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Deep Dive: how to use Matterport Cloud and Matterport Workshop

Hi All,

If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera - or just bought one - you are likely asking yourself what is involved in creating the Matterport 3D Tour after you are done scanning.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -4) on Wednesday, 15 August 2018), I will demo and discuss:

==> How to use Matterport Cloud and Matterport Workshop for Newbies 
(Matterport Workshop is a subset of Matterport Cloud)

I invite you to join the show to ask questions.

Please note that this show will air publicly once and then be password protected for viewing by WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members. If you ask a question on the show, you will receive a password to this WGAN-TV show for your use.

Specifically, I will demo:

Matterport Workshop

1. How to load Matterport Workshop
2. How to change the title of the 3D Tour
3. How to take Snapshots (2D photos and 360º 360º photo spheres) - a discussion of make smaller/larger
4. How to create a Highlights Reel (Slideshow or Walkthrough)
5. The difference between a Slideshow Highlights Reel and a Highlights Reel Walkthrough
6. How to turn on the Highlights Reel
7. How to turn on Highlights Tour
8. How to set the Start Location
9. How to turn on Name & Summary - and what this is and where
10.How to enable and disable Dollhouse View (and when you would want to disable the dollhouse)
11. How to create Mattertag Posts (the basic, including text, link, photo, video and audio)
12. How to modify Mattertag Posts (title, details, Media, Color, Stem height, Stem visibility)
13. How to Download Snapshots (2D photos, 360º photo spheres
14. How to measure
15. How to add Labels
16. How to Hide/View individual Scans (two ways) - and why hide scans
17. How to change measurements from U.S. (Imperial) to Metric
18. How to edit the VR view (when and why you would use this feature)
19. How to toggle between Dollhouse View, Floor Plan View, Inside View and Mesh View (when/why)
20. How to Publish changes (and to know if you are successful)
21. How to invite Collaborators to edit or view only (and control access by 3D Tour, Folder or ALL)
22. How to make the 3D Tour Public
23. How to share the tour (branded, unbranded, MLS, VR) - and what's the difference
24. How to copy embed code (branded, unbranded, MLS, VR) - and when/how to use and change the size
25. How to enable VR Sharing by 3D tour or All
26. How to allow social sharing by 3D tour or All (Facebook, Twitter, Email or copy/paste link
27. How to create folders. How to move 3D tour(s) to a different folder (and why)
28. How to transfer a 3D tour (and why and why not)
29. How to "delete" a tour (and how to recover a tour that has been deleted)
30. How to edit the Public Details (name, Presented by, website, phone, contact, email and more)
31. How to edit the Public address for the tour - and why and why not include
32. How to edit internal details about the 3D tour - and why/when to use
33. How to use apps (Publish to Google Street View, Publish to Matterport Real Estate Partners (eg
34. How to view Snapshots (photos, 360º photo spheres) - and how to download
35. How to create a starting view
36. How to view the thumbnail and what this is used for
37. How to batch delete - and the likely challenge
38. How to batch download
39. Tips on resolving the challenge of snapshots / highlights reel / deleting
40. How to view auto-generated videos and GIF file - and the challenges of promoting this feature
41. how to order floor plans (and why you might want to use a 3rd party floor plan service)
42. How to buy the MatterPak (and what it includes) - and why you should care
43. How to turn on/off beta 
44. How to view ALL 3D tours
45. How to create Folders 
46. How to rename folders
47. How to move spaces
48. How to Search for Spaces (by Name and Description, Address, Internal ID, MLS Name, MLS Listing ID)
49. How to use Space Statistics = including filter by Lifetime, month, week - and why not to share stats
50. How to change settings (account profile)
51. Where to find Matterport Cloud Subscription Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy
52. How to check account info - including Plan Add-Ons (Schematic Floor Plans, MatterPak)
53. How to check history (Spaces, Floor Plans, MatterPak)
54. How to set default settings (Public details, measurement, beta, social sharing, VR links, Content Distribution)

There's a lot to cover. I anticipate that this show will last at least two hours. This WGAN-TV show will likely be the single most comprehensive video for How to Use Matterport Cloud and Workshop for Newbies.

It's a must watch show for those thinking about buying a Matterport Camera or just bought one.



P.S. I will point out opportunities to make more money - or add value to your bundle - as I demo Matterport features.

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