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Free When You Arrange a 10 Minute Presentation to 20 Real Estate Agents; 28 More Ideas



29 Ways: Make Money offering Matterport Free

Hi All,

If you are competing with low a price Matterport Service Provider in your market ...

✓ $0.05 a SQ FT: Matterport 3D/VR + MatterTags
✓ Lowest cost Matterport 3D provider in the US
✓ Is $150 the New Normal?
✓ Is this pricing ridiculous?
✓ Matterport Business Development in the UK?
✓ Matterport now pricing their own 3D scan cost
✓ Why I am participating in the pilot
✓ Is Matterport a Commodity?
✓ How to Complete with a Low Priced Competitor
✓ Matterport Pricing Scans under $0.06 SQ FT
✓ Is it time to drop prices?
✓ Dropping like a Rock? More like a Meteor!

... consider offering Matterport Spaces 3D Tours for FREE (and still make money).

FREE is the single most effective word in marketing.

Here are thought-starts for FREE Matterport Space 3D Tour ...

1. when you buy our images/aerial package
2. when you buy 12 months of hosting 
3. when you buy five (four, three, two)
4. Until the house sells (charge double for the business risk)
5. when you refer a colleague that buys [five] Matterport Spaces
6. When you buy our bundle (2D floor plans, video, GIF, MatterTags)
7. Simply pay monthly hosting with the first 12 months pre-paid
8. Simply pre-pay annual hosting
9. When we can include Presented by
10. In exchange for [restaurant], [Hotel] [Other] gift certificates
11. When you write a [Yelp] [Google] [Other] review
12. for a non-profit of your choice [get on radar of Board of Directors]
13. When you list a house for sale with an agent that we refer you to
14. When you list a [boat] for sale with an agent that we refer you to
15. For [10] days; then decide if you want to pay [amount, monthly]
16. When you engage our [service]
17. When you buy our [product]
18. Pay what you think it is worth to you
19. For your nonprofit auction (marketing)
20. For your nonprofit Silent Auction
21. When you arrange a 10 minute presentation to 20 agents
22. When I speak at your association (door prize)
23. Of your [news coverage] in exchange for crediting/linking
24. For a test and learn. Usage limited to [description]
25. When you can include MatterTags to your links (sell stuff)
26. When you buy the Object File (for AEC space)
27. When you buy the VR version
28. When you buy a Google Street View (Matterport to Google Street View)
29. When you buy [$X] in lottery tickets and we spit the winnings (publicity?)

How else might you offer a FREE Matterport Spaces 3D Tour and still make money?



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Free Tools to Help Matterport Service Providers Succeed Faster; Join Forum


Hi All,

1. Calculator: How Much to Start a Matterport Service Provider Business?
2. Calculator: How Much Can I Make as a Matterport Service Provider?
3. Calculator: Win More and Bigger Listings More Often Calculator
4. Quiz: Should I Buy a Matterport Camera?
5. ZIP IT! - get a ZIP File of your Matterport Spaces powered by WP3D Models
6. Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing
7. Guide to Comparing 3D-VR Platforms for Scanning-Shooting Homes (38 page .pdf) by We Get Around Guest Columnist Paul Collart
8. THE GUIDE to 70 360º 1-Click Cameras
9 Dan's Tip of the Week in your inbox - 2:45 pm ET every Wednesday
10. Look for the We Get Around Network Forum Newsletter in your inbox on the 15th of the month
11. You can post to the We Get Around Network Forum
12. MatterApps by @Metroplex360 Developer Chris Hickman
13. Join the WGAN-TV Live Virtual Studio Audience
14. Access to many of the WGAN Training Academy Videos

Thank you for joining the We Get Around Network Forum.



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Staging Guidelines, License Agreement, Property Release Form, Non-Disclosure Agreement, More


Access to the We Get Around Network Forum Sample Forms Library is free for WGAN Forum Members. 

Simply contribute at least one of your business forms – any language – to the WGAN Forum Sample Forms Libraryto receive the password.

The WGAN Sample Forms Library includes 50+ Forms (in English), plus additional forms in other languages, as of today (Monday, 25 June 2018)

We Get Around Forum Sample Forms Library

✓ Aerial Pre-Flight Checklist
✓ Agreement Between Photographer and Client
✓ Agreement Between Photographer and Client (Event)
✓ Blog Post
✓ Calculator
✓ Invoices (many)
✓ Job Check List
✓ Licensing Agreement
✓ Marketing Plan
✓ MatterTag Order / Instruction Form
✓ Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
✓ Person Release Form for Photography
✓ Presentation Deck
✓ Property Release Forms for Photography
✓ Quotes (many)
✓ Real Estate Photography Contracts (various)
✓ Service Level Agreement
✓ Staging Guidelines (many)
✓ Terms and Conditions
✓ Video: 'Walking Around' Tips
✓ Virtual Reality - VR User Instructions

Languages | (All Languages Welcome)

✓ Arabic
✓ English (most of the Forms)
✓ French
✓ Portuguese
✓ Spanish

Please Private Message (PM) to say that you would like to email me one of your forms to get the password to the WGAN Forum Sample Forms Library.



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