 2D floor plans: .05% dimensional uncertainty versus Matterport
5. $1,999 (pre-order pricing until 4 April 2021) instead of $2,995 (Matterport Pro2 Camera sale price)
6. Option to control camera settings (versus no camera settings control)
7. Leverages a publicly available 360 camera: Ricoh Theta Z1 (future compatibility)
8. Enables 2D Floor Plans to be accurate
9. Includes a custom hard case (versus no case with Matterport)
10. In addition to iOS, already works with Android; Matterport in Android public beta
11. Ricoh Theta Z1 Camera - in the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit - can be used for other platforms and without an iGUIDE subscription: Matterport Pro2 Camera can not be used with any other platform without a Matterport Cloud Subscription (and then a cumbersome workflow, at best).

Cost Conscious

Photographers that already have a Ricoh Theta Z1 can order the iGUIDE PLANIX Core Kit for $1,299 (pre-order pricing through 4 April 2021).

Measurement Accuracy Matters

Photographers that seek the ultimate in measurement accuracy within the 3D virtual tour view can order the iGUIDE PLANIX Pro Camera Kit for $2,499 (pre-order pricing through 4 April 2021) that includes Ricoh Theta Z1 lens calibration for up to 3 times better accuracy when measuring in the 3D space. (Floor plan measurements have the same level of accuracy for all iGUIDE PLANIX configurations.)

Plus, the iGUIDE Platform beats Matterport on:

1. Offering Per Tour Pricing (no subscription) versus Matterport Cloud subscription
2. Ability to edit 360 images (e.g. remove the camera from a bathroom mirror; sky replacement)
3. Offline hosting is an option with iGUIDE: not Matterport
4. No confusion regarding who owns the copyright/digital assets: no derivative works by iGUIDE (as Matterport does)
5. More intuitive user experience powered by an interactive 2D floor plan
6. iGUIDE offers super-accurate 2D floor plans versus Matterport
7. iGUIDE Floor plans available in 8 color-coded configurations (Matterport are B&W)
8. iGUIDE does not complete with its Service Providers (as does Matterport Capture Services Program)
9. Integration of Google Maps (versus no map integration by Matterport: need a 3rd Party Platform)
10. An integration with Floorplanner for DIY enhanced 2D/3D floor plans and virtual staging.

While real estate photographers may dismiss iGUIDE because it does not offer a 3D dollhouse view like Matterport – or a 3D walk-through experience like Matterport – the real question is: Is iGUIDE “good enough” to enable professional real estate photographers to compete with Matterport and to differentiate both the real estate agent and real estate photographer from their respective competitors? Spoiler Alert: The answer is likely heck-yes!

For professional real estate photographers that have image resolution concerns about using a Ricoh Theta Z1 camera – considered the best in the under $1,000 360 camera price point – in the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit, iGUIDE offers the iGuide IMS-5 Camera Kit which includes a DSLR camera.

I could imagine that the addition of the iGUIDE PLANIX now opens the iGUIDE platform to real estate photographers that seek a faster and/or simplier workflow than the DSLR based iGUIDE IMS-5 Kit for real estate photographers that prefer a DSLR camera for shooting spherical panoramas.

What are your thoughts? Is iGUIDE PLANIX the 3D Camera Kit Matterport Wished It Created?

Please visit this WGAN Forum discussion to comment:

✓ iGUIDE PLANIX is the 3D Camera Kit Matterport Wished It Created


Dan Smigrod
Founder and Managing Editor
We Get Around Network and WGAN-TV

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A Matterport alternative that Leverages your DSLR and Post Production Skills

Hi All,

Are you a busy, professional residential real estate photographer looking for a virtual tour platform alternative to Matterport that leverages your DSLR and post production skills; and can differentiate you from other real estate photographers offering virtual tours?

Then, plan to watch this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show that aired Wednesday, 4 November 2020:

✓ WGAN-TV Live at 5: Introduction to iGuide: a Deep-Dive Demo and Discussion

My guests on this show are:

✓ Michael Vervena, Planitar (iGuide) Vice President of Sales and Marketing
✓ Chris White, Planitar (iGuide) Marketing Manager

On this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show, we discussed:

✓ iGuide front-end: what the consumer sees (prospective home buyer)
✓ iGuide back-end: what the photographer sees / creates
✓ who is the sweet spot for new iGuide photographers?
✓ Camera/Gear discussion
✓ iGuide versus Matterport?
✓ 3rd Party Integrations: Google Sheet View; Floorplanner
✓ FAQs
✓ Pricing
✓ iGUIDE versus Matterport

Thanks to my guests, Planitar (iGuide) Vice President of Sales & Marketing Michael Vervena and Planitar Marketing Manager Chris White (@Chris_iGuide), for being on the show.



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A Matterport Alternative 3D Tour Real Estate Platform for Busy, Professional Photographers


Hi Al,

How does the iGuide Camera System compare to Matterport?

I will ask Planitar (iGuide) Co-Founder and CEO Kevin J. Klages (@Kevin_iGuide) on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST today | GMT -5) today, Thursday, 16 November 2017.

We will focus on how the iGuide Camera System and Platform compares to Matterport Camera and Platform.

If you are a professional photographer thinking about buying a 3D Tour camera/platform solution, this WGAN-TV Live at 5 may help you decide which solution is right for you.

Here's how to join the Virtual Studio Audience to ask questions.

Can't watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 today? We'll record it and post the video to this discussion.



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